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Fallout 4

Visions in the Fog

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
The Sacred Elements
Note From Aton’s Shrine
Mother Icon
Robes of Atom’s Devoted

Joining Atoms Faithful

Drink from a glowing spring, huh? Sounds… deadly, but you’ve little choice if you want to join the Children of Atom, or fake the same. The spring they want you to drink from is located slightly to the northwest, not too far away. You can take a right from the guards and take a little swim to get there, or use a shabby bridge to cross the water. Either way, you’ll catch some RADS and have to fight some Gulpers on the way. Once you arrive at the destination do you will discover “Atom’s Spring”.

Atoms Spring

Before you drink from the spring, heal up your radiation and health, as you’re about to go on a little trip. You won’t be taking any damage for a bit, but Rads are still bad for you. Drink from the spring once you are ready and you’ll see a figure above you. Head to your left to get up to her and start to follow her. She will take you on quite a wild ride. Just follow her for now: the animals and enemies you see won’t hurt you. Do your best to avoid the RADS though, as she does take you past some barrels of radiation. Soon the ride and whispers will stop, and the shadow will point you to a building to the south telling you to investigate it.

Children of Atom Shrine

Heal up once again as you’ll have to worry about fighting once more. Head down to the building and discover the “Children of Atom Shrine”. Head to the right and out on the street area you’ll need to take down several Ghouls, many of which are leveled. Still, leveled or not, Ghouls shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Wipe out the ghouls and once they are all dead enter the nearby building. On the metal shelf on the right you can find the “The Sacred Elements” . Go ahead and read it (no need to take it if you don’t want). Nearby is a terminal, but you can’t hack it as it requires a password. Has to be a clue somewhere. The text you read mentioned “Elements” which is our clue: to the left of the terminal is the table of elements. To the left of that is “Scrawled Text”, so examine that to see the words “Mother”. Yep, that is your password. Go ahead and enter it into the terminal and open the door. Inside is the “ Note From Atom’s Shrine“ you can read as well as the “Mother Icon” you can take. Do so.

That is all you needed to do here. From here just fast travel back to “The Nucleus” and talk to the Grand Zealot. Show him the icon and he will be more than impressed. You can ask questions about your experience here if you wish but agree to join the cult and he will let you in, giving you access to The Nucleus and the “Robes of Atom’s Devoted” . Wear them if you want to look the part… although one has to wonder why Children of Atom garments would have radiation resistance on them? Heresy!

With that this quest will become complete and you can continue on with the main quest “Best Left Forgotten”. You also unlock the “What Atom Requires” mission, which like “Acadian Ideals” and “Living on the Edge” tasks you with helping out various members of the current faction. You know how this tends to work; side quests first, then main quests. In this case, the “What Atom Requires” quest (and related quests) will be covered below, after which the main story will continue. If you can’t be bothered to pursue all the content in the DLC, however, feel free to skip ahead to the “Best Left Forgotten (DiMA’s Memories)” section.

Objective Reward
For having a holy vision 520 XP, Robes of Atom’s Devoted
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