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Power from Beyond Walkthrough - How to Get Atmosphere and Grav Dash Powers

Jessica Dillon

Power From Beyond is a main story quest that allows you to collect two more powers to help you in battle. These are Atmosphere and "Grav Dash" iconGrav Dash. While they may not be able to damage opponents, they are great for using in a pinch especially when exploring. The guide below goes over how to complete Power From Beyond and find the next two temples, Temple Alpha and Temple Zeta.

Receiving the Atmosphere power in Starfield.

How to Find Temple Alpha and Temple Zeta

After you finish showing off your new powers at the Lodge, you will be sent to find Temple Alpha where you will unlock your second power, Atmosphere. This plays out much the same way as the previous mission Into The Unknown. The game sent to planet Cassiopeia II-A. Once there, you will get out of your ship and use your scanner to locate the anomaly. Search around until you see distortion in your scanner from one of the points, and then head toward it. If the distortion gets worse as you move closer, then you are on your way to Temple Alpha. Once close enough, the quest marker will pop up. Follow it, and enter inside, it will look exactly like Temple Eta.

Keep in mind that due to procedural generation, everyone’s experience with these temples is going to be a little bit different. Some planets will be more hostile than others or have environmental damage that you will need to contend with. In addition, sometimes the scanner doesn’t distort even after you have looked at all the anomaly points. If this happens to you, leave and then return to the planet and try scanning again, this usually fixes this bug.

Once you are inside the sphere will activate, and you will begin to float. Collect all the light sources until the sphere lines up and then float into the middle, this will unlock the Atmosphere power. If you are having trouble getting the sphere to stop, then load out and then back into the temple. Keep in mind that it seems that you must collect particles back to back in order for the sphere to finish powering up. This power allows you to get rid of carbon dioxide and can help you keep moving when you are carrying too much. Once you’re ready, head back to "The Eye" iconThe Eye in the Alpha Centauri system and speak with Vladimir again. He will now send you to get your third power on planet Ourea.

(1 of 5) Use your scanner to look at the anomalies until you see the circle on the scanner distort.

This is the same song and dance. Use your scanner to point at the anomaly that distorts it and then move towards it. Soon enough you will find Temple Zeta, and like the temples before it you must float around inside collecting particles until the sphere finishes moving. Once you fly in, you will be granted the Grav Dash power. This lets you dash forward while granting you a small damage boost. After this, the mission will wrap up and you can head on to the next main story quest of your choice. You will need to get another artifact before you can star collecting more powers, this can be done by collecting more artifacts, each artifact you bring back will unlock a new temple. These all follow the same pattern, so the system of unlocking powers is a rather easy one to get down once you find them.

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