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Fallout 4

Old North Church

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for the Old North Church area in Fallout 4.

The Freedom Trail will lead you to the Old North Church.

The Old North Church area is located along the northeastern end of Boston, in the North End district. It can be found southeast from the [Pickman Gallery] area, or, if you head south from Bunker Hill and cross a bridge, you’ll find the Old North Church to the southeast.

On its own, the Old North Church isn’t a very interesting area. It’s infested with several Ghouls (especially in the catacombs - one of them may be fairly leveled) and there’s scarce loot. You shouldn’t expect much more than a First Aid Box and some scrap. It is, however, the end point of the Freedom Trail, and your ultimate objective for the quest Road to Freedom. If you want to join the Railroad, you’ll end up at the Old North Church eventually, which is the one thing that keeps this area from being completely forgettable.

The Old North Church houses several Ghouls, possibly including leveled specimens.

Exploring the Old North Church

Approach from the west and you’ll find a white door beyond a statue and a Freedom Trail mural, which is the sole entrance to the Old North Church. Enter and you’ll find yourself in a small, back room. Make your way west into the chapel proper, kill any Ghouls that rise to oppose you, turn right and go through a doorway to the east, under a collapsed balcony.

Loot a First Aid Box on the wall, continue east through another doorway, then head down some stairs to the left and keep descending until you reach the catacombs. Work your way through the rough brick tunnels, putting down the odd Ghoul that tries to ambush you (this may include a highly leveled specimen, so be wary). At the end of the catacombs you’ll find a Freedom Trail wall mural rubg.

(1 of 2) Use the codes found on the murals along the Freedom Trail to solve the puzzle in the Old North Church.

Use the codes found on the murals along the Freedom Trail to solve the puzzle in the Old North Church. (left), After solving the Old North Church puzzle you’ll enc0unter the Railroad. (right)

Freedom Trail Puzzle

On the ring are the words “THE FREEDOM TRAIL - BOSTON”, and if you aim at the edges of the ring you’ll be prompted to spin the word ring counterclockwise (left) and clockwise (right), while selecting the center of the ring will confirm whatever letter the red arrow on the ring is pointing at. Select the letters to spell out the code and you’ll cause a section of the wall to the left to open up. The code, of course, was found on the numerous murals you found along the Freedom Trail:

Number Letter
1 R
2 A
3 I
4 L
5 R
6 O
7 A
8 D

Spell out the word “RAILROAD” using only the words “FREEDOM TRAIL” on the ring mural and the wall to the left will open up. Pass through the opening and you’ll be confronted by Desdemona and some goons. Say what you will - you can attempt a hard dialog check to lie, but it doesn’t really matter what you say as long as you express a willingness to lay your life on the line for synths. This will complete the quest Road to Freedom, even if you haven’t started it yet.

The Railroad questline continues with the quest Tradecraft, and if you want access to the [Railroad HQ] you’ll need to complete said quest.

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