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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Battle of Kaer Morhen Walkthrough: Choices, Gates & More

Nathan Garvin

Geralt and Ciri will appear in Kaer Morhen, and despite the imminent arrival of the Wild Hunt, a jovial mood prevails… albeit a short-lived one. The quest “Isle of Mists” ends and the quest “The Battle of Kaer Morhen” begins. Expect to gain a sizable lump of experience for completing Isle of Mists, which will help for the next few quests.

Objective Reward
For rescuing Ciri 1000 XP

The text that pops up on the screen says you earned 1,000 experience for completing “Isle of Mists” , but the reality is closer to 5,000.

The Battle for Kaer Morhen Walkthrough

Here is a walkthrough for the Battle of Kaer Morhen’s main mission in Witcher 3.

You need to convene the war council to determine how best to prepare for the upcoming battle, but first you should go see who all showed up. This section of the guide will assume you completed all the major NPC-related side-quests presented earlier and you told Voorhis you kept Letho alive. If somebody isn’t here, you either killed them off, did not complete their personal side quests (as mentioned in the Brothers in Arms quests) or you simply didn’t ask them to come.

Head up the ramp to the east, then turn north find Hjalmar and perhaps Vigi and Folan, if you rescued them both during “The Lord of Undvik” . To the west is Zoltan Chivay, who’ll serve as an Armorer for now… just don’t expect too much out of him, crafting-wise, as he’s only an amateur level smith. Repair your gear and sell off any excess junk you found on the Isle of Mists.

Go through a gate to the north and turn west to find Ermion and Vesemir chatting over a fissure. Wait for Ermion to get done with his business and talk to him and ask about the gas, then comment on the state of Kaer Morhen’s walls. If you suggest patching up the walls, Ermion will agree to help and it seems Lambert might just get roped into the mix, too. Turn north from the old men and go up a ramp to the west to find Lambert fussing over a ballista. Continue up some stairs to the east to find Eskel, who isn’t very talkative, then go up another flight of stairs to reach the double doors leading to the courtyard.

Here you’ll find Vernon Roche and Ves. As you approach, a scene occurs involving them and Letho. Seems like Temerian patriots don’t like the guy who killed Foltest. Who knew? Head to the main hall, but don’t enter it, instead turning south and climbing some stairs to reach the battlements around the courtyard, where Ciri is standing. Talk to her again to learn a few more things about your daughter.

Enter the keep to find Keira Metz in the antechamber. Talk to her to find out what she’s been up to recently, then talk to her again if you wish to peruse her wares… perhaps to buy another Potion of Clearance for a later date? Or you can just sell off excess alchemical junk, although she hardly offers you good prices for it.

Battle of Kaer Morhen: Best Choices

Head to the main hall where everybody will gather and discuss battle plans. The only choices that matter are those concerning how to use your limited resources; namely manpower and time. There’s a fair few choices you can make during this phase of the level, so, choose wisely. But, we will go through what you can expect of your choices so you can pick which one works for you anyway.

Traps or Potions: Battle for Kaer Morhen Choice

For the Laboratory you’ll get the options to focus on potions or traps. Picking potions will get you a Thunderbolt Potion and a Superior Swallow Potion (unless you already have them), while focusing on traps will impede your foes during the battle. These are handy for controlling the flow of enemies in the battlefield and granting helping hands to you and your allies.

If you’re over leveled and have been actively getting better quality potion recipes while doing sidequests, you wont need the potions options. Deathmarch players could do with the potions option, as Superior Swallow will help out massively for combat health regeneration if they do not have so already.

However, if you are over leveled, or have the potions anyway, then the traps are the go to choice, rather than potions.

Battle of Kaer Morhen: Walls or Armory

As for the workshop, you again have two options; fix the walls, or clear the armory and recover some weaponry. If you fix the walls, you’ll have to face fewer foes, while if you clear the armory, you’ll get a random Silver Sword.

For the most part, fixing the walls are largely a better experience. It means fewer enemies can get in, and you’re less likely to be overwhelmed. Combine this with the trap option, and you’ve got a fitting and controlled battlefield to assist you. This is probably the best choice combination in Battle of Kaer Morhen as long as you’re not too far behind.

If you’re in desperate need for a Silver Sword, you can get the Diagram: Superior Silver Wolf Sword around Kaer Morhen’s map and make that. if you so desire. There’s also some other decent silver swords around this level you pick up naturally, or even receive in a gift wrap from the Brothers in Arms quest in Novigrad if you have the right option.

Confirm your choices after picking them, then Vesemir will go over the battle plans once more. You get more goodies and experience if you pick potions and the armory, but most of it’s junk by now, so do what you will.

Objective Reward
For preparing 500 - 550 XP
For letting Vesemir brew potions Thunderbolt / Superior Swallow / Lesser Perun Rune
For clearing the armory Silver Sword

A few hours later Lambert will show up and you’ll reap the rewards of your actions if you picked potions and the armory. Making another hard save here is a good idea. When you’re ready, talk to Ciri again, then leave the keep.

Hunting the Wild Hunt

Geralt will summarize the situation pretty well, but in case there’s any doubt, your goal is to take down three portals the Wild Hunt is coming through. This task is relatively simple and can be done at your leisure, with plenty of time to heal in between… at least, with food and potions. The three portals are across a river to the south and they can be closed by hitting them with one of Lambert’s Dimeritium Bombs, or by casting the Yrden Sign when you’re nearby. You’re also invisible, but like most fantasy invisibility spells, it has limitations; get too close to an enemy, or attack or cast Signs and you’ll be detected. If you’re careful, though, you should be able to sneak up on a rift and hit it with Yrden, then dispatch the foes nearby. Speaking of which, your enemies here are Hounds of the Wild Hunt (level twenty-two) and Warriors of the Wild Hunt (level twenty-four), both foes you’ve fought before. Repeat the process three times and Geralt will succeed at his task.

Objective Reward
For closing the rifts 200 XP
For signalling Triss 500 XP

Helping Triss

As Ciri make an inconsequential timed decision in an argument with Vesemir, then when you’re in control head south along the battlements, killing two Hounds of the Wild Hunt (level twenty-two) as you go. Reach the tower Triss is on, then fight off the members of the Wild Hunt there, including more Hounds of the Wild Hunt and some Wild Hunt Warriors (level twenty-four). When they’re all dead Triss will be free to cast her magic.

Close the Gate in the Battle of Kaer Mohen

Once you’re back in control of Geralt ride Road back to Kaer Morhen (if you raced Eskel earlier, the route should be all too familiar, if not… well, just follow the road). Ride into the lower courtyard and Vesemir will give you a command. Kill the foes in the courtyard, then go up the ramp to the east, scale some ledges, then run along the wall to the west, killing Wild Hunt Warriors and Hounds as you go. Reach a tower then turn north and pull a lever to close the gate. The lever itself is on the outside of the tower wall near a door.

Retreat back around the wall and head into the middle courtyard level to the north. Seems that Yennefer’s power is fading, meaning the blizzard that accompanies the Wild Hunt is closing in. You should remember from earlier encounters with this magic how much damage that can deal.

Objective Reward
For performing a fighting retreat to the middle courtyard 500 XP

Once in the middle courtyard, kill the Wild Hunt foes here, then flee further north to the next level of the courtyard. Repeat the process again, then flee to the east, to the main courtyard. No plan survives contact with the enemy however, so head back down the stairs and fight your way north to give Triss an assist by killing the Wild Hunt near her.

Ciri’s Gate

As Ciri again, fight off some Wild Hunt Warriors alongside Eskel, then head south. Dispatch another group of Wild Hunt foes and head north-west down some stairs, then down another flight of stairs. Kill one more group of Wild Hunt baddies, then open the gate to the west by activating the winch.

Defending the Upper Courtyard

Your supply of Dimeritium Bombs will be replenished here, if you used any or not… which is good news, because your goal is to close more gates. Ignore the enemies, who will keep spawning, and try to close the gates as they appear. The portals will appear north and south of the entrance to the keep; first to the south, then the north. You’ll have to close two portals in each location to proceed. Once the closed, head back west to help Triss at the entrance to the upper courtyard to watch the end of the battle.

Objective Reward
For defending Kaer Morhen 1,000 XP

After the battle, Geralt and Yennefer will talk to Ciri. The battle of Kaer Morhen is over, but the war against the Wild Hunt has just begun. This ends “The Battle of Kaer Morhen” and begins “Blood on the Battlefield” .

The battle for Kaer Mohen: Death and Tragedy

With the battle coming to a close, it’s time to assess who died in the Battle of Kaer Mohen. Thanks to the various possibilities, there can be more deaths related to the options you chose or not. For spoilers sake, we have hiddden this section in case you intend to replay this section.

Who dies in the battle?Show Spoiler

The only scripted death in the fight is Vesemir. He dies exactly how he dies, regardless of what happens in your story. The only other optional deaths are Lambert, and Vigi the Loon. Lambert dies if you don’t save Kiera and bring her back to Kaer Mohen. If you do save Keira, then Lambert’s life is saved, and those two run off together as well. Meanwhile, Vigi the Loon is a side character that can arrive if you save him during the ice giant storyline in Skellige. However, the other Skellige soldiers don’t die. In fact, Vigi dies off-screen too.

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