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Fallout 4

Synth Retention

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
Le Fusil Terribles
U.S. Covert Operations Manual

Go talk to Father after meeting all of the division heads and he will ask you to help one of his Coursers track down a Synth. This particular Synth is the leader of a group of Raiders and Father wishes you to stop them. Agree and you will need to head out to meet the Courser. Head to “"Nahant Wharf" iconNahant Wharf” to find the Courser in question, "X6-88" iconX6-88. He likely has already killed the Raiders out front, so loot them and talk to him to get his help. He will let you take the lead and provide additional fire with his "Laser Rifle" iconLaser Rifle.

Your mission is to clear the flotilla in front of you and find the rebel Synth. Head south and you will discover “"Libertalia" iconLibertalia”, which is a huge collection of beat-up ships. Clear out their first line of defence (sniping works wonders, if you’ve got the right skills and weapons) and head over there on the narrow bridge (another reason to pick them off - they have a firing lane). There is a spotlight here you can shoot down as you get to “solid” ground. To the left is a prison area where you can pick a lock [Expert] for loot, including a safe [Advanced] inside.

Head up the steps here for an ammo box and height, allowing you to pick off more unsuspecting Raiders if you can. Head right now following the flotilla. You will come to a boat with steps going up - another good place to snipe from (you can take out a turret from here) and there is an Ammo Box up here as well. Stock up and continue right to another boat that has stairs going up. Again, snipe who you can. Past this is another boat that has two sets of stairs. This one is noteworthy as there is a lock [Advanced] on the boat door here to the cabin, so pick it and get some goodies.

Next up is a very large boat (multiple stories high). Kill whatever Raiders you find there that you haven’t picked off and head to it. The bottom area has a Duffel Bag in the kitchen and there are various boxes to find chems and meds in. Be sure you head up to the second floor though (on the east side) to find some wooden stairs leading further up. Follow this path to find a safe [Advanced]. You can’t go any further up however, so continue on south. The red ship up ahead has a Raider on it. The cabins here should be checked (both ends) for an Ammo Box and a First Aid Box before moving on. In the distance you can snipe some more to kill off the Raiders on the next ship (another Waster). As you head south you will also see a turret on the bow, so be ready for it.

Keep heading south and near the turret you can see a path going southwest. This path leads to a beach area with several Frag Mines on it, so go disarm them if you wish. The boat up ahead has a First Aid Box in the cabin and a cooking station nearby you can use, but note that X6-88 thinks you are trying to leave, so he will “wait for us”. Go get that stuff if you want and head back, continuing east. For the moment you should sneak for this section and not snipe anyone by the big boat (our destination). One of the Raiders over there has a "Fat Man" iconFat Man and the last thing you want is his attention. Loot the bodies here and head left, to another large floating platform with cages. Loot whatever you can here and continue north, which takes you to a skinny walkway you must cross.

You come to a path split here: left or right. Left takes you back to an area you’ve cleared, but if you haven’t yet (and if you are following this guide, you haven’t) head left and explore the boat here for goodies including a safe [Expert]. Nice. Head right now and kill any Raider that may be over here. The shack has a couple of ammo boxes in it and further in is a Weapons Crafting station and a button that allows you to use the transport to reach the main ship. Very nice.

Head over there and kill anyone who may spot you on your way over (which is likely someone, leading to a brawl; or you can wait awhile on the first floor to get them to call off the search for you). This first floor should have two Raiders in it and various goodies you can loot. Note that to the west you can find stairs leading down to a boat with a box if you want more goodies. Continue up a set of stairs to the second floor and kill two more Raiders. Loot what you wish and continue upwards to the third floor using the stairs to the west. Up here is another Raider, but take him out and then head to the north on the walkway overlooking this entire area. On the table over here you can find a U.S. Covert Operations Manual .

Head up to the fourth floor now (the stairs are near the ones you used to get to the third floor) and loot what you can. There are a lot of bedrooms here (and liquor), many, many short little pathways with boxes and random meds. You are now also able to access the “Captain’s Cabin” door, which is your objective. Go ahead and save and then enter. As you enter the cabin, X6-88 will give you Gabriel’s Reset Code, saying that you can use it to reset him (much like you may have done with the Courser during “"Hunter/Hunted" iconHunter/Hunted”) but violence may be unavoidable. After that, the first thing you should do in here is check out the shotgun on top of the yellow crate: “ Le Fusil Terribles “, which translates (from French) to “The Terrible Shotgun”.

The room on the left also has a Bobby Pin Box as well as a safe [Novice] in the corner. There is also Gabriel’s Terminal which you can read for some interesting history. Head to the right now (from the door) for a First Aid Box and a storage area. There is a locked Toolbox [Novice] here and a "Mini Nuke" iconMini Nuke on the floor. Loot what you can and take the ladder/hatch to head back to “The Commonwealth”, at which point Gabriel will automatically start talking to you. Here you can use the code-phrase right away, but afterward the Raiders to the left and right will attack. Gun them down and X6-88 will take the Synth Raider back to the Institute, leaving us to “Return to Father” for now.

Before you go, note the trunk to the north and the terminal and safe to the south. This terminal is a [Master] lock and the safe can only be opened by the terminal. It has absolutely terrible loot though, so if you can’t hack a [Master] terminal don’t worry too much. Go ahead and head back to the Institute once you are ready.

Talk to Father and he will be glad you are back. He wanted you to see what a rogue Synth can do - which is a good example, to be fair. He will then tell you he has prepared quarters for you. Go check them out now (they are near where you first entered the Institute at) and once you’ve seen them this quest will officially come to an end. Note that you can find ammo in your quarters (in a container, along with a pistol and rifle). X6-88 will also inform you to speak with Father. Doing so will start the next Institute quest, "The Battle of Bunker Hill" iconThe Battle of Bunker Hill .

Objective Reward
For recovering a dangerous rogue 236 XP
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