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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3: Tracks in the Forest

Nathan Garvin

The Witcher 3 Tracks in the Forest quest takes you on a mysterious route from Lindenvale, all the way towards a mysterious creature in the forest. From following the tracks, to interacting with the creature, we shall walkthrough the entire thing with you.

Important Items in this Area
Key to Burned Down House
Crumbled Note
Bloed Aedd
Ekimmara Trophy

Witcher Tracks in the Forest Walkthrough

Okay, enough messing around, time to get back to work. Fast-travel to Lindenvale and find a Hunter sitting near his house south-east of the inn. Ask him about their monster troubles and he’ll tell you the typical tale of carnage, strange noises, and fearful peasantry, after which you can haggle for a pretty bit of coin.

Once a deal has been made, follow the road running through Lindenvale to the south-east. The road will lead you into a forest, and when you find a search area activate your Witcher Senses to find some tracks - large tracks - running across the road. Investigate the tracks, then follow them to the east to find the remains of the wolf pack, which indeed was slain by something higher on the food chain. Serves them right, damn Wolves are nuisances in this game. Follow the tracks back west to the road, then up a rocky hill and through the woods until they terminate near a tree.

Investigate the southern side of the tree to find some discarded fur, which will give you a scent trail to follow. Pursue the scent trail downhill to the south-west, where you’ll find a rather massive pile of dung within sight of some water. Study the dung to identify the nature of the beast that left this present for you, then turn north to find an elevated cave entrance. You can get into this cave in one of two ways; climb atop the hill over the cave entrance drop down onto the ledge below, or find a smaller cave entrance atop the hill to the north-west, just north-west of the center of the search area, just north of a small, forgotten cemetery.

However you manage it, once inside the cave search the north-western corner of the cave to find a rather surprising corpse. Seems that not all monsters get along, and the Wolves were a bit further down on the food chain than originally thought. Search the body, then some fur in the beast’s mouth, some prints on the cavern floor, and finally some blood to the east of the corpse. After all this searching you’ll identify the monster atop the food chain here, and be able to devise a plan for luring it out.

Objective Reward
For discovering the identity of the beast 20 XP / Manuscript Page: Chort Lure

Combating the Chort

If you didn’t already have it, you’ll be given the “Manuscript Page: Chort Lure, which requires two components; Crow’s Eye and Fiend Dung. Both are nearby. Exit via the elevated, larger cavern entrance to the south and pick some Crow’s Eye (should you for some reason need more) then return to the Fiend Dung you searched earlier to find the second, more distasteful required component. Once done, mix up a “Chort Lure” and equip the vile mixture into one of your pocket slots, then equip it. Now you need merely spread the scent around by pour some bait at four locations - just follow the quest markers and use your Chort Lure in each of the four areas.

When you’ve applied the Chort Lure to the four locations, prepare however you deem necessary (some Relict Oil will serve you well) then return to the cave. The Chort will arrive shortly and, despite how the bestiary downplays the beast’s size, it seems plenty large to kill a Fiend. It’ll live up to its bull-like appearance by performing charge attacks, but otherwise it’s not a terribly difficulty foe. You can easily whittle it down by using the good old strong attack/dodge combo, hastening the beast’s demise by using poisons or setting it on fire with Igni. Once it’s dead, loot the body for a “Chort Mutagen”, the silver sword “Azure Wrath” and a “Chort Trophy”. Once done, return to Lindenvale and talk to the Hunter to claim your reward.

Objective Reward
For defeating the Howler 320 XP / 193+ Crowns
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