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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3 Last Wish Walkthrough: Djinn Guide & Best Choice Explained

Nathan Garvin

The Last Wish is an important side quest that Yenn and Geralt adventure on together. The result is pretty hefty, considering that this is the main quest where Geralt can decided whether he wishes to romance Yennefer or not. But to get there, there’s going to be some boat sailing boss battles, and other interesting choices to make. To get you there, we aim to walkthrough Witcher 3’s Last Wishes quest, and explaining the best choices to you available in this quest.

Important Items in this Area
Broken Seal

Last Wishes Walkthrough

Now that you’re done with all that business, let’s go see what Yennefer needs and be done with her quests for now. Head into the tavern in Larvik, where you’ll find Yennefer along the eastern end of the building. Talk to her and you’ll find out that Yennefer is still fixated on taming a Djinn, an obsession she’s had for as long as Geralt’s known her. Despite it being a bad idea, agree to help her. Besides, you need Yennefer’s help, and keeping her happy is part of that. So choosing between an unhappy Yennefer with a tamed Djinn at her disposal… well, just try to ignore all the other possible bad options.

Follow Yennefer out of Larvik’s western gate, then north down a hill to the coast, where you’ll find her ship. More chatter will ensue, and Yennefer will cast a spell to help you in your search. It’s pretty obvious who’s getting wet here, and who is staying dry. Board the ship and sit opposite of Yennefer, and she’ll sail you out to sea, babbling as she does so. When she discovers a ship underwater, she’ll cast a spell to help you with your free-diving.

Dive off the boat and swim to the sea floor to find a sunken ship in a ravine. Swim into the ravine and shoot down some Drowners (level eighteen) then, after Yennefer telepathically bothers you, swim west into a cavern. Loot two chests and a shell, then use your Witcher Senses to highlight some boats and investigate them to find out this isn’t the right ship wreck. Surface, board Yennefer’s boat, and sit back down for her to sail you to the next wreck.

Dive off the boat and swim north, diving underwater between two rocks sticking out of the water, near which you’ll see the prow of a ship. Loot a chest and a sack on the deck, then swim south to find the other half of the ship in deeper water. Loot some barrels, parcels and another chest, then swim south to find another chest, which causes some banter between the two. When you’re done plundering, activate your Witcher Senses and search a shield near the mast and some arrows in the hull of the eastern end of the boat to rule out this wreck, too.

Yennefer’s continuing fascination will see you two search the sea for clues that might lead her to an elusive and powerful Djinn (left). Of course, it’ll be Geralt who actually has to get wet (right).

Yennefer will sail you around again until she reaches another ship wreck in an atoll - the same atoll you passed by earlier during your sea exploration. Now that Yennefer mentions is, this places DOES look a bit unnatural. Oh well, no time to speculate; jump off the boat and swim east, killing a few Sirines (level thirteen) as you go. Keep diving as you swim east and Geralt will find what appears to be a massive underwater crater. After Yennefer violates you magically, she’ll confirm this as a place of interest. Dive to the bottom of the crater where you’ll find a boat. Activate your Witcher Senses and loot various containers around the wreck, then search an object lying on the sea floor near the ship to find a “Broken Seal” . Surface and present the Broken Seal to Yennefer, who will use it to perform some more magic - much to Geralt’s chagrin.

Objective Reward
For locating the Broken Seal 50 XP

Find the other half of the mage’s ship in a most unusual location (left), then search the ship to discover the mage’s unfortunate fate (right).

Last Wishes’ Boat Adventure

After the teleportation, Geralt will question Yennefer’s motives, and this time she’ll be forthcoming. Respond how you wish to her rather personal motivations, then head east to find the rest of the ship. Head onto the ship and enter the cabin, where you’ll find some containers to loot and some false leads. Head east and go down some stairs where you’ll find more chests to loot, and a few books. Search some boots to reveal a blood trail, then examine the blood trail, and finally search the bookshelf the blood trail leads to. Geralt makes a horrible pun and finds the second piece of the seal.

Last Wishes Djinn Boss Battle Guide

Apply some Elementa Oil to your Silver Sword… you know, just in case… then head back up to the deck above the cabin. When you approach Yennefer will work some more magic and summon the Djinn, who, as she predicted, is none too happy. To defeat the amorphous puff-ball, intermittently cast Quen to protect yourself from its magical attacks as you hack away at it. When it falls, Yennefer will force the Djinn to do her bidding, then free the beast.

If you happen to be struggling with the Djinn fight, you can use a few other remedies to kill it. For exmple, the Griffin Decoction grants increased damage resistance as the fight goes on. Therefore, you can get some good running with this if the fight lasts a while for you.

Don’t forget to use Thunderbolt and Swallow during the fight. It’s also advised to find the upgrades to these potions before heading here,, such as the superior version, and even better if you have even higher quality one. If you do swig lots of potions, then don’t forget to have a potion that clears toxicity from Geralt so you can abuse those 4 or 5 potions from your improved potion usage.

Yennefer repairs the broken seal, and summons the Djinn (left) which must be subdued the old fashioned way before it’ll become complaint to Yennefer’s commands (right).

Witcher 3’s Last Wishes: Best Choices with Yenn, and Report to Emhyr or Not?

At the end of the questline, Geralt and Yennefer will take a break to rest and chat, during which time Yennefer will pour her heart out to you, and you’ll get the choice to voice your affection for Yennefer (and commit to a romance with her) or turn her down. Make your choice, but be careful not to profess your love to one sorceress too many… It might have unintended consequences. After some more magic Yennefer and Geralt will make some more plans concerning Ciri.

Also, don’t worry about the conversation between Yenn about reporting to the Emyhr or not. This is a non-committal thing between you and Yenn, which is largely just a dialogue option that affects the speech of your conversation scene. It doesn’t have an impact on any of the game ending options either.

Objective Reward
For wishing away the last wish 50 XP
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