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Fallout 4

Cleansing the Land/The Way Life Should Be/Reformation

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area .
Lucky Eddy Sister Gwyneth’s Visit
Atom’s Bulwark An Execution
Worn Key Martin’s New Age
Acadia’s Shield High Confessor’s Helm
What Atom Requires High Confessor’s Robes
A New Path

So, now you’ve uprooted all of DiMA’s dirty little secrets, and it doesn’t look good. He apparently killed - and replaced - Captain Avery some time ago to facilitate his little Synth utopia, proving he’s not quite the “live and let live” omni-benevolant sort he pretends to be. Maybe the Brotherhood is right about the threat these things pose, after all? The Citizens of Far Harbor won’t like this news, and the Children of Atom already don’t like the Acadians for giving the aforementioned Harbormen those Fog Condensers. The Children of Atom are also sitting atop a pre-war weapon with plenty of nuclear missiles on-board, which you now possess the key to. One must suspect those crazies would want that key for all the wrong reasons. By comparison, the Harbormen seem like the most benign faction out there. Sure, they killed a Child of Atom preacher, but if a bunch of jerks kept celebrating your imminent demise, you might be angry, too. Especially if you suspected they might be the cause. Who to side with? Well, the options are below.

Option #1 - Dealing with Acadia

You know by now what DiMA has done with Captain Avery. There’s two ways you can make Acadia pay. The first is to head to Acadia and confront DiMA about what he has done. SAVE before doing so. Once you talk to him, he’ll ask you to keep things secret but you can tell him to turn himself in if you wish. You will need to pass one of two hard speech checks, but if you do he will agree with you and head to Far Harbor.

From here you can fast travel to Far Harbor to watch the proceedings. Here, one of two things can happen. Allen Lee will of course call for the destruction of Acadia. You can tell him to shut up or that they are innocent if you can pass a moderate or hard speech check respectively. Either way, the residents of Far Harbor will defend your cause if you helped them with their various side quests earlier, or if not, they’ll let their xenophobia get the better of them and reject your cause in favor of vengeance against Acadia. Either way, DiMa will pay for his crimes and the quest “Close to Home” will start.

Objective Reward
For bringing DiMA to justice in Far Harbor 781 XP

Or you could of course side with Allen. Doing this will launch an attack against Acadia after they execute DiMA (and the general store owner, who gets shot down in seconds no matter what you do), and you will get the quest objective to “Watch or participate in the attack on Acadia”. Fast travel there at this time to see a good number of townsfolk ready for an attack. Talk to Allen and then the attack will commence.

This turns everyone in the place hostile against you, so you may as well help destroy everyone. This is fairly easy as most of the Synth Refugees are very low level. This DOES include Kasumi by the way, so you will need to kill her… oops! At the end of the attack Acadia will be no more (which means no more meddling with the island). You will also be given the unique weapon “Lucky Eddy” from Allen and a bottle cap reward, as well as the unique perk: “Destroyer of Arcadia”, which states: “When severely damaged, you’ll receive a massive bonus to your damage output for 30 seconds!”

You also get the “Close to Home” quest popping up after the destruction is complete.

Objective Reward
For helping Far Harbor eradicate Acadia 781 XP, 2,200 Caps, Lucky Eddy, Destroyer of Acadia
Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Way Life Should Be

Complete the quest "The Way Life Should Be".

Trophy icon

There are a few others ways to get Acadia attacked of course. You COULD start out by approaching Far Harbor with the news that Avery is a Synth. You can tell Captain Avery directly if you wish, getting some moderate and easy speech checks here to get Avery to believe you. Note-ably you can also approach Allen Lee yourself. You’ll have to provide proof of course (good to know he’s not FULLY crazy), and that involves taking Avery’s Skull to Teddy to have him examine it. You can then lie about the evidence to Allen or let him see it. There’s some hard speech checks here as well, but if you wanted this path can lead to Allen calling the town for a meeting and going after Acadia if you wish.

It should go without saying that in order to NOT destroy Acadia, all you need to do is confront DiMA with this and then agree to keep his secret. Easy enough, right? Agreed. It should also be noted that you can, from here, choose to SAVE or DESTROY the Children of Atom or Far Harbor from here. Acadia’s fate isn’t a resolution for the other factions, but this section is still worth noting. To deal with the Children of Atom and the quest “Cleansing the Land” , move on to option #2, then skip ahead to the section “Close to Home” which deals with the fallout (pun intended) around whatever happened to Kasumi.

Option #2 - Dealing with the Children of Atom

Destroying the Children of Atom has to be one of the easiest options there is in this DLC. The reason for this, as you may know, is that the children live with a nuclear-armed submarine. PLUS, you have the Nuclear Launch Key at this point. Oh yeah, you know what that means…

So if you wish to destroy the Children of Atom things will be pretty easy on you. You can, if you want, ask DiMA about it (if he’s still around) and convince him with some moderate speech checks if you want some minor XP. But what you’ll want to end up doing is heading to The Nucleus itself. Here, you can talk to the High Confessor and ask about the Nuclear Launch Key. He will tell you about their efforts to find the key and you can now tell him that you have it.

To help move Tektus and the Children of Atom along their path towards self-destruction you’ll need to pass a easy or two hard speech checks, which will convince the High Confessor to allow the use of the key. He will agree if you pass, and go address the children while you use the key (on the console, behind his little throne area). Do so and then exit. Listen to the speech if you wish, but you need to get out within the countdown. Get a little ways away (near the far entrance) and watch the fireworks. Meeting Atom sure is one hell of a spectacle. Don’t pick the option “Give High Confessor Key”, mind you, as he has no immediate intention of using it - not until Far Harbor is destroyed, anyways. Instead pick “Use key for division?” then “It’s time for division” to get the appropriate speech checks. You can also just use the key yourself without consulting the High Confessor, but this will turn the Children of Atom hostile and force you to run through their gauntlet in order to escape.

Objective Reward
For helping the Nucleus achieve Division 781 XP, Far Harbor Survivalist
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Cleansing the Land

Complete the quest "Cleansing the Land."

Trophy icon

Once the Children of Atom are taken care of, you’ll get the perk: “Far Harbor Survivalist”, which grants a bonus to all damage resistance types“. This is actually one of the better perks for the four endings. Note that afterwards you can also go visit Far Harbor to see them have a meeting about what happened. Avery will question you afterwards (reply as you wish), and Allen will give you a Bottlecap reward (about 1600 Caps or so). You can also go meet with DiMA about this (again, if he’s still around). He’ll be fairly sad about the turn of events, but oh well. DiMA’s not happy unless you choose HIS plan, so meh. The quest “Close to Home” should also open up after this.

Option #3 - Dealing with Far Harbor

Like the previous option, you can if you wish choose to head to DiMA and talk to him about the Wind Farm code that you’ve recovered. If you can pass a moderate speech check (there are two of them here, one for Far Harbor turning on him, one for siding with Atom), you can convince him that Far Harbor needs to be taken out. You can also tell High Confessor Tektus about the Wind Turbine Kill Switch, and he needs little encouragement in sending you out to cause Far Harbor’s Doom.

Either way, once you’ve cleared it with some authority figure or another (or if you just want to do it out of spite), you need to head to the “Wind Farm Maintenance”, which is a short ways to the east of Acadia. You can’t miss it with the map marker. Go ahead and enter it and inside you’ll see a few dead Children of Atom lying around an Assaultron… almost like they knew about this place. That could have been very bad for the residents of Far Harbor, eh?

Head down to see a locked security door, which you’ll need to power up. Off to the right is a fuse box, but it needs FOUR fuses before it will work. The first fuse is just to your right, on the table. The last three are to the left of the security door, in the room with all the junk. They are spread around on the tables and shelves here, so pick them up, turn on the power, and open the security door. QUICKSAVE at this point.

As you pass through the door, take out the two ceiling Turrets and the Assaultron that is likely coming from the left (it may be wandering around though, so keep your eyes open). Follow the marker to the right now (the left is a dead end) and watch out for an Assaultron Dominator. These things can always be tricky (which is why you HOPEFULLY saved), so fire at it in the hallway and try to shoot its legs off to help yourself out. Continue to the room and kill off a laser turret. In the back you can find a Steamer Trunk. Loot it and interact with the terminal back here. You want to choose the last option and you’ll take down Far Harbor’s defenses, leaving the fog to roll in.

You are automatically told that you are enemies with Far Harbor at this point and also told to “Inform high confessor of Far Harbor’s demise”. You can also go witness the downfall of Far Harbor (or rather the “Far Harbor Ruins, as it’s now marked), where you’ll see the town being killed off by Gulpers and Fog Crawlers. Quite a sight. They are all enemies to you of course, so kill them all and loot the town if you wish. Or just watch. Note that Longfellow will turn hostile if you take this course of action, and many other companions won’t be too happy, either.

Don’t forget to head to the High Confessor to let him know. He’ll have “felt it happen” of course, thanking you for your service and giving you the unique armor “Atom’s Bulwark” . This chest piece does “Damage resistance and energy resistance increase with Rads.” You’ll also get your perk here, the “Crusader of Atom” perk, which grants a bonus to weapon damage. The higher your rads, the greater the bonus. The quest “Close to Home” will begin after this.

Objective Reward
For bringing Atom’s fog to Far Harbor 781 XP, Atom’s Bulwark, Crusader of Atom
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Cleansing the Land

Complete the quest "Cleansing the Land."

Trophy icon

Option #4 - Reformation

This is probably the best option in the game. Or at least it is the most peaceful one and allows the most places to be spared. In order to get this option, go tell DiMA that you know what he did with Captain Avery. Tell him you will keep his secret and then he will suggest that you do the same thing with High Confessor Tektus. Agree with this plan and you’ll end up with the “Acadia’s Shield” unique chest piece, as well as a “Worn Key” which will allow you to get into Martin’s home away from home. This starts the quest “Reformation” .

Objective Reward
For keeping DiMA’s secret 781 XP, 500 Caps, Acadia’s Shield

So… you agreed to replace High Confessor Tektus for the greater good of the island. Horrible as it is, the man is a loony cultist who rules his own cultists with an iron fist, not to mention the fact that he seems intent on destroying the entirety of Far Harbor after all…

Well, just as DiMA told you, you have to “Recover Martin’s Holotapes”. Head to the “Atom’s Spring” map location and start a small trek to the west (or make your way south-west from Echo Lake Lumber). You’re headed to an un-marked location actually, but follow the map marker and near a road with a ruined trunk, you’ll find a drainage tunnel. Head inside the tunnel and you’ll find a room leading to the “Pump Control”. This is just a small room with an awful lot of items. On the left you can find the “What Atom Requires” holotape, along with the “A New Path” note and the “Sister Gwyneth’s Visit” note. It really does sound like Martin wasn’t 100% convinced he was on the right path (just like Gwyneth). To the right is the “An Execution” holotape. You can also grab another “Mother Icon” if you wish, although there’s really no point.

These are the tapes that DiMA needed, so head back and give them to him now. He’ll take them and give you a new tape to lure Tektus off by himself: the “Martin’s New Age” holotape. From here it is NOT TOO LATE to do the other faction quests in the previous section if you wish, so be sure you are heading forward with this option. This is what hard saves are made for, eh?

Head over to The Nucleus and go meet with the High Confessor. Tell him of the tape you have and Martin’s plan to return, after which he’ll ask to hear the tape. Play it from the MISC menu here and you’ll convince him. He will ask to meet up with you in the Command Center, promising that he’ll be alone.

Head to the Command Center now to meet up with him. He is off to the room on the right, so go meet him. Quicksave here if you wish and equip your Charisma gear. Go talk to him and you can ask him a few question, but after that you’ll either have to pass a easy speech check to convince him to runaway or you can attack him. Or you can convince him and THEN attack him for that small XP bonus not to mention the unique clothing he’s wearing (the “High Confessor’s Helm” and the “High Confessor’s Robes” ), and the other gear he carries.

Once the job is done, interact with the whole in the wall to hide the body and head back to Acadia. You’ll see the High Confessor here, alive and well, as he heads back to his flock intent on being peaceful. You’ll now get the “Protector of Acadia” perk: “When severely damaged, there’s a chance you’ll receive a massive - but temporary - bonus to damage and energy resistance.” This will also complete “Cleansing the Land” , giving you a second XP reward on top of what you get for “Reformation” .

You will also be told to “Speak to the High Confessor” now, as well as receive the “Close to Home” quest. Very nice. Be sure to go to The Nucleus to hear the peace speech that the Confessor is now preaching. Talk to him afterward to receive the “Atom’s Bulwark” chest plate.

Objective Reward
For making the island safe… for everybody 781 XP, 1,500 Caps, Protector of Acadia
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Cleansing the Land

Complete the quest "Cleansing the Land."

Trophy icon
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