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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Final Battle

Nathan Garvin

Now you’re at the end of the game, with the Final Battle quest result in the Final boss battle of the Witcher 3. It’s time for you, the mage friends, and Ciri to all amass and fight the baddies of the Wild Hunt, and beat the big baddies of the Final Battle. Here is a walkthrough, explaining the outcomes of the story and making your way through the quest.

The Final Battle Walkthrough

Tell Avallac’h you’re ready to confront Eredin and you’ll sail out. Discuss battle plans, then Avallac’h will give you one last chance to see to any business you have. After he leaves you might get a visit from your romantic partner, if you didn’t get greedy and mess things up. Rest, prepare potions, do whatever needs to be done, then leave the tent and head south-east through the Nilfgaardian camp to find Avallac’h. Tell him you’re ready and Avallac’h will operate the Sunstone, and for better or worse, you’ll get the response you’re looking for.

Ciri vs. Caranthir

As Ciri - or rather, Super Ciri (she’s not holding back anymore!) - kill a trio of Wild Hunt Warriors (level twenty-nine) then head north-east, massacring everything that stands in your way. Turn north-west when you must and drop off a ledge to find the mage you’re looking for. Caranthir doesn’t stand a chance here; hit him three times with Fast Attacks, then dodge until he lowers his guard or reappears, then repeat. When he’s wounded you’ll get a cutscene, and Geralt will take over for Ciri.

Geralt vs. Caranthir

While there’s distance between Geralt and Caranthir, Caranthir will make use of his magical abilities to pelt you with frost globes, either singly, in a succession of three, or by shooting five at you at once. All of these can be easily dodged. Dodge (not roll) sideways to avoid his single or triple shots, but roll away from the pentad shots, then sprint towards him between spells and strike him with a few fast attacks when you get close, after which he’ll teleport away and continue the ranged bombardment. He’ll periodically complicate things by summoning Ice Elementals (level thirty) which experience should have taught you better than to engage in a slug-fest. Fortunately, if you keep them between you and Caranthir he’ll destroy them with his own ice attacks.

When the mage loses he’ll make one last desperate attempt to thwart Geralt by teleporting them. Swim to the surface and witness another scene then head uphill, drop down a ledge, and run north-west past some Skelligers who are fighting some Hounds of the Wild Hunt (level twenty-seven). They keep spawning, so there’s no point in fighting them all. Drop down another ledge and run across a boat trapped in ice, continuing north-east and dropping down a few more ledges to find the Naglfar - the Wild Hunt’s massive ship.

Geralt vs. Eredin

Board the ship to witness Crach fighting Eredin, after which Geralt arrives. The two won’t waste much time with pleasantries. Time to show him your spins, pirouettes and feints. He’ll shortly teleport us to a more fitting-and open-battlefield, but if you’re quick, you can score a cheap hit on him before he does.

Eredin is pitifully easy to defeat if you have the right setup, namely Quen’s “Active Shield” and “Exploding Shield” upgrades. A decent Sign Intensity score won’t hurt, either. Eredin’s primary form of attack is to teleport about and perform sword combos, although he’s not as aggressive a combatant as Imlerith was. Caranthir was all about offense and doggedly pursuing your foe. Eredin is the opposite. Cast Quen (the alternate sign mode, active shield) and wait for him to strike you, then drop the shield to knock him off balance, giving you time to score a cheap hit on him. Don’t get greedy and go for more - he’ll block all attacks after the first.

He does have some more sophisticated attacks, however. Occasionally he’ll get some distance on you and summon some ice mines or bring ice blasts down from the sky on you. Both give you fair warning so you can get out of the area, and both should be handled the same way; when you see them coming, sprint towards Eredin, as he’s vulnerable to attack while he does this. Other than that, he’ll also teleport away and slash the ground, sending lines of energy at you. He’ll do this three times, in succession, first shooting one line, then three, then five, making the last fairly difficult to dodge, especially if you’re too close or too far away. All of these attacks can be blocked adequately with Quen and potentially provide a great source of healing.

Deplete his health with the aforementioned strategies and he’ll teleport away. Run to his portal to finish the fight on his boat. He’ll tell you some unsettling news before he dies. Guess those “spins, pirouettes and feints” were too much for the King of the Wild Hunt.

Objective Reward
For defeating Eredin 500 XP
Trophy/Achievement Icon

The King is Dead

Defeat Eredin.

Trophy icon

Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age (Level 30)

Yennefer will pull Geralt out of a sticky situation and talk to him, whereupon Geralt will reveal what Eredin told him, and Yennefer will make a troubling observation of her own. Follow Yennefer on foot as the symptoms of the Conjunction grow worse, then mount a horse when she tells you to. Dodge meteorites and monsters as you continue following Yennefer on horseback - she does everything in her power to make this as difficult as possible by riding like an idiot.

When you reach your destination dismount and follow Yennefer up a ledge, then wait for her to cast a barrier to protect you from the White Frost. Keep following Yennefer, and stay close to avoid taking damage from the blizzard. Along the way you’ll have to kill some Hounds of the Wild Hunt (level twenty-seven) but they’re a trifling matter by now. You’ll eventually reach your destination and Yennefer will work her magic… stranding you, but giving you a chance to put a stop to this madness.

Kill or Spare Avallac’h?

Ascend some stairs and confront Avallac’h. Make a pointless timed decision, then talk to Avallac’h accomplice. Make a final timed decision and Ciri will head off to confront the White Frost. She’ll remember the confidence-and-doubt boosting moments she had with Geralt, after which the quest “Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age” ends, and the quest “Something Ends, Something Begins” starts.

Objective Reward
For confronting Avallac’h 1,000 XP
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You are Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster-hunter known as a Witcher. You’ve fully regained your memories since your miraculous revival and escape from the Wild Hunt, and have cleared your name of the false accusations of regicide. In the wake of the assassination of Foltest, king of Temeria, the north have been rent by warfare as Nilfgaard launches its third major invasion, and the northlands have been united under the insane king Radovid. Overshadowing these petty politics is the mysterious return of Ciri - Geralt’s adopted daughter, who is now being pursued by the Wild Hunt.

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