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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A Favor for Triss

Nathan Garvin
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Important Items in this Area
Triss’ Fox Mask
Milva Card
Vampire: Bruxa Card
Dandelion Card
Gwent Players in this Area
1st Round Opponent - Milva Card
2nd Round Opponent - Vampire: Bruxa Card
3rd Round Opponent - Dandelion Card

Humbling the Street Preacher

Triss is living north-east of Hierarch Square, so fast-travel to the “Hierarch Square” signpost and leave via the eastern road along the southern end of the square. Along the way you’ll spot a Preacher saying mean things about Witchers, one who has been babbling all game. It’s finally time to deal with him.

Talk to him and Geralt will challenge him to spout his anti-Witcher rhetoric to his face, which, to the his credit, the Preacher does. Pick the top option to politely point out the good Witchers do, and the Preacher will lose his congregation, with plenty of egg on his face (figuratively). Threatening him or refusing to continuing with him achieves the same results, but somehow feels somewhat less satisfying.

Objective Reward
For putting the preacher in his place 10 XP

If you think this is the end of this matter, then you’ve got a lot to learn. Sometime later on while wandering Novigrad you’ll be pestered by two Guards (level ten), who ask for your weapons. If you surrender them you’ll be informed that the priest you insulted ordered this hit on you. If you kept your weapons, this will be a normal armed melee. If not, you’ll need to make do without weapons-you can, however, use Signs, Bombs, and your crossbow).

Objective Reward
For fighting off the Priest’s goons 25 XP

From the Preacher head north-east under an arch and follow a road to the north, taking the second road east to find Triss’ house. Knock on the door and the landlords will - after some complaining - let you in. Head upstairs and talk to Triss. Poor Triss and her lop-sided house… Anyways, ask her what’s on her mind and she’ll tell you she got an vague letter promising cash and the possible salvation of some mages, two strong motivators for Triss. Smart girl that she is, though, she’s suspicious, especially after the last few close encounters. Offer to help her like the great guy you are and she’ll discuss some of the silly details with you.

Tales Statuettes Tell

Talk to her again and tell her about the two Jade Figurines you’ve found and she’ll reveal their true natures. Pick which one you want to deal with first, then you’ll automatically follow Triss to a site where she can safely work her magic. Each of the two statuettes will take their true forms and tell you a story about how they came to find themselves transformed. You’ll get a reward and these quests will end. Hardly even need a guide for these, eh?

Objective Reward
For freeing the Nobleman 50 XP / 30 Crowns / Lesser Glyph of Axii
For freeing the Soldier 50 XP

If you completed “Redania’s Most Wanted” and kept the gem from Phillipa’s megascope, you can also have Triss take a look at it. You’ll witness some sorceress politics involving Phillipa and another mage named Margarita, after which you can give the crystal to Triss, or you can double-down on your desire to give it to Radovid, despite the possible consequences.

A Matter of Life and Death (Level 12)

Head to the fish market, which is south-west of Hierarch Square, just north of one of the bridges connecting the docks district to the central district. Once you reach the search area activate your Witcher Senses to start looking for the man in blue with keys on him. There are plenty of people wearing blue, but the keys will highlight red under your Witcher Senses, so be sure to look for those.

The man’s locations varies, but when you find him, chat with him, give the catchphrase, and after a brief chat you’ll have to follow the man. Kill some Bandits (level twelve) along the way, after which you’ll reach your destination, where Triss will join you. The servant will tell you about Vegelbud’s problem, and the solution proposed is… well, extravagant.

After the conversation, it’s time to get ready. Head over to Elihal’s shop in the nonhuman district and buy “Triss’ Fox Mask” , a mask for yourself, and perhaps some new clothes (tunic, breeches, and shoes) if you wish to appease Triss. Once done return to the Triss, then you’ll head to the masquerade together.

Objective Reward
For preparing for the party 25 XP

Find Triss’ contact in the fishmarket-his blue shirt and the keys he wears are dead giveaways (left). After some shopping, attend a party at the Vegelbud Estate with Triss (right).

From the entrance head south-east along the main walkway where you’ll shortly be accosted by a drunk, who mistakes Triss for a prostitute from happier days. Either get into a fight-fight, or keep your impulses under control and just walk off. Continue up some some stairs to reach a gate, near which an actual past acquaintance of Triss’ - a man named Moritz - awaits. He’ll decline Triss’ attempts to recruit him, and what you say during this conversation doesn’t really matter.

Objective Reward
For telling off the drunk 25 XP

Win a Gwent tournament at the part to score the “Dandelion” Card (left) then find Albert (right).

Vegelbud Masquerade Gwent Tournament

Continue through the wooden gate and turn south to find a Croupier, who oversees a little Gwent tournament. You’ll have to defeat three Gwent players in order to win all their cards. They’re not the best players you’ve yet encountered, but they’re not slouches, either.

The first opponent you’ll face has a fairly potent Nilfgaardian deck. Expect to see them play hero cards, the “Villentretenmerth” card (which they’ll use shamelessly and often), “Medic” cards (beware the “Villentretenmerth” revive) and “Black Infantry Archer” cards combined with “Commander’s Horn” cards. Again, nothing unbeatable for a well-built Northern Kingdoms deck, but certainly something you can stumble over with a bad hand. Fortunately, it’s not a sudden-death elimination tournament, so feel free to play until you wish. For winning the first round you’ll win the “Milva” Card, a 10 Strength card with the “Morale Boost” ability that will serve your Scoia’tael deck well.

Your second opponent fields a Scoia’tael deck, the main strategy they seem to use is to employ the “Dandelion” card or a “Commander’s Horn” to boost their close combat units. Throw in some “Muster” cards, the “Villentretenmerth” card and the odd “Medic” and “Decoy” card, and you’ve got a fairly mundane challenge - a decent draw of some “Spy” cards or “Villentretenmerth” and some “Decoy” cards of your own can easily defeat this opponent. Your prize for the second round is the “Vampire: Bruxa” card which is a 4 Strength card with the “Muster” ability, always welcome in any Monster deck.

Finally, the third opponent has a monster deck which… yeah, you’ve seen pretty much all there is to see from this deck. “Villentretenmerth” combined with “Decoy” cards or “Medic” cards will wreck them, or failing that, you can simply use the “Spy” card/“Medic” card combo to out-card them. You’ll secure the “Dandelion” card for defeating the third opponent, and it’s a worthy prize, indeed. It’s a 2 Strength close combat unit card that has the unique property of doubling the Strength of all other Close Combat Unit cards in the row… like a “Commander’s Horn” card. Sadly, the two don’t stack. It’s a fine boost to Monster and Scoia’tael decks, but honestly, considering how few non-hero close combat unit cards the Northern Kingdom and Nilfgaardian decks have, the “Dandelion” card might not be that useful in them. After all, unless you get two or three “Blue Stripes Commando” cards and no “Commander’s Horn” cards in your hand, do you really need the “Dandelion” card?

Objective Reward
For winning the Gwent tournament 50 XP

Get swept up in a romantic moment with Triss (left) then fight off a group of Witch Hunters who were looking for Albert (right).

Alberts Escape

If you wander around you’ll run into your old pal Morvran Voorhis, who will exchange pleasantries with you. Dijkstra can also be found lurking around, appropriately wearing a pig mask. Chat him up and he’ll reference some of the unfortunate incidents that seem to go hand-in-hand with him meeting Geralt at parties. Be sure to loot the tables for various foods and alcohol, if you’ve a mind to.

More importantly, however, you’ll find Ingrid Vegelbud to the north. Approach her to start a conversation. Triss will vouch for you and Ingrid will talk about her nitwit son and his father before giving some details on how this rescue will take place. When you’re done talking to her you’ll get three search areas. Head to the southern-most search area (which overlooks the lawn to the south) where you’ll find a group of party-goers… including your target. Your Witcher Senses won’t help you spot him out, but he can be spotted by noting his dark blue shirt, blonde hair, and, of course, his panther mask. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also babbling about alchemy. Real subtle there.

Talk to the idiot and you’ll find out that, yes, he really is an idiot. He’ll also give you a more definite time table and plan for when and where to sneak him out of the party. Once the plans are made, head back through the gate to the first area (where you were accosted by the drunk and met Moritz) then head south to a secluded spot, where Triss will ask to take a break and chat. Sit on the bench and, if you wish, you can flirt with Triss for a bit. As Triss talks it’ll become clear that she found a way to get herself drunk at some point. Wonderful. This is how mages end up burning on a pyre, Triss! Follow her south into the hedge maze (looting a chest near the middle while you’re in there) then proceed to the western end of the maze to find Triss. When you catch up with her, make a timed decision to kiss her or not, after which Albert shows up.

Geralt and Albert will switch masks and, after letting Triss and Albert leave first, Geralt will follow. When you’re back in control, leave the hedge. Along the way the woman in the bird mask will pester Geralt-as-Albert, but she’ll run off quickly enough when some Witch Hunters show up. Geralt isn’t about to blow his cover, nor is he keen on getting captured, so naturally fisticuffs ensues. This isn’t a prize-fight, though, don’t be afraid to use Signs to help you out. When they’ve been put down, exit the hedge maze and head north across the estate to reach the stables. After a scene the quest “A Matter of Life and Death” will end, and “Now or Never” begins.

Objective Reward
For fighting off the Witch Hunters 50 XP
For rescuing Albert Vegelbud 50 XP
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"Sometime later on while wandering Novigrad you’ll be pestered by two Guards (level ten)"

Find the well somwhere between Hieratch Square and Southern Gate and meditate for some days. Then walk around and you must activate the cutscene.

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"Sometime later on while wandering Novigrad you’ll be pestered by two Guards (level ten)"

Find the well somwhere between Hieratch Square and Southern Gate and meditate for some days. Then walk around and you must activate the cutscene.

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