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Fallout 4

Lexington Overview

Nathan Garvin

An overview for the exploration of the "Lexington" iconLexington region in Fallout 4, including covered quests, map markers, subareas and enemies.

After you finish exploring around Sanctuary you’ll hopefully have established a few settlements, gained some levels and gear, and generally just be more prepared for further expansion outside of the relatively tame Sanctuary area. makes a fine followup, as it’s adjacent to areas you’ve already explored - the settlement of Starlight Drive-In is just northwest of Lexington, and Lexington doesn’t entail a significant jump in difficulty. You’ll also likely be tasked with clearing out the Corvega Assembly Plant during ["The First Step" iconThe First Step], an early quest in the Minuteman questline. Clearing out Lexington will also put you on the edge of Cambridge, to the southeast, which in turn will put you in striking distance of ["Diamond City" iconDiamond City] and allow you to start other quest lines, like the [Brotherhood of Steel].

The Lexington area is is much smaller than the wilderness around - and including - Sanctuary and Concord, consisting of Mystic Pines to the north, Super Duper Mart to the northwest, Corvega Assembly Plant to the southwest and Lexington Apartments right in the middle, the latter of which arguably isn’t really distinct from the rest of Lexington, which otherwise includes several subareas, including a Pharmacy, a Parking Garage, Slocum Joe’s Basement and a Laundromat.

You’ll find Raiders, Feral Ghouls and, later on, a Behemoth in Lexington - be careful not to get caught in the crossfire.

Lexington is largely populated by Raiders and Feral Ghouls, with a few turrets to reinforce the former. Fortunately the two do not get along, and a number of conflicts - especially near the Lexington Apartments - are inevitable. Generally the Raiders occupy the eastern fringes of Lexington and operate out of the Corvega Assembly Plant, while the Feral Ghouls occupy various ruined buildings throughout the city, and infest Super Duper Mart with little local opposition. Most of the Feral Ghouls can be found playing possum, only rising when provoked, or when prey enters their feeding ground.

This precarious balance is complicated somewhat when you reach higher levels, as at this point a Behemoth will start spawning in the clearing near Super Duper Mart right near the Lexington map marker. Behemoths are nasty foes on their own, but Lexington provides plenty of cover and high ground you can use to cheese this brute, but the real danger is how the massive mutant stirs up the Raiders and Ghouls in the area, whose interactions are otherwise mostly located around Lexington Apartments. Both, however, will attack the Behemoth, including a power armor wearing Raider armed with a "Fat Man" iconFat Man who dwells on a bridge between two buildings near the top of Lexington Apartments. Let’s just say that having to deal with hordes of ornery Ghouls, Raiders armed with man-portable "Mini Nuke" iconMini Nukes who don’t particularly care about collateral damage, and a Behemoth can make Lexington somewhat more hectic.

The map markers covered in the Lexington section of the guide include:

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