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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Lynch Mob

Nathan Garvin

While exploring Velen, Geralt will stumble on all sorts of atrocities. In the wake of the Nilfgaardian invasion, able-bodied opportunists have crawled out of the woodwork to indulge their taste for plunder and slaughter - usually these are Redanian bigots looking to exterminate magic-users and nonhumans, Nilfgaardians indulging their baser desires under the guise of “civilizing” the nordlings, or simple bandits trying to survive and thrive by pillaging others. Needless to say, the peasantry is often at the wrong end of these assaults, but sometimes the locals find themselves in a position of power, and eager to lash out against their perceived oppressors, become just as monstrous. This page will cover the secondary quest Lynch Mob in The Witcher 3.

Quest Objectives

Starting Lynch Mob

This quest can be rather easy to miss if you’re not looking out for it. To start this quest, all you have to do is follow the roads connecting Blackbough to Midcopse, where you can find the Hangman’s Alley signpost. Just follow the road north from Midcopse, or the road northeast from Blackbough (the latter will eventually veer southeast and run along the coast). The obscurity of this quest’s location is one limiting factor, but it’s also timed - if you get close enough to see people talking or for the quest marker to pop up on the map, you need to resolve the quest without leaving the area, lest mob justice take its course in your absence. The quest [A Favor for a Friend] will lead you up this way, but this also seems to trigger the conclusion of Lynch Mob in your absence. Simply put, you’ll need to go out of your way to start this quest and complete it when you finally stumble upon it before leaving.

Confront the Lynch Mob

A short distance west of the aforementioned Hangman’s Alley signpost you’ll find several armed peasants preparing to lynch a lone Nilfgaardian, despite the latter’s pleas. Approach and talk to the peasants and they’ll admit they’ve no cause to kill the Nillfgaardian save for his nationality - given the depredations they’ve suffered at the hands of the Nilfgaardian army, any Nilfgaardian is fair game. The captive claims to be a deserter who only wishes to return home to his wife and child. Geralt finds himself the arbitrator in this dispute.

(1 of 2) Near the Hangman’s Alley signpost you’ll stumble upon a lynch mob preparing to hang a Nilfgaardian.

Near the Hangman’s Alley signpost you’ll stumble upon a lynch mob preparing to hang a Nilfgaardian. (left), Decide whether to intervene or let nature take its course. (right)

Abandon the Nilfgaardian

If you pick the option “So long.”, or aftering picking “Release him.” you continue with “Do what you want.” you’ll abandon the Nilfgaardian to his fate. The peasants may be a lot of things, but they’re not lying about their intent, nor do they lack the inhumanity to carry it out. Return later and you’ll find the Nilfgaardian hanging. Loot the corpse and you’ll find a Letter from Nilfgaardian’s Wife, which corroborates the dead man’s story. You will get no reward for this route.

If you do nothing, you’ll find the Nilfgaardian hanging when you pass by again later. A letter on his corpse will corroborate his story.

Save the Nilfgaardian

To stand up for the Nilfgaardian, pick the option “Release him.” then “Tried asking nicely…” to pick a fight. The Peasants (Lv7) are armed with makeshift weapons, but Geralt knows well the dangers of such weapons, especially pitchforks… simply put, take them seriously despite their lack of armor and crude armament, as they’re as dangerous as any bandits. Axii can incapacitate one, potentially leading to a coup de grace, Igni can deal damage and set them on fire, and Quen, of course, will keep you safe and potentially even heal you. Dodge when you must, parry when you can, and cut the peasants down. Once done, talk to the Nilfgaardian and he’ll thank you, after which give whatever justification you wish for your rescue. Aside from the Nilfgaardian’s thanks you’ll get a small amount of EXP and the quest will end. Four men dead to save one, four families broken so one can remain whole, but on the balance, perhaps the peasants just shouldn’t have crossed a determined Witcher?

Try to stop the peasants and they’ll violently resist.

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