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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Carnal Sins

Nathan Garvin

Dandelion and Geralt will head to the hospital automatically, whereupon they’ll talk to the doctor tending to Priscilla, who tells you more about her injuries. Dandelion will implore you to go after the attacker, which Geralt agrees to without hesitation. The doctor will provide some insight into related attacks, and suggests you investigate other victims of their presumed common assailant. Agree, and you’ll travel to the sewers with the good doctor.

Important Items in this Area
Concerned Citizen’s Sermon (multiple)
Katakan Mutagen

Witcher 3 Carnal Sins Walkthrough

The doctor will chatter at you a bit as you follow him, first south-east, then south-west, and finally south-east again. Along the way you’ll have to fight off two Drowners (level sixteen) and a Water Hag (level seventeen). From where the Water Hag lurked make your way north-east to reach a chamber dominated by some wooden stairs, where you’ll have to put down two more Drowners (level sixteen). When the Necrophages are gone, ascend the stairs and continue down a tunnel to the north-west, then go up some stairs to the north-east, and finally climb a ladder to exit the sewers.

Fight you way through the sewers to reach the mortuary (left), then help Joachim conduct an autopsy on the murdered dwarven woodcarver (right).

The Autopsy

Now that you’re in the morgue, loot around-you’re looking for the body of a dwarven woodcarver-but there’s no harm in helping yourself to various goodies along the way. When you’re ready, search the room to the north-east and investigate a corpse along the south-eastern wall to start the autopsy. Cycle through all the dialogue options to examine the body thoroughly and give Joachim whatever conclusion you wish. Afterwards you’ll be interrupted by the coroner Hubert Rejk then by Reverend Nathaniel, who is somewhat more rude than the coroner.

When you leave, question Joachim some more. He doesn’t seem to have a high opinion of Nathaniel, and he has history with Hubert. He won’t elaborate on this history unless you press him, and even then, he’s vague. It should be noted that Joachim mentions that Hubert “hasn’t changed a bit” in 30 years. Whereas Joachim is old and gray, Hubert seems to still be comparatively youthful. It’s something that should arouse one’s suspicions, but Geralt ignores it entirely.

Geralt and Joachim part ways, but there’s plenty for you to do. You’ve got three leads; you need to find Eustace the corpse collector, examine the place where the woodcarver died, and examine the site where Priscilla was attacked.

The Corpse Collector

The closest objective is the corpse collector, so head east to find him, where you’ll stumble upon a scene most certainly calling for a corpse collector. Gang warfare must be a lucrative source of income for a corpse collector. Talk to Eustace, who is messing with a corpse near a building and as you ask him some questions and he’ll get uppity, after which you’ll either need to bribe him (200 Crowns), or use the Axii Sign on him (he can’t be provoked, though you can slug him after he makes a comment about Priscilla).

Objective Reward
For using the Axii Sign on Eustace 40 XP

Woodcutters Murder Site

The next two destinations - the two murder sites - are pretty close to each other. Both are south-east of Hierarch Square, one being near the haunted house where Corsinne dreamed, and the other being just east of the northern end of Tretogor Gate bridge. Head to the former, first, the site of the woodcutter’s murder, and knock on two large wooden doors, where some dwarf will be understandably suspicious of you. After he lets you in, ask him about the dead dwarf to learn… well, precious little about the circumstances of his death.

Activate your Witcher Senses and search the blood pool, some furrows indicating where something was dragged across the ground, then the pyre of half-burned statues. Finally pick up the letter “Concerned Citizen’s Sermon” from atop an anvil and read it. It seems to implicate the Eternal Fire cult, but why would such a cult - one which happily burns heretics in public - need to hide the murder of this dwarf?

Investigate the locked door to the workshop and the dwarf will open it for you. Head inside the workshop and put your Witcher Senses to work again, this time searching some rotten eyes on a cabinet along the southern wall, an over-turned chair, some spilled formaldehyde, and another blood stain. Talk to the dwarf again and tell him what happened… you can also talk about the statues of Melitele, which, like everything else fun, the cult of the Eternal Fire didn’t like.

Investigate the site of the woodcutter’s murder (left) then fight off some concerned, but misguided, citizens at the site of Priscilla’s attack (right).

Priscilla’s Attack Site

Leave the site of this murder and head east to the site of Priscilla’s attack. At this spot you should encounter a guard who tells you that there’s been another victim, and you’re to head to the coroner at your earliest convenience. Wonderful. First, though, let’s examine this crime scene.

Activate your Witcher Powers - go! - and look around. As you explore a woman will call out to some accomplices (level sixteen) who will engage you in fisticuffs. Once you win, Geralt will confront the woman, and she’ll reveal they were here to take vengeance on Priscilla’s attacker… because the perpetrator always returns to the scene of the crime and all.

Talk to the woman, then use your Witcher Senses to find a scent trail in the middle of the search area, which Geralt identifies as formaldehyde, then search a brazier, a foot print and some blood. A short trail leads to a wall to the south-west, where you can find the note “Concerned Citizen’s Sermon” . Seems this is a preachy sort of killer. Also note what Geralt says when he observes that the killer escaped by leaping a wall even he couldn’t scale. Might you have a supernatural cultist on your hands?

Another Autopsy

Return to the Coroner, who is north and slightly east of Hierarch Square. You’ll find him standing over the body of a new victim. He’s somewhat more accommodating now, so ask him some question to get his side of the story as it concerns Joachim. Also be sure to ask him about his youthful appearance, which he writes off with a rather bogus story. If you ask about the victim you’ll find that it’s another apparently religiously-inspired murder. He also has a low opinion of Nathaniel. Joy. Perform the autopsy and, after breezing through the killer’s modus operandi Hubert will discover a note naming the killer’s next victim. Geralt doesn’t mess around and decides to head directly to the location.

A Crisis of Faith

Find a signpost and fast-travel to the “Vegelbud Residence”. When you arrive, head up stairs to reach the gates of the estate and talk to the guards outside, whom Geralt convinces to be reasonable. On the estate grounds you’ll meed Ingrid Vegelbud, who is convinced by Geralt’s serious demeanor to allow you to check on Patricia. As you head inside the estate both Geralt and Ingrid will comment on a pyre burning outside the mansion, the result of Patricia’s recent crisis of faith. Outside of Patricia’s room you’ll be informed that the Vegelbud matriarch isn’t in the mood for guests. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like she got her wish…

Chase your target out the door, down some stairs, and out of the mansion. Run past (or kill) a pack of Dogs (level one) and continue running to the north-west, where you’ll encounter some Guards (level sixteen) who mistake you as the murderer. Fight defensively and after a while, a cheater with a crossbow will show up, and Geralt will decide that they’ve delayed him too long for him to catch the murderer.

The killer’s next target, Patricia Vegelbud, seems to be having a crisis of faith (left). Unfortunately, the killer strikes before you arrive (right).

After the Guards have finished botching their jobs (and have been admonished for it) talk to Ingrid and tell her what you wish. You’ll be given free reign by Ingrid, and Geralt will use it to search Patricia’s room, where he’ll find the predictable note naming the next victim. When you’re back in control search the room if you wish. Geralt decides that obsessing over the victim’s corpse is a waste of time, but you can spot another empty formaldehyde bottle, for what that’s worth. If you head outside and investigate the gardens where you lost track of the killer - where the guards attacked you - you’ll find that the killer’s trail just… ends. Not only does this murder seem to be supernatural in nature, but it also appears to be toying with Geralt.

Sweet Nettie

Fast-travel back to Hierarch Square and head back to Crippled Kate’s brothel, where Geralt will confront a random man inside the brothel. Fortunately, this man just happens to know who Sweet Nettie is, and that she’s upstairs with a “very important client”. Head upstairs and sure enough, you’ll find Sweet Nettie with a certain Reverend, who is caught in a very compromising position. If you remember from earlier conversations it was revealed that the good priest once was a torturer who enjoyed plying his trade on women, in particular.

You’ll get a timed dialogue response; if you pick the first option “Try it asshole”, or you get fed up with him on any subsequent responses, you’ll end up fighting him (level thirteen). While he has been dangerous enough to craftsmen, bards, and old women, he’s not match for a Witcher. When you kill him, loot him for a “Poker” , then free Sweet Nettie, who talks about how she came to be in such a compromised position… Doesn’t seem like how the killer of the other victims operated. Oh well. Head back to Dandelion and Priscilla to find that the latter is recovering quite well. Maybe there’s a happy ending to this quest after all? This ends the quest “Carnal Sins” .

Objective Reward
For killing Nathaniel 100 XP / Tracker’s Trousers / Diagram: Ard Skellige Aketon

You’ll find Nathaniel at Crippled Kate’s, indulging his hideous perversions (left). Killing him is optional, but there are few characters in gaming who deserve it more (right).

Witcher 3 Carnal Sins Answers

On the other hand, if you choose to hear the priest out, both during the timed dialogue option and during then in subsequent responses, you’ll find that, while reprehensible, Nathaniel isn’t your murderer. To do this, first pick the option “Just like that? No formaldehyde?” then “So who left the letter of Patricia’s body?” and he’ll tell you the location and identity of the true killer.

Should I Kill Nathaniel?

After your chat he decides to go back to torturing Sweet Nettie. Either leave her to her fate, use the Axii Sign to make him go away, or pick “Can’t allow it.” to pick a fight. The last option is by far the most satisfying option, and you get the same reward for killing him now as you would above… so learn the killer’s true identity, then snuff out this scumbag, and get the rewards for both.

Objective Reward
For using Axii on Nathaniel 40 XP

Travel to a warehouse west of the Novigrad Docks signpost, where you’ll find the Coroner picking up his formaldehyde, just like Nathaniel said. The criminal will admit to the crimes, and tell you his motives, which are just as bizarre as suspected; a supernatural being with a twisted sense of morality who took it upon himself to carry out with will of the Eternal Fire. He’s very forthcoming with information, indeed. Unfortunately, a fight is unavoidable, and a higher vampire is no mean foe. At least, according to the lore, but this critter fights like a normal Katakan, albeit a level sixteen one. Even in Death March difficulty, this fight should be trivial; just use the alternate sign mode for Quen (“Active Shield”) combined with “Exploding Shield” to nullify attacks and knock the creature off guard and heal yourself, then perform three fast attacks when it reels. When it falls, loot it for the Silver Sword “Deargdeith” , some Rubedo and a “Katakan Mutagen” .

Objective Reward
For stopping the true murder 500 XP / Diagram: Assassin’s Boots / Lesser Svarog Runestone

If you learned the truth, you’ll be able to track Hubert down in a dockside warehouse (left). After some monolouging, he’ll reveal his true form-that of a High Vampire-and attack (right).

Anyways, return to the hospital and talk to Dandelion and Priscilla. The latter seems to be recovering quicker than expected, and with Dandelion’s devotion to help her through things, she might just do alright. You can also talk to Joachim about various things, including the murderer’s identity. You can also ask about Shani, a medic and potential romantic interest from the first Witcher game.

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