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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Strange Beast & For Flame and Glory Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Nekker Warrior Trophy
Gwent Players in this Area
Armorer - Random Card
Innkeep - Random Card
Merchant - Random Card

Leave the no-longer Abandoned Site via a road leading east, then at a fork take the north-eastern branch, continuing north through two more forks to reach Larvik. You may have to dispatch some Wild Dogs (level one) along the way, but these should serve no other purpose than to show just how much more powerful you are now than you were at White Orchard.

Now, however, for a run-down of important things in Larvik: In Larvik you’ll find a Merchant, an Innkeep, and an Armorer - all of whom play Gwent, should you still need some random cards. Search the notice board outside of the tavern and pick up the notices “Contract: Monster on the High Road”, “Race for Modron Freya’s Glory” to start the quests “Contract: Strange Beast” and “The Heroes’ Pursuits: For the Goddess’ Glory!”, respectively. The “Contract: Morkvarg” is one way to start the quest “In Wolf’s Clothing”, but messing around with the main story should have already started and significantly advanced that quest.

You’re here on business to see Yennefer, and Yennefer’s business will take you off Larvik, so it only makes sense that you clear up as many quests here as possible before you go help her, right? Right. First up, let’s get one part of a quest out of the way.

Talk to an elderly lady named Svana, who is standing by Larvik’s western gate, and talk to her about the holy horse races they hold here. Alliteration! Anyways, she’ll talk about the unusual rules of these races, as compared to the continent’s less violent brand of racing, then she’ll try to downplay the material rewards for the winner, which Geralt is all too keenly interested in. After fishing out the promise of some tangible reward, the quests “The Heroes’ Pursuits: Kaer Trolde”, “The Heroes’ Pursuits: Fayrlund” and “The Heroes’ Pursuits: Fyresdal” will begin. That’s right, you’ve got to win three races on Ard Skellig before you can challenge for the championship here on Hindarsfjall, and since the idea is to quest on this island before leaving, this quest will be put on the back-burner for now.

Contract: Strange Beast (Level 16) Walkthrough

Now, onto some Witcher’s work that can actually be accomplished. Morkvarg needs to be dealt with, but there’s a quest closer to town that can be resolved fairly simply. To start it, find Thorleif, who is sitting near his house across the street from where Svana stands. Talk to him and he’ll tell you of some beast which massacred a band of well-intention young warriors, led by one Sverre. Agree to take on the quest and haggle for more coin, if you must (this prospective employer tries to trip Geralt up during haggling, but the Witcher is having none of it) then you’ll have two options; investigate the ambush site right away, or talk to the survivors, first.

It’s not necessary, by why not embellish the story a bit? Head back east into Hindarsfjall proper and make your way north from the tavern to find Sverre and Kaspar, stewing in their failure and shame. Talk to the latter and you’ll learn that this monster is apparently the sort capable of setting ambushes - fairly complicated ones, as far as monsters go. Other than that, the survivors will embellish the beast’s prowess, providing little extra useful information.

Leave Larvik via the town’s western gate and follow the road west and north-west until you find a wagon south of the road. Search some blood to the north of the road, then half a corpse east of the wagon (maybe the Skelligers weren’t over-estimating the beast’s power!), then search the wagon’s handle to identify some red clay, which allows Geralt to identify the beast.

Objective Reward
For learning the nature of your prey 25 XP

Contract: Strange Beast - Explore the Cave

Follow some track to the north-east to find a cave a short distance from the ambush site. Drop down a pair of ledges and use Igni to blast some toxic clouds away, clearing the way for you to head north, then north-east down a tunnel. Reach a room with a column and make your way into another tunnel, this one running south-east, where you may be set upon by some Nekkers (level thirteen). Kill them and Geralt will comment on the Nekker’s adaptive capabilities. Continue down the tunnel to the south-east, then turn north-east to reach a larger chamber, the main chamber of the Nekker hive.

Drop down a ledge and you’ll immediately have to dispatch a trio of Nekkers (level thirteen). The beasts are unusually aggressive, but… well, they’re still Nekkers. Apply Ogroid Oil to your blade, use fast attacks, and protect yourself with Quen and you’ll be fine. In fact, the alternate mode of Quen paired with the “Exploding Shield” ability is particularly devastating here, as it can knock a Nekker down and leave them vulnerable to a coup-de-grace! Even the unique Nekker you’re hunting - the Hagubman - isn’t immune to this treatment.

Kill the first three Nekkers that appear, then the Hagubman will appear and fight you one-on-one… at least, until its health is depleted to about 75% of its maximum, at which point it’ll burrow underground, leaving you to fight several more Nekkers (level thirteen) while it regenerates. It’ll repeat this process at around 50% of its health, and a third time when it’s under 25% of its maximum health. Eventually, however, you should be able to pin the beast down and finish it off. Once it’s dead, loot it for a Nekker Warrior Mutagen, a “Nekker Warrior Trophy” , and the steel sword “Devine” .

Objective Reward
For slaying the Hagubman 250 XP / 390+ Crowns

For Fame and Glory (Level 15) Walkthrough

Now, all you have to do is return to Thorleif to claim your reward, just follow the road back east to Larvik, but on your way, you should notice an exclamation point south of the road, near the fork in the road that leads to Larvik’s port. This of course means a quest lies yonder, and that’s what you’re looking for here. So ditch the road and head south to find two warriors outside of a mine, contemplating a heroic battle against the necrophages within. Of course, well-meaning though they might be, without the proper knowledge and tools, this is a suicide mission. Offer to help them and, after initially rebuffing you, they’ll come to their senses shortly and allow you to “help” them.

This is one of those annoying “escort” quests, where you have to keep your charges alive to reap a reward. If either of the two die, you won’t get anything more than the satisfaction of killing some necrophages. These Skelliger warriors aren’t the weakest people you’ve had to protect - they can take a few hits, but there are plenty of Ghouls (level fifteen), Devourers (level thirteen) and an Alghoul (level fourteen). Devourers are stronger versions of Rotfiends, and spoiler alert - your allies are not smart enough to dodge their death throes.

So, you’ve got your work cut out for you, and it’s in situations like this where the alchemy build really shines, especially if you’ve been upgrading your potions regularly. Since you have to kill things quickly, you’ve got to focus on offense, not defense… although you can’t let yourself get killed, obviously. Igni with a high sign intensity will dish out some fair damage, and more importantly, keep some of the necrophages occupied with… being on fire. Petri’s Philter, Tawny Owl and Thunderbolt will all serve you well here, as well as a Swallow potion to help you heal from the damage you can’t be bothered to dodge or deflect with Quen, as you normally would.

When you’re all juiced up, head south into the mines and, at a fork, head south-west to reach another fork. Continue south, then turn west to find a large chamber crawling with Necrophages, including several Ghouls and Devourers. Apply Igni aggressively and don’t let up with your silver sword. and if your warrior pals somehow survive this fight, there’s a good chance they’re going to make it through the day. Or at least long enough to reward you, which is all that really matters. Once the necrophages are dead head south then south-west to find the last deader - an Alghoul. Use Axii to bring its guard down, and smack it around with your Silver Sword. When it dies, Geralt will extract some wealth from his recent allies, give them some instruction, then part company.

Of course, you’re not done with these mines yet. Oh no. There’s treasure to be had down here! There are two chests in the room with the Alghoul, one near a column to the south-west, and another behind another column near the cavern entrance to the north-east. Around the other side of the north-western column you can also find some parcels and a crate to loot. In the room where you fought the host of necrophages you can find a chest and a parcel near each other, while in a smaller chamber to the north (leave the larger chamber by heading east, then go north, then west) you’ll find three crates to loot. A large parcel and another crate lie in the tunnel to the east of this chamber, while in the chamber just east of the entrance you’ll find another crate. Finally, plunder the crate and the sack near the entrance to the cave, then leave.

Objective Reward
For helping the warriors clear the mine 50 XP / 60 Crowns
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