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Fallout 4

Bunker Hill

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for the Bunker Hill area in Fallout 4.

Bunker Hill is a civilized location and potentially settlement along the eastern end of the Cambridge region, west of the [USS Constitution], southeast of the BADTFL Regional Office, or north (across the river from) [Cabot House]. The area is a walled settlement build up around the Bunker Hill obelisk, which can be seen from a great distance away.

Approach from the south to enter via the main gates and you’ll be pestered by a woman named Kessler, who asks about your disposition. Tell her what you want and she’ll let you in without too much fuss.

Bunker Hill, seen from above and south.

Exploring Bunker Hill

Important Items in This Area
Live & Love

Bunker Hill is the hub of trade in the Commonwealth, a town founded by and for the caravans that prowl the land. While it has guns and walls to keep it safe, it’s real bastion is commerce, bribing nearby Raiders to keep them at bay. The Super Mutants in the ruined skyscraper nearby might not be so easy to bribe, but that’s not your problem.

(1 of 4) Edward will try to offer you a job, starting the quest “Special Delivery”.

Below are points of interest in Bunker Hill:

  • Edgar Deegan: A ghoul who will proposition you about a job. Succeed at a moderate dialog check to haggle. This starts the quest [Special Delivery], which the guide won’t bother with for quite a while.

  • In a shack in the southwestern corner of Bunker Hill you’ll find Kessler’s Terminal, which contains dossiers about nearby Raider leaders.

  • Kay: A doctor, she’ll sell you medical supplies and heal you up.

  • Meg: Kay’s daughter, she’ll try to score some Caps from you in exchange for a tour. Succeed at a hard dialog check and you’ll get the tour - half hearted and brief as it is - for free.

  • Joe and Tony Savoldi: Proprietors of the bar and flophouse, respectively. They’re arguing over the Railroad, and talking to them can provide some background information about the Railroad, the Institute and synths. If you ask Joe about a job, he’ll ask you to look for clues regarding his Minuteman ancestor, Blake Salvodi.

  • Ascend the obelisk at the heart of Bunker Hill and you’ll find a copy of Live & Love on a table.

  • You can find the Join the Railroad holotape on a counter in the southwestern corner of the bazaar (see below).

  • Behind the same counter in the garage you can find a trapdoor leading to the Utility Basement. This is inaccessible until the quest [The Battle of Bunker Hill].

In the center of the Bunker Hill area, behind the obelisk, you’ll find some ruins that have been repurposed into a bazaar for the caravaneers. Most of the time, the caravans will be on the road, so the place can get a bit empty, but if you wait long enough, every major caravaneer in the Commonwealth should show up here. They don’t really offer anything unique here, so interacting with them at Bunker Hill isn’t any more interesting than finding them anywhere else in the Commonwealth.

You can, however, find two individuals who will reliably haunt this bazaar: Old Man Stockton, who is involved with the quest Human Error and numerous Minuteman radiant quests, and Deb.

(1 of 2) Deb will ask you to clear out the National Guard Training Ground.

Deb will ask you to clear out the National Guard Training Ground. (left), After building up a reputation by working for Deb, talk to Kessler and she’ll ask you to deal with Kessler and his gang. (right)

Deb’s Request: Clear the Training Yard

Talk to Deb and ask for a job and she’ll give you a quest tasking you with clearing out the [National Guard Training Yard]. You can attempt three successive dialog checks to up the price, and if you already killed the Ghouls in the area (even if they have since respawned) you can simply turn the quest in now. This will deprive you of the extra Caps you haggled for, but you’ll still gain 150 Caps and XP, so it really doesn’t affect anything.

Kessler’s Request: Kill Zeller

After you complete Deb’s quest, you can talk to Kessler and, due to your newfound reputation for solving Bunker Hill’s problems, she’ll offer you a job. One of the local Raiders, Zeller, is refusing to play ball, and threats that can’t be bribed must be dealt with in a more permanent manner. That’s where you come in, and she wants you to keep the involvement of Bunker Hill hush-hush. In addition to “Kill Zeller” you’ll be tasked with the objective “Rescue any caravan survivors”, both of which require you to travel to [East Boston Preparatory School].

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