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Fallout 4

Covenant (Area)

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for the Covenant area in Fallout 4. For settlement details, check out the Covenant (Settlement) page.

Covenant, seen from the west.

Covenant is located along the eastern bank of Mystic Lake (not named in-game), across the lake (almost due east) from the Mystic Pines area. You can get there from the aforementioned Mystic Pines by just following the edge of the lake north, east, then south, or you can simply head southeast from the Rotten Landfill.

As an area, Covenant is initially dedicated to the quest Human Error, although you can develop it as a settlement once you complete said quest one way or another. The quest will be covered on its own page immediately after this one, while its merits as a settlement will be discussed further down on this page.

(1 of 2) Succeed at some dialog checks when talking to Swanson to gain some intel,

Succeed at some dialog checks when talking to Swanson to gain some intel, (left), then take the SAFE test and answer however you wish. (right)

The SAFE Test

That said, you technically don’t have to engage in the quest Human Error to explore Covenant. Approach the front gates and you’ll find a man named Swanson sitting around, waiting for prospective entrants. Talk to him and express an interest in entering and he’ll tell you that you need to take an entrance test - the SAFE test. You can prod him for more information by succeeding at two successive moderate difficulty dialog checks by picking the options “SAFE?” and “Undesirable people?” when they pop up, if you want some extra XP, but this doesn’t really affect the test or the upcoming quest in any fashion.

Speaking of the test, take the SAFE test by sitting down near Swanson’s table and answer the questions however you wish - there are indeed no wrong answers. Once you’ve gone through this odd test you’ll be granted access to Covenant.

You can buy the legendary Combat Shotgun, “Justice”, from Penny Fitzgerald.

Once you’re inside you can peruse Penny Fitzgerald’s wares (she sells the legendary combat shotgun, Justice) and get healed by Doctor Patricia, who also sells medical supplies - mostly chems and junk. There are plenty of other settlers to talk to, but most them are really only there to feed you clues for Human Error.

Since you won’t be on good terms with Covenant during your first visit, taking almost anything will be considered stealing, save for the items in a guest house (a yellow house in the northeastern corner of the settlement) and a few odds and ends lying around. You can find an Overdue Book in a toilet behind Penny Fitzgerald’s shop, but otherwise the loot you can find here isn’t exceptional. You can, however, pester a Mr. Handy named Deezer for some Deezer’s Lemonade, which will not only aid you in the upcoming quest, Human Error, but it actually has restorative properties, as well.

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