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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Hindarsfjall - En Route to Larvik

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Diagram: Wolven Steel Sword - Superior

Guarded Treasure (Level 16)

Yennefer wants to meet in Larvik next, and this gives you a great excuse to explore more of Hindarsfjall. No sense in coming to these islands and not exploring everything even remotely within your means, right? From Freya’s Garden head south-west to find a Guarded Treasure event between the roads leading to the aforementioned garden. Kill a Wraith (level sixteen) and loot a chest to complete this event.

Taken as a Lass (Part 3) (Level 25)

The Taken as a Lass questline spans across a few stags of Skellige, if you need to catch up, we can send you back to part 2 here.

Once done, head north to return to return to the roads outside of Freya’s Garden, which you should follow east across a stream, then over a bridge, after which the path will fork. Continue east, then north, then east again to find a shrine in a cave where you can find Josta, who doesn’t tell you anything about Morkvarg that she didn’t already tell us earlier. She will, however, tell you to seek out Einar, who alone may know more about Morkvarg. Yes, you still gotta deal with that immortal werewolf, it’s kind of the very definition of Witcher’s work. More interestingly you’ll find Kurisu here, the Skellige Warrior’s sister whom is the object of the quest “Taken as a Lass”. Listen to her story to complete the quest. You can also do business with a Freya Priestess, for what that’s worth.

Objective Reward
For learning the fate of Kurisu 75 XP

Wolven Steel Sword - Superior Location

Leave the temple and head to Lofoten. You’re not here to stay, though, just passing through on the way to better, more lucrative things. The most lucrative bit of loot on Hindarsfjall is the first bit you’ll be going after. Go through Lofoten’s stables and exit the town via the south-western gate, cross a bridge, wade through a stream then cross another bridge. Follow the road uphill as it turns north and note the ruins on the cliffs east of the road. To get up there you’ll need to make your way to the northern part of the island, until the road bends east.

At this point turn your gaze to the south and scale a ledge to reach a snowy, goat-infested hilltop. Make your way south-west until you reach the ruins, then find the Ice Troll (level twenty-six) wandering around outside. Despite the “Ice” in front of its name, it doesn’t really fight any differently than any other Troll you’ve encounter thus far, so just apply some Ogroid Oil to your blade and get to work.

Once it’s dead, search the central part of the ruins to find a hole in the ground, which you can drop down to reach a basement, now revealed to the sky. Go through a hole in the wall to the north-east and drop down another ledge, then peer through a doorway to find a room filled with toxic gas. The stuff is flammable, lethal, and this particular example of it seems to reappear quite quickly after being dispersed, so you’ll need to work fast. Blast the toxic vapor with Igni (it may take several blasts to sufficiently clear the gas), then head into the room to find it’s littered with chests and corpses to loot. Of them, the one on the south-eastern wall and in the northern corner are the most lucrative, especially the latter, as it contains the “Diagram: Wolven Steel Sword - Superior” .

Read More: Wolven School Gear Scavenger Hunt

Loot the diagram and whatever else you can bother to grab, then leave the basement, climb back up some ledges to reach the ground floor of the ruins, then head to the southern-most reaches of the ruins to find some stairs down. Go down the stairs and drop down a ledge near a ruined section of wall to return to the road west of the ruins, which you should follow back to Lofoten.

Abandoned Site (Level 15)

Hi Lofoten! Bye Lofoten! Leave Lofoten via a gate to the south and follow a road to the south-east, passing the “Lofoten Cemetery” signpost along the way. Follow the meandering road south-east along the southern coast of Hindarsfjall and cross a bridge, continuing on the road until you find an Abandoned Site and an “Isolated Hut” signpost. Kill the prowling white Wolves (level fifteen) and populace will move back in, including a Merchant.

Objective Reward
For liberating the Abandoned Site 170 XP / 50 Crowns

Abandoned Site (Level 13)

Continue south-east along the road until it forks, at which point take the northern-most of the two roads to find another Abandoned Site near the “Lurthen” signpost. Kill the Harpies (level thirteen) and an Erynia (level thirteen) flying around and good, honest, ground-dwelling folk will return. Be sure to loot the houses of these good, honest, ground-dwelling folk before you leave, too, as they may have some valuable crafting components stored away.

Objective Reward
For liberating the Abandoned Site 170 XP / 50 Crowns
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