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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3: Possession Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin
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Important Items in this Area
Ice Giant Card
Arachas Card
Vampire: Ekimmara Card
Key to Cellar
Key with Ring Attached
Gwent Players in this Area
Smith - Random Card
Innkeep - Random Card
Merchant - Random Card

Larvik’s quests have been exhausted, Yennefer has been appeased, you’ve got one lead on Ciri, and you’re no longer in debt. There are now only a few things left to do in Skellige - help Crach’s children, chase down Hammond for Lambert, and, of course, hit some side quests, explore and collect some more Witcher set diagrams. Some more Gwent may also be thrown into the mix, as well. First, let’s deal with Crach’s kids.


Your first destination is Spikerogg, which is an island north-west of Ard Skellig. Either sail or fast-travel there, as your means and disposition allows - there’s loot that can be pulled out of the water in the former case, but for the sake of focus, that’ll be covered alter later.

Once you make it to town (the “Svorlag” signpost)… well, time for the typical town stuff. A Smith, a Merchant and an Innkeep all play Gwent… if you haven’t already obtained every random card in the game, you have to be getting close by now. The Innkeep in Svorlag also sells an “Ice Giant” Card, an “Arachas” Card, the “Vampire: Ekimmara” Card, and a “Foglet” Card. Both the “Arachas” and the “Vampire: Ekimmara” Cards are worthy additions to a Monster deck due to their “Muster” ability. Also be sure to grab the notice “Contract: Nils’ Disappearance” to start the quest “Contract: Here Comes the Groom” , which will be dealt with once more pressing business has been tended to.

Possession (Level 17) Walkthrough

When you’re done messing around in Svolag enter a building south of the tavern to find that it’s the Jarl’s house. After chatting to some guards outside and waiting for the Jarl to conclude some business, Geralt will try to pry some information out of the Jarl, who seems like he’s in no shape to provide any coherent answers.

Leave the Jarl’s house and return to the village, where you can ask a Skelliger Woman outside a house north-west of the tavern about Cerys. She can’t get you directly to Cerys, but she’ll point you to two people named Bergthora and Eiric, who might know more. A Fisherman nearby is a dead-end, so go talk to Bergthora, who is uphill to the north. After possibly gossiping about other Spikerogg girls, she’ll give you more definitive directions than the Skelliger Woman did, saying that Cerys was with Eiric.

Head to the northern shore of Spikerogg, which unfortunately can’t be done by running due north, as a mountain will frustrate your progress. Instead, head to the north-eastern part of Svorlag and follow a road north, which runs along the coast for a bit before eventually forking. Stick north, and when the road forks again, take the western fork. At the next fork turn north, then take the first road west to run along some high ground, until the road wraps around and terminates near a Skelliger… a Skelliger who is in obvious need of a Witcher’s help.

Kill the Drowners (level seventeen) that have the man stranded on a rock, after which the Skelliger will come down and claim an unearned share of the credit for the demise of the Drowners. Let him have it, or not, then ask about Cerys to find out that she was apparently interested in Spikerogg’s Jarl, and that she went to the Jarl’s old family home.

Objective Reward
For being saved by Eiric 400 XP

The Jarl’s old family home is to the south-west, which you can reach by backtracking along the trail you used to reach this area, returning east, then heading uphill to the south-west at the first fork. Keep going uphill to the west, ignoring the fork to the east, and when the trail ends, scale two snowy ledges to the west, leap across a gap, then climb another ledge to the north to reach a small shack, which is just east of the house you’re looking for. Or, failing that, you can just make your way back south to Svorlag and head uphill along a road to the north-west.

Either way, enter the front door (the door near the large wooden porch, along the southern end of the house) and Geralt will immediately notice something amiss. Must have been that unearthly noise? Activate your Witcher Senses and find some tracks near the front door, then follow them to the south-west. Go through the first door door to the north-west and grab a “Key to Cellar” from atop a stone ledge then loot a chest and leave the room. Follow the trail to the south-west then turn north-west to find Cerys.

Geralt and Cerys chat after rescuing her from the Jarl’s old house (left). An ominous specter appears as Geralt recovers the old family sword Brokvar from the cellar (right).

After you recover her, the two will talk. Cerys will tell a story about Jarl Udalryk, a family dispute involving a sword, a mysterious death in the family that implicates the Jarl, and visions that might be something more sinister than the influence of the gods.

Return to the house and, with the “Key to Cellar” in hand, open a trap door in the north-eastern corner of the main room, then climb down a ladder to reach the cellar. You’ll find the sword in question - “Brokvar” - on a table. Take it, and a shadowy image will appear on the wall.

Objective Reward
For obtaining Brokvar 400 XP

Climb back to daylight and talk to Cerys, then follow her to the Jarl’s house. She’ll babble about your relationship with her dad along the way. When you near the Jarl’s house she’ll make an unfortunate observation about Yennefer. Talk to the Jarl, who has, in your absence, made another “sacrifice” to the “gods”. Geralt will tell the Jarl the probable truth behind his visions, and suggest a course of action. The superstitious Jarl disagrees, but not enough to dissuade Geralt… probably in no small part due to Hjort agreeing with us.

Treasure Hunt: Not Only Eagles Dare (Level 10)

Follow the road in front of the Jarl’s house to the south-east, then when it forks take the eastern-most road running south. When this one forks, turn south-east and follow a trail down to the shore, where Drowned Dead (level fifteen) prowl. Kill the necrophages on the shore and make your way east, across the shallows, where more Drowned Dead lurk along some small islands.

Find the largest of these small islands to the east, where a small ruined ship is beached. Near a stone jutting out of the water you’ll find a corpse, on which is a “Note” and a “Key With Ring Attached” , which starts the quest “Not Only Eagles Dare” . Read the Note then loot a nearby chest. Swim to the south-east to find a search area, then find a chest just west of the center of the search area. Loot it to complete this even, then swim east to find Aki’s body.

Place Brokvar with Aki’s remains, then return to Jarl Udalryk’s house. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like your efforts have paid off, as the Udalryk’s voices have, if anything, become more malicious in your absence, to Udalryk’s misfortune. Question the Jarl further to learn more about the “gods” and how they communicate with him. After learning all Geralt can from the Jarl, he’ll talk to Cerys in private and tell Cerys the truth of the Jarl’s affliction, and describe two possible solutions - trick the beast tormenting the Jarl and lure it to a new victim, or draw the creature out and kill it - and their possible short-comings. Cerys leans towards attempting to trick the Hym first, and if you choose to get right to work, you’ll save yourself a bit of walking.

Objective Reward
For coming up with a plan with Cerys 550 XP

Walk to the Jarl’s old home… or instantly travel there with Cerys, depending on how you ended the conversation with her. Enter the house and activate your Witcher Senses. Investigate the oven along the south-western wall, then head into the room where you found the key. The Hym will try to perform a sneaky illusion to discourage Geralt, but Geralt simply views this as a good sign. Search some boards to the north-west and a mirror on the door for some observations from Geralt, then head into another room to the south-west and search a cradle.

Cerys will call to you, so head outside the house and talk to her. She’ll suggest that she has a plan, but, as Geralt told her, he can’t be in on the plan. You’ll either have to trust Cerys and comply with whatever horrible thing she’s got concocted, or decline. The latter option forces you to handle the Hym in the good old-fashioned Witcher’s way, as does failing to trick the Hym later. If you opt out of trickery (or fail at it) continue the quest by following the text under the heading “The Witcher’s Way” . Otherwise, keep reading the text under the heading “Tricking the Hym” .

Make a timed decision and either trust Cerys and do something horrible, or decline and botch her plans (left). Make the right choice, and the Hym will find itself without a host (right).

Tricking the Hym

If you’ve agreed to Cerys’ plan, the watchword for the rest of this quest is trust. Trust Cerys at every turn, do what she says, and you should be fine. Agree to get started and she’ll send you on a mundane errand while she runs off. Shortly she’ll return with a possession rather deal to the Jarl, with the Jarl and some of his soldiers in tow. You’ll get a timed decision - do what Cerys says, or wuss out. If you do what Cerys says, fight off three Warriors (level seventeen) and witness the payoff to Cerys’ ruse. If you chicken out… well, Cerys will be upset, and you’ll have to continue with “The Witcher’s Way” .

Objective Reward
For tricking the Hym 750 XP / Crystalized Essence

Prepare to summon the Hym (left) then defeat the demon in combat (right).

The Witchers Way

Travel with Cerys to Udalryk and tell him about your goal. Hjort will fetch the materials you need, after which you’ll need to return to the Jarl’s old house and place the torches in sconces located around the Jarl’s house (which will highlight with your Witcher Senses active).

Place the torches, then head outside and talk to Udalryk, either explaining to him what will happen in more detail, or leaving him in the dark… figuratively, anyways. Head back into the house with Udalryk and apply some Specter Oil to your Silver Sword, then light the torches, after which the Hym will arrive. It’s a pretty easy opponent; use the “Rule-of-Three” again-three Strong Attacks with the Silver Sword, then dodge. If the Jarl freaks out during the fight, calm him with Axii. Repeat until the Hym flees. Head down into the cellar, where the Hym will have recovered to half its life. Repeat the process above to kill it, at which point you’ll get some Crystallized Essence . Search the body for some typical specter loot, then return upstairs and tell Udalryk and Cerys the good news.

Objective Reward
For killing the Hym 750 XP / Crystalized Essence

Time to move on. Now is a prime time to quest around Spikerogg now, if you wish, including pillaging the nearby sea - especially all the events between Spikerogg and Undvik, the large island to the south. Otherwise, it’s time to help Crach’s other child, Hjalmar. If you want to explore Spikerogg, check out the following section “Exploring Skellige - Spikerogg” . After that, all the exploration between Spikerogg and Undvik will be detailed in the “Exploring Skellige - From Spikerogg to Undvik” section. If you’ve had your fill of exploration, though, feel free to skip ahead to “Helping Crach’s Children - The Lord of Undvik” .

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"Let him have it, or not, then ask about Cerys"

if you try to argue with him about who saved whom, then you can use the Axii and get some more experience.

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"Let him have it, or not, then ask about Cerys"

if you try to argue with him about who saved whom, then you can use the Axii and get some more experience.

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