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How to Complete the Lair of Mantis and Obtain The Legendary Razorleaf Ship

Jessica Dillon

There are quite a few quests in Starfield that you can pick up by just exploring the vast galaxy. One of the best ones for early players is called MANTIS. This quest takes you to a secret outpost filled by hostile Spacers. The reward for completing it is a legendary ship and a legendary spacesuit, making it an incredibly lucrative adventure. The guide below goes over how to trigger the MANTIS quest, how to solve its puzzle, and how to get all the legendary rewards.

You will know that you’re at the right base if you get threatened by Spacers shortly after you land.

How to Find The Lair of The Mantis

To trigger "Mantis" iconMantis, you are going to need just a little bit of luck. The quest starts after you kill a Spacer enemy and find a datapad named Secret Outpost! After you collect it the MANTIS quest will trigger. All you need to do from here is go into your inventory and check your notes, and you will see the new datapad. Read it and it will tell you that there is a secret outpost that is their next target, and you can track the quest location from the quest screen.

The time it takes to find this quest can vary, and even if you miss it on one body, it will spawn again later. Some players find it in a few minutes of fighting a large group of Spacers while others report the quest eluding them for quite some time. In some cases, you will even get it during some of the first main quests where you face off against the enemy type.

Now we have the quest it’s time to go and get our legendary loot. This is certainly not as straightforward as some of Starfield’s early quests, and you may need to prepare yourself for a scrap or two.

The Lair of The MANTIS Location & How to Solve the MANTIS Puzzle in Starfield

Once you have the quest, you should be able to see what system the secret base is located in, which is Denebola 1-B. In our case, the base was actually so far away that we had to travel to a couple of other systems before reaching it. Either way, the basic blueprint of the quests is the same for all players. Land at the base, and proceed towards it, you should have some Spacers threaten you to leave. If you don’t, then an attack will follow, there is no way to talk yourself out of it. Deal with the enemies around the base, and then head inside. The entrance will say Mantis when you hover over the door, so you will be able to make sure you are in the right place.

Next stop: Denebola I-b!

Once inside the base, you will need to navigate your way through defeating Spacers. There will be some stronger enemies that are above your level. After you kill them check their body for logs giving you details about the MANTIS project. There are two you will find this way in total, they are addressed to Leon Voclain and are named Sic Semper Tyrannis and Mantis Revealed.

Proceed further into the base until you find an NPC who is hiding during the battle, the blue marker will be above his head. When you speak with him, he will tell you the path ahead is dangerous. He will tell you that they’ve been trying password’s and that none of them have worked so far leading his crew to be killed. The key is to look for the password in the logs left by Leon’s mom.

MANTIS Code Solution

Proceed forward, and you will soon come to a room with letters on the floor. As you were warned, there is a code you need to put in if you don’t want to be attacked by some very powerful lasers while crossing. You must carefully step on each letter, and then move up to the next row, to step on the next one in the code. This is easy to slip up on so make a save before starting. The code is T-Y-R-A-N-N-I-S. If you mess it up, the lasers won’t stop attacking, and you will most likely die unless you manage to sprint across to the door on the other side before they kill you.

(1 of 8) Go to the Secret Outpost and land.

How to Get the MANTIS Ship and Spacesuit

After this segment, there will be some more lasers and some robots. If they are active, deal with them. Soon you should come to a room with a bed and an intercom, interact with it to hear another message to Leon. Follow the blue marker a bit further and you will enter a large room with a legendary ship, the "Razorleaf" iconRazorleaf, in the middle and an exclusive space suit on the side. Use the lift to get the ship to ascend to the service and grab the Incendiary Mantis spacesuit, Assisted Carry Mantis pack, and the Incendiary Mantis space helmet from the mannequin.

(1 of 3) There are also several robots that will pop-up from behind doors to surprise you after the puzzle.

Once you’re done looting, find the exit and leave. Head up to the top of the base, and you will see your new ship. She is a Legendary with the following specs.

  • Reactor: Class-A
  • Jump Ability: 19 light-years
  • Cargo Hold: 420/160
  • Shield Effectiveness: 390
  • Missile: 36
  • Laser: 6
  • Paracausal Singularity Beam: 16

You must board the Razorleaf and control it to set it as your new ship. The ship you came on will now be added to your fleet and can be swapped by visiting a Ship Services Vendor, they can be found in the major cities with ease. As an added bonus, pirates will sometimes run away from the ship, making comments about fearing the MANTIS. The suit itself is also quite useful in the early game. With these items you should be good to go for quite some time, so try to pick up MANTIS as quickly as possible.

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