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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3 The Final Trial Walkthrough: Treasurers, Place of Power & More

Nathan Garvin

Now you’re onto the final act of the game, with Geralt, friends, and crew all coming together to work out how to batter the Wild Hunt and their naughty shenanigans. To do so, Geralt can finally return to Kaer Morhen, and work out how to best prepare against the Wild Hunt. The start of this act begins with the quest, The Final Trial, and we are here to grant you a walkthrough and let you know all the things you can get along the way!

Important Items in this Area
Berengar’s Note
Monstrum, or a Portrayal of Witchers: Volume 2
The Wars of the North: Myths, Lies and Half-Truths
Triss’ Earring
Journal Kept by Chird, the Mage Hieronymus’ Assistant
Diagram: Wolven Silver Sword
Diagram: Wolven Steel Sword - Enhanced
Diagram: Enhanced Wolven Trousers
Old Letter

How to get to To Kaer Morhen

Now you’ve completed the first act by concluding the main storyline between Velen, Novigrad and Skellige, you’re now eligable to travel to Kaer Morhen at anytime. Luckily for you, this is where the bulk of the following main story quests take place. So, this is rather handy for you. Note that you can come to Kaer Mohen at anytime you want for the remainder of the game!

Head to the nearest convenient signpost and fast-travel to Crow’s Perch, then head up to the Baron’s Keep and talk to the Baron’s Sergeant about Uma. Geralt doesn’t even try to negotiate and, in the face of an inflexible and aggressive Witcher, he wisely concedes the critter to you. Go the the stable and talk to the stablemaster, whom Geralt convinces with the same rosy disposition he used on the sergeant.

Objective Reward
For adopting Uma 120 XP

Once again, however, Nilfgaardians show up to complicate things, demanding you return to Vizima. Not having much of a choice, Geralt concedes. Give your report to the Emperor and despite your meager results the Emperor will pay you half the promised reward. 2,000 Crowns isn’t a bad sum for what little you did learn, and in all fairness it’s still better than what information he had before. After you’re dismissed Geralt will talk to Yennefer and they’ll agree to meet up at Kaer Morhen, where they can try and life Uma’s curse in peace.

Objective Reward
For revealing what you learned to Emhyr 2000 Crowns

Kaer Morhen - One Week Later

Geralt - riding Roach and with Uma in tow - will make it to Kaer Morhen after a close encounter with a Forktail. When he reaches the old keep he’ll be greeted by Vesemir, and it’ll become abundantly clear that Yennefer already has reign of the place. A reign of terror, if you believe poor old Vesemir.

You’ve now got three tasks ahead of you; you need to help Yennefer with whatever preparations she needs to make (the quest “Disturbance” ), assist Eskel in hunting the Forktail that unwisely made its nest near Kaer Morhen ( “To Bait a Forktail…” , and aid Lambert in his task to prepare the phylactery ( “The Final Trial” ). Before any of that, however, Kaer Morhen is worth a good looting. There’s plenty of barrels and parcels with minor junk in them, as well as the odd ornate chest, usually containing repair kids. This isn’t such a bad thing, considering that there are no armorers or blacksmiths nearby. You can sniff those out at your leisure, this bit of exploration is just to find the various noteworthy objects scattered around.

From Kaer Morhen’s front gate (where Vesemir is busy ogling Uma) head south-east to find a ramp that leads up to another gate. Go through this second, elevated gate and immediately turn west and head under an arch, the bars around which no longer form an effective barrier. Once in this chamber under the walls look north-west to find a chest containing “Berengar’s Note” . Read it to start the quest “Berengar’s Blade” , which will have to be postponed for now, as Vesemir is currently enthralled with Uma.

Return to the second gate and from there head north, then west up another ramp. Once up the ramp continue east up two flights of stairs and go through some large double doors, then go up another two flights of stairs to reach the keep. From the entrance to the keep head south, then south-east to find an outhouse near some stairs. On the seat near the business end of the outhouse you’ll find the book “The Wars of the North: Myths, Lies and Half-Truths” . Eww…

Backtrack to the entrance to the keep and from there explore north, then north-east to find a thoroughly ruined bed near the keep’s walls, behind a clothesline. Ah, brave, noble bed. The raunchy secrets you could tell… Examine the splinters and you’ll find one of Triss’s Earring in the debris. Be sure to pick it up, in case you happen to bump into Triss again.

The Final Trial Walkthrough (Level 19) Witcher 3 Quest

With all that done it’s time to head into the keep itself. Before you bother anybody in here, loot the place thoroughly. As long as you don’t expect anything better than some Alcohest, Dwarven Spirit, and perhaps some rare crafting and/or alchemy components, you won’t be disappointed. Be especially sure to loot the tower beyond the kitchen (in the southeastern edge of the keep), wherein you should find “Monstrum, or a Portrayal of Witchers: Volume 2” in a chest in a cubby. Reading this will start the quest “The Witchers’ Forge” , which directs you to a mine near Kaer Morhen. You’ll get to this as you go about other tasks. Don’t bother going up the stairs in this tower, however, as they lead to Yennefer and… that’s a task for another time.

Once that’s done, talk to Lambert and… well, he’s a jerk, as always. Geralt will offer to go with him to the Circle of Elements, and Lambert is only too willing to hand the “Phylactery” off and let somebody else carry some of the workload. Agree to go with him, then follow Lambert out of the keep and through a hole in the wall to the north, as the two banter about their Witcher training and the events from the first game that left Kaer Morhen in such a compromised state.

Follow Lambert downhill to the north and endure more of his chatter, dropping down a series of ledges when necessary. Along the way you’ll have to fight some Harpies (level nineteen), which is, if anything, a welcome break from sardonic quips. Eventually you’ll find the “Lakeside Hut” signpost, and beyond it the dock where Lambert moored his boat… except the tricky watercraft seems to have gone missing.

Head north-west along the shore and kill some Drowners (levels seventeen and eighteen), after which a Water Hag (level twenty) will show up. Necrophages within a stone’s throw of Kaer Morhen? How embarrassing. Kill them and Lambert will detail the route you’ll be taking more thoroughly than he did before, then the two will discuss some of Lambert’s childhood trauma.

Climb into the boat and take a seat opposite Lambert, who will pilot the ship against the waves… and in spite of Geralt’s whining and front-seat piloting. Eventually you’ll reach a cave, where Lambert will bring up Old Speartip again before the two Witchers hear an odd voice. Choose to investigate the noise and head west, then north along the shore from the cave to find an illusion. Kill a trio of Foglets (level eighteen) then endure the indignity of Lambert teasing you.

The Final Trial Investigate Objective Walkthrough

Return back south, then east to find the cave, then enter it by heading north-east. Drink a Cat potion - if any cave in the game needed one, it’s this one - then continue north until you find a more open chamber with a pillar obstructing your way. Go around the pillar to the west to find a boat, under which is chest. More lootables can be found in the waters to the east of the pillar, and to the north-ease you’ll find some bones. Continue north to reach a high ledge and use your mighty Witcher team powers to defy gravity.

Scale some more ledges to the north and either Aard a weak section of wall, or refrain and bypass it by climbing a nearby ledge, instead. Either way, from the far (northern) side of the first Aardable wall, search an alcove to the south-east to find a chest worth looting. Continue north to come to another Aard-or-climb decision, then venture to the north-east where you’ll find a third Aard-or-climb scenario. Either blast one of the two walls to the north or climb a ledge to the east, then circle around clockwise, cross a bridge, and drop down past the Aardable wall.

Either way, continue north-west up a slope, then scale a wall to enter a large chamber where Old Speartip sleeps, whether you Aarded the walls or not. You can provoke Old Speartip - a Cyclops - by simply running up to him, or you can sneak past him by scaling a series of ledges to the north. Why let him live, though? Experience, treasure, and least of all, Lambert’s peace of mind are at stake! Either way, scale a ledge to the south-west of where you entered the chamber to find another, smaller chamber beyond, in which lie several containers to loot including a chest. Another chest can be found along the western end of Old Speartip’s chamber (in the eerie green light), while a third awaits your plundering paws to the north.

The Final Trail Place of Power Walkthrough

Do what you will with Old Speartip, then make your way to the large column in the center of his chamber. From here head north-east to find a ledge you can climb, which will ultimately lead you to daylight. Lambert will make light of some trolls, then Geralt will be a sour-puss, as usual. Head up a winding trial to the north to send a Troll running, which Lambert will contemptuously comment on. Veer off the path to the south for a bit to claim a Place of Power - a worthy diversion if ever there was one - then return to the trail and follow it north. Further upon on the trail you’ll be stopped by some Trolls, who declare that this is a “Troll mountain”. Lambert, exasperated, lets you do the talking… then fails to keep his mouth shut and provokes the Trolls.

Sprint north into the cave, then blast a wall to the east with Aard and climb a ledge to the south to exit the cave… only to find that the Trolls have headed you off. Either attempt diplomacy (Lambert keeps his mouth shut well enough this time) or fight them (levels seventeen, eighteen and twenty-one). In the latter case you’ll have to give up your weapons to show that you mean them no harm.

The Circle of Elements

Do what you wish regarding the Trolls then continue along a path to the south to finally reach the Circle of Elements. After some chatter, light the torches nearby, then put the Phylactery on the altar to charge it. While the magic does its job, the two Witchers will talk for a bit, after which you’ll get the option to fast-travel back to the fortress, or stay here. The only reason you might want to stay is to clear out two events in the area… and by “in the area”… well… that’s really just code for “north of Kaer Morhen”. Might as well stay and score some treasure, since you’re already out here and all.

Objective Reward
For charging the Phylactery 500 XP

The Final Trial Guarded Treasure (Level 14)

If you navigate the cliffs and head south-east of the Circle of Elements you can find a Guarded Treasure event on a hill. Kill a Wyvern (level fourteen) and loot the chest it was lurking near for some tasty loot.

Ruined Tower and the Wolf Diagrams

Simple enough, from this Guarded Treasure event head west until you hit the lake. Follow the coast up around the northern end of the lake to reach the western shore, then follow the western shore south-west to find the “Ruined Watchtower” signpost… and, you know, an actual ruined watchtower. Head into the ruins and battle a Wraith (level twenty-three) after which go up some stairs leading to the remains of the tower to find a skeleton. Search the bones to find the “Journal Kept by Chird, the Mage Hieronymus’ Assistant” and the “Diagram: Wolven Silver Sword” . Yeah, you’ll be picking up a lot of diagrams around Kaer Morhen.

Speaking of which, good news! There’s another diagram in this area. Yeah, they weren’t terribly creative with many of these. From the tower turn south-west to find a scaffolding you can leap onto. Do so, then turn west to find another, more elevated bit of scaffolding over a doorway. On this scaffolding you’ll find an ornate chest, inside of which is the “Diagram: Wolven Steel Sword - Enhanced” .

Guarded Treasure (Level 20)

Now for a long trek through the wilderness; follow the western coastline of the lake south, then south-west. If you stick to the coast when a stone cliff makes the going precarious you’ll find a lakeside ledge with a painting easel on it… and more importantly a chest nearby. You’ll find this little unmarked treasure near the spot where the coast stops running south and turns south-west.

After you score this treasure, make your way inland (to the west) when you next get the opportunity and follow a road south-west. This road isn’t marked on your map, but it’s there, and it connects all the way to the Ruined Watchtower. Anyways, if you follow this road you should run near another Guarded Treasure even, this time protected by a Leshen (level twenty). Kill it, then find the chest it was guarding hidden in a bush. If you want a bit more treasure, follow the road south and keep your eyes to the east to spot some ruins on top of a small hill. When you spot them, search the ruins to find two crates and a chest.

Your next goal is a small, triangular island along the south-eastern reach of the lake you’ve been running around. You shouldn’t need much hand-holding to get there; it’s pretty obvious on the map, just set a custom marker and work your way south, then east along the lake to return to the “Lakeside Hut” signpost, and from there travel north and swim to the island. Once there, look out over the southern shore and activate your Witcher Senses to find a submerged chest, inside of which is the “Diagram: Enhanced Wolven Trousers” .

Monster Slayer (Level 26)

That diagram was worth coming out here all by itself, but there’s more to do out here. Head over to the eastern tip of this triangular island and examine a pair of Drowner corpses. Something killing Drowners near Kaer Morhen that’s not a Witcher?! Travesty! Dive off the island and swim down to the south-east to find a cave, outside of which the Drowner-slayer will reveal itself to be a Rock Troll (level 26). A very angry Rock Troll, and one that doesn’t appear squeamish about adding the corpse of a Witcher to the collection of mangled Drowners. Defeat the beast then search it’s cave. On the ruins of an old boat you’ll find an “Old Letter” , which details the attack plan carried out by Salamandra at the start of the first Witcher game. Azar Javed… that’s a name that takes series veterans back. Seems this troll was doing more good than harm down here. Shame some jerk came along and kill him.

Objective Reward
For killing the helpful troll 50 XP
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