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Fallout 4

Exploring Nahant

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
Eddie Winter "Holotape" iconHolotape #5
Les Fusil Terribles
U.S. Covert Operations Manual
Wasteland Survival Guide

From "Lynn Pier Parking" iconLynn Pier Parking head south, then south-east across a causeway to reach a barge full of military vehicles, construction vehicles and a shipping crate. There’s also a leveled Assaultron here, and if it’s an Assaultron Dominator, you could be in for quite a fight. Once the bots are dead, explore the south-eastern end of the barge to find an APC, inside of which there’s an Ammo Box and a Wooden Crate. Next, maneuver around a forklift and between some shipping crates to find a blue shipping crate at the end of the barge, inside of which you’ll find a suit of Power Armor behind a Security Gate [Advanced]. There’s also an Ammo Box here.

Store your newfound Power Armor if you must, but return here when done. From the barge head south-west to return to the road connecting Nahant to the mainland and turn east to find a diner. This place isn’t very interesting in itself, although there is a Power Armor Station nearby, and if you climb on top of a truck be nearby you can find a collapsed metal tower that will take you to the roof, where you can find a gun near a mattress.

Croup Manor

Continue east along the shore to find "Croup Manor" iconCroup Manor, the last settlement in the game. It’s a fairly simple location, as far as settlements go, just kill the Ghouls loitering around outside, then head into the manor and go upstairs, where two leveled Ghouls lurk. Kill them and unlock a white door [Novice] to find an already open safe. To the east is a Desk [Novice] which holds the “Croup Bedroom Key”. Make your way up to the third floor and go through another locked door [Advanced] to find the biggest and baddest of the Ghouls here - a leveled Glowing One. Yikes. Kill it and loot a Dresser to find the “Croup Basement Key”. Descend down to the basement [Master] and head on inside to find three more leveled Ghouls. Once they’ve been pacified, look around to find the body of Theodore Croup, who was rewarded by his feral family with death for trying to teach them how to be proper Croup socialites again. Oh well. Loot the area to find a Steamer Trunk and a Safe [Advanced]. Once you’ve explored the basement and killed all the Ghouls in and around the manor, activate the Workshop along the western end of the building to claim this place as a settlement.

Nahant Chapel

From Croup Manor head downhill to the south to find a road running east through the middle of Nahant, which you should follow as well. Be wary as you go, though, as a random encounter can occur here. Deal with whatever random nonsense the game throws at you and eventually you’ll spot a church - "Nahant Chapel" iconNahant Chapel - alongside the road. Behind the chapel you might just encounter a "Mirelurk Queen" iconMirelurk Queen, which is always fun. Put the beast down, then head into the chapel and make your way to the second floor to find a Steamer Trunk waiting to be looted. You can also find another Steamer Trunk in a house across the street (south-west) from the Nahant Chapel.

Nahant Oceanological Society

Leave Nahant Chapel and follow the road south-east to find "Nahant Oceanological Society" iconNahant Oceanological Society, which is divided into two structures. Head into the typical-looking house and in the first room to find a Research Terminal [Novice] which contains some pre-war correspondence on it. Make your way east through some doors and into a larger room, from which you can turn north to find a bathroom, in which is a First Aid Box [Novice] and a Mirror you can loot. Loot and leave, then head east through some white double doors to reach another room, where you can find a copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide on a desk in the corner. Score. Return to the previous room and go upstairs to find an office full of components to loot. Go through a door [Expert] beyond which is a Steamer Trunk, a Duffle Bag and a wall Safe [Advanced] behind a desk. Once that’s looted, drop down a hole in the floor to the south, then go through a while door to the east to reach the back of the building. From here continue south-east to find the red door [Novice] of a shack, inside of which you can find some components and an Ammo Box.

Nahant Oceanological Research Lab

Return to the front of the building and make your way south-west to reach the Nahant Oceanological Research Lab. Near the door you’ll find a Steamer Trunk [Master], across from which is a ramp leading down to the partially flooded bottom floor, where a Mr. Handy will be engaged by a "Mirelurk" iconMirelurk. Kill the crab, then loot some shelves to find an Ammo Box and a Toolbox. Another Ammo Box can be found on some nearby Cabinets. To the west is a Research Terminal which confirms that humanity didn’t really need nuclear bombs to turn the world into an irradiated hell-hole. It also contains a note about the keys to this place, which may have been left on a boat. How did any of these boats survive so long? Pretty sure no vessel would remain sea-worthy for 200 years. Oh well, loot a wall Safe [Expert] nearby if you can, then find a First Aid Box [Novice] to the south-west, as well as an Ammo Box on the shelves nearby.

There’s one last thing you can do here, although whether you need to bother is rather dubious. Leave the Nahant Oceanological Research Lab and head down a slope to the east to reach the sea. A number of Mirelurks are nesting here, and you’ll have to deal with them and their hatchlings. Off in the distance to the south-east you can see a capsized boat fighting a losing battle against the water. Make your way there and kill any crabbies that decide to challenge you. In the cabin of the ship you’ll find a Toolbox, inside of which is Casey’s Key, which opens the locked [Expert] door to the upstairs office in the Nahant Oceanological Society house.

Nahant Sheriffs Department

Whew! Almost done now, just a few more places to visit. Travel west along the southern shore of Nahant across the entire island until you discover two areas pretty much on top of each other: "Nahant Sheriff’s Department" iconNahant Sheriff’s Department and "Nahant Wharf" iconNahant Wharf. In the Nahant Sheriff’s Department you can find a random encounter on the bottom floor, and on the top floor you’ll find the “Nahant Sheriff Evidence Terminal”. Use the terminal to access the “Winter "Holotape" iconHolotape Logs”, then turn east to find Eddie Winter Holotape #5 on a short Filing Cabinet.


Continue south past the dockside warehouses to reach Nahant Wharf, where, if you look south into the sea you should see many boats linked together by walkways, which together forms a lengthy, Raider-filled stronghold culminating at the large, capsized ship, the "Libertalia" iconLibertalia. This ship is your goal, you’ll just have to fight through the Raiders on the linked ships to get there.

Start out by crossing a narrow pontoon bridge to the south to reach the first barge, which is occupied by several Raiders. In the house to the east you’ll find a cage door [Expert], behind which are two Ammo Boxes, a Chem Box, a Wooden Crate and a Safe [Advanced]. There’s also a First Aid Box in a small room to the south-east. Once all that’s yours, loot the western shack to find a Safe [Advanced], return outside and go up some stairs to the west, which will eventually take you onto a walkway that leads - eventually - to a small red boat. Loot the cabin to find a Wooden Crate, then the roof of said cabin to find an Ammo Box.

Continue on until the path splits, at which point ignore the south-western bridge and travel south-east. Loot a First Aid Box along the way before eventually reaching another small boat, on which you can find a Toolbox, a Wooden Crate and a Safe [Expert] in the cabin and an Ammo Box on a chair on top of the ship. Loot, then backtrack to where the path split and follow the south-western path onto a half-sunken ship. Loot the cabin to find a First Aid Box, a Duffle Bag and a Tool Case, then plunder a Wooden Crate on the roof before heading south onto another ship. The cabin here is locked behind a red door [Advanced], behind which lurks a Chem Box, a Toolbox and a Wooden Crate.

Next make your way west onto a larger ship where more Raiders lurk. Kill them and loot the bottom floor of the interior to find a Duffle Bag. Go up a metal flight of stairs and enter the second floor of the boat’s interior to find a Wooden Crate, then go up some more stairs (looting a Wooden Crate under the first set of wooden stairs you ascend) to find a third Wooden Crate and a Safe [Advanced] on the roof. Return downstairs to the second level of the boat and make your way to the southern end of the ship. From here if you turn south-east you’ll find a small tower you can jump into, which contains a Safe [Advanced] and a Terminal [Advanced], the latter of which you can use to open the former, manipulate the turrets ahead, and turn off annoying spotlights. Good stuff.

Jump back onto the large boat and follow a wooden walkway south-west over a smaller white boat. Drop down onto it and loot the cabin to score a Duffle Bag and a Wooden Crate, then continue south-west onto another boat, whose cabin hides a First Aid Box. Go up some stairs, then down a plank and across a floating wooden walkway to the south-east to reach another capsized ship. Search the flooded cabin to find a Wooden Crate, then continue south across a walkway until it splits, at which point continue south-east until it splits… again!

At this second fork, if you go south-west you’ll reach not-quite-dry-land near "Nordhagen Beach" iconNordhagen Beach, but that’s not where you want to go right now, so head east instead and follow the winding walkway to reach a solid docking structure to which the Libertalia is still moored. Cross to a barge to the north, loot a wooden crate and deal with a turret, then continue north, north-east along a ridiculously narrow walkway. Lazy Raiders! When you reach a small pontoon turn south-east and enter a Raider shack to find two Ammo Boxes and a Wooden Crate.

Next stop is a trash-covered barge to the east. The cabin here contains an Ammo Box and a First Aid Box, but to continue on you’ll need to climb some stairs, get on a lift, and press a button to carry yourself to the Libertalia. Or you could just swim, although that’s less dignified, don’t you think? Kill the Raiders on the exterior of the Libertalia that present themselves, then head south-west to find a Toolbox, a Chem Box and a Wooden Crate. Once sated, backtrack and climb some wooden stairs to the next level, clear it, then continue south-west up to the third level.

From the stairs leading up to this floor, head around another flight of stairs going up and go north-west. Ignore a metal structure you can enter and instead go around it to reach some wooden railing. At this point turn south-east, then north-west onto a jutting platform which ends with a chair and table, upon which you’ll find a U.S. Covert Operations Manual . Return back into the structure to the south-east until you reach some rooms, in one of which is a Safe [Advanced]. Backtrack to the south-western end of this level and head up the stairs you ignored earlier to reach the fourth floor. Here you can find an Ammo Box and a Wooden Crate to the south, and another wooden crate across the level to the north-east, and a whole lot of liquor in the middle. Grab what you will, then head through a door to the south-east to reach the Captain’s Cabin.

Captains Cabin

From the entrance to this area head up some stairs to the south to find the unique shotgun Le Fusil Terribles on a Wooden Crate. Nice. Head east into a small room with a Safe [Novice] and “Wire’s Terminal” [Novice], which discusses the fall from grace of a band of Minutemen. Continue up past where the Le Fusil Terribles was and plunder a First Aid Box before turning a corner and looting a Tool Case [Novice] on a shelf. Once done, climb a nearby ladder to reach the top of the boat, where the leader of these Raiders - wearing Power Armor - dwells. Kill them, and their lackeys, then loot a Steamer Trunk in a green structure to the north-west. And with that, you’re done exploring the north-east. It’s finally time to continue with the main story.

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