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Fallout 4

The Secret of Cabot House

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
"Charisma Bobblehead" iconCharisma Bobblehead
"Lorenzo's Artifact Gun" iconLorenzo’s Artifact Gun
Lorenzo’s Suit
Massachusetts Surgical Journal
"Zeta Gun" iconZeta Gun

Parsons State Administration

You can now follow Jack to the asylum if you want to hear him talk a bit during the long, long trek, or you can just fast-travel there. Once both of you reach the asylum Jack will comment on the efficacy of Edward’s guards. Loot the guards and the dead Raiders if you wish, then head into the asylum, where Jack will investigate the quick route, only to find that it’s been chained. Looks like you have to take the long way.

Head north-east into a hallway and waste the Raiders here and in the room to the north-west, where you can find a First Aid Box. Continue north-east up some stairs and be wary, as you’ll likely encounter your first Berserk Raider, who have indeed been using the serum. This makes them stronger in melee and more aggressive, but by now you should be able to win the range war against them before they get too close and start throwing you around.

Clear the Raiders out at the top of the stairs and search a room [Advanced] to the north-west, wherein you can find a wall Safe [Expert]. Loot and leave, following Jack through a doorway to the south-west, through a room with lockers in it, and into a room occupied by Radroaches and crates. Kill the crates… or was it the Radroaches? Whatever, shoot which seems the most threatening (kudos to everybody who shoots a crate because of this) then keep chasing Jack down several flights of stairs and through and office, where Jack will reunite with Eddie. After Jack shows a remarkable lack of sympathy you’ll be able question him about what the big deal with Lorenzo is. Before you follow Jack any further, be sure to grab the "Charisma Bobblehead" iconCharisma Bobblehead off the desk in here. Also be sure to check his terminal to find out more about patients in the asylum, past and present (although mostly past).

When you’re done snooping and looting, follow Jack back into the previous office, then north-west down a hallway to reach the chained door leading back to the lobby. He’ll unlock the doors to the east leading to the garden where numerous Raiders await, on the ground and on some scaffolding. Waste them, then head up the scaffolding, through a hole in the wall, then through a door leading to "Parsons State Insane Asylum" iconParsons State Insane Asylum… the part where the actual crazies dwelt.

Parsons State Insane Asylum

Make your way west, then turn north to find a room with several Raiders inside, including another Berserker. Once they’re dead, backtrack south and loot a room [Advanced], where you’ll find plenty of chems, beds, and five creepy monkey dolls that will look at you in unison. Spooky. Return north to the ruins of the cafeteria and head down a ramp to the east. Follow Jack west, then south into a room with a few more Raiders in it. Fight your way east, through a hole in the wall, the down a ventilation shaft to reach the isolation chambers.

Loot them as you head west, one has a First Aid Box and some chems and another has a Suitcase [Novice]. You may have to run over a Raider or two on your way west, but that’s not going to cause anybody to lose any sleep. Loot the last room to the south to find a Syringer Rifle, then go down a hole in the floor to the north. Head through an office and into a hallway to find a few more Raiders, then loot the cell to the east to find some chems. Once done, head to the western-most room to the south to find a floor Safe [Advanced], then finally follow Jack down the elevator to reach the basement.

Parsons State Basement

Once you reach the basement follow Jack south into a rough stone chamber, then east through a doorway into a control room. Here Lorenzo will talk to Jack, after which Jack will saddle you with the dangerous job of exterminating the Raiders before Lorenzo escapes. Head north through a doorway and follow the hallway beyond until you reach the interior containment area, where you’ll need to kill three more Raiders - including their leader, Lefty (who has several doses of serum on him). After they’re dead, Lorenzo and Jack will compete for your attention, and your loyalty, and you’ll have several options. You can side with Lorenzo or you can side with Jack. The former will get you an endless supply of Serum: virtual immortality, while the latter will get you a unique weapon.

Freeing Lorenzo

Push the button near the door to Lorenzo’s cell to let him out, after which Jack will flee. Lorenzo will tell you to meet him at "Cabot House" iconCabot House, where he wants to exterminate the family that’s leeched off of him while keeping him contains for so long. But first, search his cell for a Massachusetts Surgical Journal . Once done, follow him to a sealed containment door, which he problems blasts open. Now you need to just leave the asylum via a convenient elevator which randomly decided to function. Oh well. Don’t look a gift shortcut in the mouth.

Return to Cabot House, or rather, near Cabot House, as the Sentry Bot outside is now hostile. No sense in spawning next to an angry robot with big guns and a bad attitude. Once you enter the house Jack will confront you, demanding answers. If you say “I was right” Eddie will want to know more about this Lorenzo business, and you’ll get a chance to pass one of two moderate speech checks to cause minor dissension. If you say “I was wrong” Eddie will stand up for you and you’ll get to pass one of two easy speech checks with Jack. If you say “Don’t know who to believe” Eddie, who got bested by some Raiders (but recovered just in time to do no work!) will threaten you.

Whatever you say, Lorenzo will show up and distract everyone, after which he’ll attack. You can now follow through with Lorenzo’s desires by killing the Cabot family, provided you didn’t make up with the Cabots by passing a speech check (see below for that option). They’re push-overs, Eddie being the only one capable of putting up any real fight. Once they’re done, Lorenzo will talk to you and make good on his promise. He’ll give you one serum, so long as you don’t sell, trade or store what he gave you. If you don’t, you’ll basically be able to keep one serum in your inventory at all times, provided you don’t mind returning to Cabot House to get more. You can also loot Lorenzo for his "Zeta Gun" iconZeta Gun and “Cabot’s Lab Coat” .

Objective Reward
For killing the Cabot family 390 XP

On the other hand, if you freed Lorenzo, then made up with the Cabots at their house afterwards, you’ll have to fight Lorenzo when he shows up. He’s can sustain a lot of damage and blast you with telekinesis, but he typically does relatively little damage. Once he falls, talk to Jack, who will properly reward you for doing the right thing… eventually. He’ll also tell you to come back in a week, at which time he may have made use of his father’s artifact. First, however, loot Lorenzo for “Lorenzo’s Suit” , then return a week later to get "Lorenzo's Artifact Gun" iconLorenzo’s Artifact Gun .

Objective Reward
For killing Lorenzo… eventually 390 XP 510 Caps

Killing Lorenzo

If you want to side with Jack and stay loyal, just flip the four Circuit Breakers to flood Lorenzo’s cell with zeta radiation, whatever that is. After he finally expires, enter his room and loot it for a Massachusetts Surgical Journal , then loot Lorenzo for “Lorenzo’s Suit”, after which you’ll need to talk to Jack, who has his doubts. Poor guy. He’ll reward you, then tell you to meet him in a week. After a week has passed, he’ll have tinkered with his father’s artifact enough to craft “Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun” for you.

Objective Reward
For killing Lorenzo 390 XP 510 Caps
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