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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Velen Exploration: From Frischlow to Olenas Grove

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Soaked Letter
Glory to the North
Diagram: Enhanced Griffin Gauntlets
Diagram: Ursine Silver Sword - Mastercrafted

Guarded Treasure (Level 18)

Continue south to find a Guarded Treasure event, which just happens to take place at a graveyard - the more cheery of places. To liven things up, there’s also the signs of mass graves, left abandoned with its grisly purpose incomplete. Who is to say who was responsible for this massacre? This far south, however, Nilfgaard has to be the prime suspect. None of that matters anymore, however, as around half a dozen Wraiths (level sixteen) now haunt this cemetery. Clear them out, then head south-west of the “Guarded Treasure” map icon, carefully picking your way downhill to reach a lower, swamp-adjacent section of the graveyard. Here you’ll find a Noonwraith (level eighteen) prowling. Don’t be scared by her level, however - a level 13 Witcher who knows how to fight these things can easily tackle this foe.

Kill the multitude of Wraiths that haunt Frischlow (left) then dispatch an accompanying Noonwraith down by the swamp (right).

When she’s banished, find some ruins to the to the south, across from which (in the hillside to the north) you’ll find a cave. Outside of this cave is a corpse with a “Soaked Letter” on it, which discusses a bit of intended grave-robbing. Guess it didn’t go so well. Head up to the cave and activate your Witcher senses to spot another wolf symbol carved onto the rock. Blast the nearby cave entrance with Aard to facilitate your passage, then head inside to find two chests - one with loot including the steel sword “Glory of the North” while the other, more ornate chest contains the “Diagram - Enhanced Griffin Gauntlets” . Not bad.

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Use Aard to blast your way into a cave, where you’ll find the Diagram: Enhanced Griffin Gauntlets in a chest (left). South of Frischlow you’ll find a Place of Power (right).

Place of Power

If you head through the ruins to the south, then through the swamp beyond you’ll come to a Guarded Treasure event, this one being protected by a Gargoyle (level nineteen), which doesn’t sound so strong, but one level can make the difference between a danger skull and not… not to mention that Gargoyles are just inherently more dangerous foes than Noonwraiths. Considering that this critter is probably just a chore to deal with right now, give it - and its treasure - a wide berth and instead make your way to another map marker south-west of the Guarded Treasure, where you’ll just so happen to come across a Place of Power. Draw from it and suck up that juicy Ability Point.

Guarded Treasure (Level 13)

Make your way back north to Frischlow and leave the town by taking a road to the north-east, which ultimately terminates at a swamp. Never fear, however, as you need only cross the swamp to the north-west to find another road, although you may have to fight off some Nekkers (level eight) to travel in peace. Kill the Ogroids and follow the road uphill to sweet, sweet dry land, continuing east, then north-east until the road forks. At this point turn onto the new road to the north to find a campsite, presumably ravaged by the Alghoul (level thirteen) that now prowls here. Kill the critter, then loot an ornate chest just outside a tent.

Olenas Grove/Abandoned Site (Level 11)

Follow the road back south until it bisects the road you were previously on, then continue to the north-east until you find an Abandoned Site, marked with the Olena’s Grove signpost. Score! Unfortunately, the site wouldn’t be abandoned if there weren’t a bunch of nasties lurking about, in this case some Endrega. Kill the Endrega Warrior (level eleven) and a trio of Endrega Workers (level nine) to lure back some peasants, one of whom will serve as an Herbalist.

Objective Reward
For liberating the Abandoned Site 120 XP / 50 Crowns

Kill some Drowners on a small island and destroy their nest (left) then loot an uncovered chest to find the Diagram: Ursine Silver Sword - Mastercrafted (right).

Monster Nest (Level 4)

Only one more place to go, and this whole messy - but incredibly lucrative - bout of exploration will be done! Unfortunately, roads won’t get you to the next area, although they’re a good place to start. From Olena’s Grove, follow a road to the north-east, and when it ends continue up a peninsula to the north until you find a burned-down house, where you can score a chest and loot some corpses. From this house turn east and head to the shore, where you may find some Drowners lurking.

These are the Drowners that should interest you, however; instead swim to a small island to the east to find a Monster Nest. Kill the Drowners (level four) near the next, blow it up, then deal with any vengeance-seeking Drowners that may appear. Loot the nest, then head to the top of this island to find an undug ornate chest in a hole… a chest which contains the “Diagram: Ursine Silver Sword - Mastercrafted” . With that, you’re done exploring for now, and what a way to end, eh? Want to make it better? Sure you do!

Objective Reward
For destroying the Monster Nest 20 XP

Swim to the south-west to find a chest underwater (Witcher Senses will allow you to spot this out from the surface of the water). Loot it, then return to the island and head to the eastern shore, where you should be able to spot another chest below the waves. Gobble up this loot, too, then make your way back to the closest signpost (Drudge or Olena’s Grove are both relatively close). Get ready to head to Novigrad!

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