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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3: Following the Thread Walkthrough & Choice Explained

Nathan Garvin

The Witcher 3’s Following the Thread quest bring Geralt to his old pal, Lambert, who has some tasks at hand for him. The result is finally confronting a former Witcher ally, which has now come to settling a score. Here is a walkthough of the Witcher 3’s Following the Thread, letting you now all you can get your hands on. Moreso, we will dicusss the Following the Thread choice at the end of the page too.

Following the Thread Walkthrough

Important Items in this Area
Triss Card
Gwent Players in this Area
Lambert - Triss Card

Fast-travel to the “Oxenfurt Gate” signpost along the eastern side of Novigrad and make your way to the Nowhere Inn, which is a light blue building north-east of Hierarch Square… or just east of some stairs that lead to Gildorf, which is the square that houses the notice board south of the Passiflora.

Head inside and talk to Lambert and the two Witchers will exchange information, after which you can decide to head over to Karadin’s house immediately by picking the dialogue option “Let’s go see Karadin”. If you want to play Gwent with him immediately, however, pick “Meet you outside his house”, then talk to him again as he walks away. Challenge him to a game of Gwent, and with your now phenomenal cards, victory should be all but assured over his Scoia’tael deck. Play conservatively, however, as he’s got plenty of “Scorch” Cards, and he would love to ruin your day with them. Beat him to claim the “Triss Merigold” Card, a 7 Strength Close Combat Unit Hero Card. This should wrap up the quest “Gwent: Old Pals”, leaving only the quest “High Stakes” as the last source of Gwent cards in the game, provided you didn’t do it during “High Stakes Gwent” section of the guide, earlier.

Objective Reward
For defeating Lambert at Gwent 25 XP / Triss Merigold Card

Leave the Nowhere Inn, then head west and go up some stairs to reach Gildorf square. Karadin’s house is to the south, near which you’ll find Lambert. Talk to him and the two Witchers will begin to scheme, only to be interrupted in a most unexpected manner. Talk to Karadin and identify him for what he is-he’ll tell you about his change of lifestyle and explain his side of the story concerning Aiden. Lambert, under the guise of “keeping his cool” allows you to do all the talking, which is just the game’s lame way of making Geralt call all the shots. At length you’ll get the choice to let Karadin go, or to allow Lambert to have his vengeance. After you make your choice you’ll have one last chance to talk to Lambert outside of Karadin’s estate as he walks away, in case you haven’t won his “Triss Merigold” Card yet.

Objective Reward
For confronting Karadin 90 XP / Diagram: Eirlithrad / Lesser Triglav Runestone

Now to mop up some side quests. If you haven’t collected your reward from Nidas for “Black Pearl” or for turning Morkvarg human again during “In Wolf’s Clothing”, now is a good time to do so. Also, since your Gwent collection is on the verge is being complete, now is a fantastic time to finish “High Stakes” (you’ll find the quest detailed in the “High Stakes Gwent” section of the guide) as you’re probably near the suggested level for the quest. If you’ve played enough random players and completed all the other Gwent quests this should also complete the quest “Card Collector”. Four quests finished off in one paragraph? Not bad. Time to move onto new things, however.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Card Collector

Acquire all gwent cards available in the base version of the game.

Trophy icon

Following the Thread Choice Explained

So, regarding the choice you made to kill or spare the turn cloak slave trading Witcher. The reality is, there is no real important decision this may have on the game. Things seem to go on as normal for the game. There doesn’t even appear to be any impact during the future battle of Kaer Morhen either, since Lambert plays a role in that for the scripted part of the story anyway.

The aim of this quest is more nuance, a reflection of your playthough’s role play attempts, and even your own morality. It’s also an interesting tale about how the past can always come back to get you. It’s a tale about changing your ways, turning over a new page or leaf, and getting on with life. But, no matter how much you change, betraying a Witcher brother, and slave trading is something that can catch up to you in the end. Is this good story writing for those heavily invested in the Witcher part of the game series?

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