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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

An Invitation from Keira Metz

Nathan Garvin

After exploring the elven ruins with Keira Metz during Wandering in the Dark or its followup quest, Magic Lamp - a prolonged but mutually beneficial affair - Keira will invite Geralt to visit her at her hovel in Midcopse. Whether this reunion is a matter of business or pleasure isn’t divulged before the sorceress teleports away, leaving Geralt only one way of finding out. This page will provide a walkthrough for the quest An Invitation from Keira Metz in The Witcher 3.

Quest Objectives

Starting An Invitation from Keira Metz

This quest will begin after you exit the elven ruins, either after completing Wandering in the Dark and declining to help Keira find the Magic Lamp, or after completing the aforementioned quest Magic Lamp. You do not need to assist Keira in finding the Magic Lamp to continue her questline (although it’s basically giving up free EXP for no good reason if you decline to help), but she’ll be a bit frostier towards you because of it.

Talk to Keira Metz

While this quest starts after you exit the elven ruins, to get things moving you’ll need to visit Keira Metz in her hut northeast of Midcopse. Whether you helped Keira find the Magic Lamp or not, she’ll have made it home before you - the magic of portals. When they work. Head inside the hut and you’ll hear Keira talking to somebody about… rats? Approach the sorceress and you’ll find that her conversation is of the unconventional sort, after which she’ll shamelessly reveal why she needed the Magic Lamp, and to what use she’s been putting it. Like most lamp, it provide illumination, but instead of shedding light on dark places, this lamp allows the user to interact with the dead. A different sort of illumination, to be sure.

If you did not complete Magic Lamp, Keira will be a understandably snippy, but she’s not going to let her discontent from getting in the way of business. Exhaust her dialog options and it’ll become clear that Keira Metz, unfortunately, asked you here on business. Fyke Island is cursed following a massacre and so powerful is the malaise that the magically sensitive Keira can’t approach the place without crippling discomfort. Geralt, however, can, and in light of this Keira has no compunctions about asking Geralt to investigate the island in her stead… if for no better reason than to keep the locals happy enough with their local witch to refrain from turning her over to Radovid’s witch hunters.

Accept Keira’s request and she’ll give you the Magic Lamp, a device you’ll need to interact with the spirits on Fyke Island and learn their secrets. Keira will also give you a Xenovox, which will allow her to communicate with you remotely. The former item you’ll have to equip via the quick wheel and use it, much as you would a crossbow or the Pellar’s Bell, if you completed A Princess in Distress. The Xenovox is just a plot contrivance that keeps Keira involved without actually having her nearby.

(1 of 3) Visit Keira Metz and you’ll find her putting the Magic Lamp to use.

Once you’re done talking with Keira Metz this quest will end and it’s far more involved followup, [A Towerful of Mice] will begin.

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