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Fallout 4

From Quincy to Spectacle Island

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
"Agility Bobblehead" iconAgility Bobblehead
"Endurance Bobblehead" iconEndurance Bobblehead
Hot Rodder
"Luck Bobblehead" iconLuck Bobblehead
Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor
Tesla Science
"Unarmed Bobblehead" iconUnarmed Bobblehead
Zeke’s Jacket and Jeans

Poseidon Energy (Exterior)

Before worrying about getting into the building proper, let’s clear out the Raiders on the catwalk first. You can sneak up on them if you try, but to get up on the catwalk move around to the north where you will find a way up. Head up there and kill off all the Raiders and their turret. There is a trailer on top of the roof as well with a Chem Box and a Duffle Bag.

Now, to actually get into the building you either have to pick a [Master] lock door or do some swimming. On the roof there is a [Master] door lock but there is also a second [Master] door lock down on the ground, on the west side of the factory. While you likely have the skills, let’s cater to the lowest common denominator once again and explore the alternate way to get inside. Head to the south-eastern side of the factory to find some water you can enter by the pipes. Do a bit of swimming into the left pipe and you will enter the “"Poseidon Energy" iconPoseidon Energy Sublevels”.

Poseidon Energy Sublevels

There are quite a few "Mirelurk" iconMirelurks in this areas coming up, just so you know. Head inward and past the break on the right to find a dead Raider in the pipes with a Duffle Bag. Submerge again to come out to a room, jumping out of the water to a catwalk. Go explore the northern room from here and kill the Mirelurk, then head south-west into the hallway. Kill another Mirelurk in the hallway and enter the south-west room where you can find a Mirelurk nest and two First Aid Boxes. Continue on the hallway now to another larger submerged room where two more Mirelurks pop up. There is also a laser turret up above that may try to target you through the catwalk. Just ignore it for now (it is hard to hit remotely) as you’ll get to it soon. There is another Mirelurk Nest in the corner and the room here has two Toolboxes you can loot.

Continue to the north-west to another room (no point in taking a dip in the water here) to find a [Novice] terminal you can hack that opens the door leading upwards. Note that there is another [Novice] terminal on the other side you can hack as well. Kill the laser turret and Protectron up here and then loot the room for various junk and a first-aid kit. Continue to the northeast now to another room with a Laser Turret on the ceiling. Take it out and beyond the short room you can kill a Mirelurk down below from the catwalks up above (if you do fall down there, you will need to take a swim to the south-west under the water through a room to the area near the terminal you used earlier to get out). Continue to the northeast to another room with a laser turret and a Protectron and after taking them out note the cubicles here. The southeast cubicle actually has a closet by it with a [Novice] safe inside. Pick it and continue to the door leading to the “Poseidon Energy” proper.

Poseidon Energy (Interior)

Up here, check the northwest corner (just to the right up the stairs) for a [Novice] safe. The door to the southwest is one of the [Master] locked doors that leads back to The Commonwealth, in cases you were wondering where it lead to. Head north now to a Security Terminal with a [Novice] lock and use it to open the security door. Shoot the Laser Turret that shows up on the ceiling and head north-east and take out the Protectron. This wide-open area is home to a number of Raiders, but you have to reach them first. Many of them are up above us, so it is best to be sneaky in this area if you can. Continue forward to a hallway and take out the Laser Turret at the path split. The left room is a bathroom with a First Aid Box, so continue on and take out the Protectron in the next room. There are frag mines leading out into the next area, so be careful of them.

Out here you can stealthily take out the patrolling Protectron up ahead and the turret to the left. Sneak to the next room to the southwest (taking out the Frag Mines along the way - note there is various junk to the southeast if you want to explore a bit) and you’ll find a break room. Take out the Laser Turret in the room and pick the [Novice] door lock. Follow the hallway and disarm the can trap. There is a scattered laser rifle on the wall to the left and another Frag Mine guarding the stairs up ahead. They are being very careful here, aren’t they!? Head up the stairs and check the first room for chems (there are no enemies here). Continue onward and follow the path to the next room.

Check the north room here really quick for a First Aid Box and then get ready to fight (read: quicksave!). To the south there is a turret set up in the hallway you can get away with sniping if you wish, although that will attract some attention and an Attack Dog may come after you no matter what. Either way, you want to wipe out the enemies to the south, which include a named Raider named “Cutty”. Cutty is in Power Armor and has several Raiders serving as reinforcements so kill them off with some sneak attacks if you can (to make things easier) and be sure to loot Cutty for the “Poseidon Energy Key”. The room to the south also has some very note-able loot, including a desk with the "Endurance Bobblehead" iconEndurance Bobblehead and a copy of Tesla Science . There is a Steamer Trunk here as well as a First Aid Box and some Ammo Boxes in the corners.

Head further in to the south (grab another ammo box) and be ready for another Raider to kill. The south exit leads up to the roof (where you can find some more junk) and the north path leads to two more Raiders. From here you can head north-east to a “chem room” you can loot (and use the chem station if you want) but head back and go southwest to the roof access. This is the other [Master] lock from earlier that you could have used (if you are able) and leads out to the roof. You are officially done with this area now, so use whatever exit you wish and head back outside now so you can continue your journey. Next up is the location to the north, with the “junk yard” icon. As you get near, you will discover the “"Atom Cats Garage" iconAtom Cats Garage”.

Atom Cats Garage

Unlike most of the places you’ve explored recently, this is actually a friendly area! Whew! The Atom Cats are actually a small family of sorts, and emulate the “Greaser Culture” before the bombs fell. They have a thing for Power Armor and will often be walking around in it. Note-ably, you can talk to the woman here, Rowdy, who will sell you mostly Power Armor related items, including parts and mods. You might want to refrain from purchasing anything yet, however, as you’ll be able to get some better prices shortly. Still, it can’t hurt to talk to Rowdy and introduce yourself.

Head inside the Red Rocket Station and in the back are some bedrooms. Inside one of them you can find the “Cats Poetry Night Tape 3” on a table, which is… a bit awkward. Head east out to the garage now and, on the left side of the garage you can find the "Unarmed Bobblehead" iconUnarmed Bobblehead on top of the car! Awesome! Head to the right now and by the radio is “Cats Poetry Night Tape 2”. You will likely meet Zeke here, who is the leader of the Atom Cats. He will ask you if you want to join. Say yes here and he’ll task you with talking to Rowdy for an initiation quest. You can also find Bluejay here, who is their general trader and will buy and sell junk. Head east out to the trailer now. This is Zeke’s trailer and to the right you can find the “Cats Poetry Night Tape 1” and an issue of Hot Rodder . There is a [Novice] terminal in here as well as a Safe.

Go talk to Rowdy now and tell her you are here to help. She will end up giving you the “Warwick Pump Part” and tells you to head to the nearby “"Warwick Homestead" iconWarwick Homestead” and install it for them. This leads right to your next destination, which is good timing, indeed. Time to head out to the “Warwick Homestead” now. There’s a couple ways you can get there: either going for a swim or walking around the water to the homestead… or you can just pop a "Rad-X" iconRad-X and take a quick swim to the east to get there quickly.

Warwick Homestead

This plantation is a small place that is built next to an old sewer pump. Just be thankful you can’t smell what you are playing. Head to the south-west corner of this area (outside the fence) to find the pump house. Enter and put in the “Warwick Pump Part” to complete your task for the Atom Cats. Be sure you go talk to June Warwick afterward to let her know (she’ll give you some "Mirelurk Cake" iconMirelurk Cakes).

While you’re here, talk to Roger and he’ll tell you about about the soil’s fertility due to some ah… special human byproducts. He’ll also babble about Super Mutants, and if you stand up for the Minutemen, he’ll ask you to kill those filthy greenskins before they can come back and ruin their crops again. This starts the quest “Warwick Homestead: Greenskins” , which tasks you with clearing out the Super Mutants at a random location occupied ("Wilson Atomatoys Factory" iconWilson Atomatoys Factory, "Gwinnett Brewery" iconGwinnett Brewery, etc.) You can go back and complete this at your leisure, if you care to claim this settlement.

Objective Reward
For exterminate the greenskins 354 XP 104 Caps

Before you go back to the Atom Cats however, let’s head south to check out the ship landmark, which will turn into the “"Wreck of the FMS Northern Star" iconWreck of the FMS Northern Star” location.

Wreck of the FMS Northern Star

Navigating this wreck is a bit linear, but very much worth it. From the north you’ll be able to get into the bottom of the ship easily, but head right near the bow to find a "Fusion Core" iconFusion Core. Head east now and kill the Mirelurks you find, sticking to the left side as you follow the path through and past the containers. You’ll come to a ramp leading to the top of the ship, where you can head up to the desk. Up here, snipe a turret and head up the stairs nearby to find an [Expert] terminal that you can hack that controls the lights and turrets. Leave it and approach the wall, finding the gate on the right that you can unlock. Further up here are a bunch of Raiders you can take out, led by a named Raider named “Rags”. Take them all out using the containers as cover.

Once the Raiders are dead, head back to the gate you entered and head west on the right-side to a table. This table has a copy of the Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor skill magazine on it, which will help your wallet when dealing with merchants. Continue forwards and head under the stairs where you will find a toilet with a stealth boy nearby. Go up the stairs now where you can find another [Expert] terminal that controls the turrets and lights again. Grab the "Mini Nuke" iconMini Nuke on the yellow crate and loot the steamer trunk. Now for the real big prize: head out onto the bow of the ship where you will find the "Agility Bobblehead" iconAgility Bobblehead , balancing out on the bow! Score!

At this point, be sure to save and then jump into the lifeboat nearby (a bad jump here is death, thus the save). Hit the button here and you can be lowered down safely to the ground. A neat way to get up and down. You should head back to Atom Cats now, so go ahead and fast travel there.

Atom Cats Garage, Continued

Talk to Rowdy here to let her know you are done, then go talk to Zeke. As you are talking to Zeke, some Gunners will attack! Bah, time to help fend them off (Zeke was in power armor for a reason, it seems)! Head out with Zeke and fight them off, which is fairly easy as you can get the jump on them one by one easily as they focus on the Atom Cats. Once you kill them off you will officially join the Atom Cats, and Zeke will give a copy of his clothing “Zeke’s Jacket and Jeans” as well as a discount at the store here. If you want to buy anything here, now is the time.

Objective Reward
For helping the Atom Cats fight off the Gunners 177 XP

Well, it is time to continue on with your exploration. The next location you are going to explore is to the north-east, but it is easier to get there if you start at the Warwick Homestead. This next part involves swimming to the island to the north-east, so if you have some Rad-X or a Hazmat Suit it is time to put it on and get to swimming! Soon you will make landfall and discover “"Spectacle Island" iconSpectacle Island”. Note that you will also have to kill (or will likely have to kill) some Mirelurks as soon as you land (be switch back to your armor!).

Spectacle Island

Swim your way to Spectacle Island, which is south-east of The Castle. You’ll catch a bit of RADS swimming there, but the real threat are the Mirelurks that guard the perimeter of the island. Once you fight (or sneak) your way to dry land, note the ruined houses on the northern half of the island. More interestingly, however, on the southern end of Spectacle Island you’ll find a boat, half-sunken into the muck. On this boat, in the engine room, you can find a First Aid Box and a "Fat Man" iconFat Man. Make your way upstairs and into a covered part of the ship, where you can find a Steamer Trunk and the "Luck Bobblehead" iconLuck Bobblehead , the latter of which is in a locker near the Steamer Trunk.

All this loot is obviously fantastic, but the Fat Man may have more immediate value than it seems at first. Head down to the engine room again and turn east to find a Circuit Breaker Lid above a blue console. Activate it and leave the boat, but be cautious, as a "Mirelurk Queen" iconMirelurk Queen will pop out of the ground nearby, joined by a Mirelurk Hunter. Now is a fine time to cash in any critical hits, and perhaps shoot a Mini Nuke at her. Once she’s dead, follow the electrical wires away from the boat, uphill, and to a metal shack, where you’ll find a Workshop and another circuit, which, when activated, will cause the hordes of Mirelurks occupying this island to flee. Gun them down and claim your new settlement, which is massive, encompassing the entirety of Spectacle Island. Enjoy.

When you’re done playing around with your new island settlement, it’s time to move on, working your way up north. A good place to start is "Bunker Hill" iconBunker Hill, where the quest "Boston After Dark" iconBoston After Dark takes place.

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