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Fallout 4

Ad Victoriam

Nathan Garvin

Prime Time!

It is finally time to start up Liberty Prime and end the communist (read: Institute) threat! Proctor Ingram is letting you do all the honors (or work), so go ahead and head up the scaffolding surrounding Liberty Prime and insert the Beryllium Agitator into the reactor slot. After that, head down to the control panel by Ingram and hit the start-up button to activate the giant robot!

You are now tasked with following Prime as he makes his way to the Institute (the "C.I.T. Ruins" iconC.I.T. Ruins). This is going to be quite a walk, but you’ll have bouts of combat along the way. One warning though: do not get near any enemy as you go on this walk. In fact, it is best to stay just behind Prime at all times, as Prime will use "Mini Nuke" iconMini Nukes and his laser beams to utterly annihilate any enemies that show up, including you if you get close enough.

A Prime Escort

Follow Prime as he makes his way north and kills Synths that dare to warp in. There will be a couple of waves at set intervals. As warned above, do not get near them but do try to use VATS and take them out for whatever XP you can get. Prime will decimate them each time and continue on shortly afterwards. After a couple of ambushes and one-sided fights, Prime will mention that he has to take an alternate “aquatic” route and will head towards the water.

Go ahead and swim after Prime (use some "Rad-X" iconRad-X if you wish) and on the other side of the bay you will meet up with a Brotherhood escort. Continue to follow Prime as he continues his long trek. You will eventually pass near "Ticonderoga" iconTiconderoga and will fight a "Super Mutant Behemoth" iconSuper Mutant Behemoth. This thing is big of course, but Prime is bigger. Just… so much awesome. Be sure you get a full round of VATS into the Behemoth here as you can get some great XP once Prime (or you) kill it off. Even this thing doesn’t stand a chance.

C.I.T. Ruins

You will soon arrive at the C.I.T. Ruins, where you will meet up with Elder Maxson and other Brotherhood Soldiers. The Synths being warped in are on their last stand and will be attacking from the ground as well as the scaffolding to the left and right. Like one of your Brotherhood members shouts, use Prime’s legs as cover and take out as many Synths as you can.

You will be tasked to “defend” Liberty Prime at this time (although he doesn’t really require defending) while he scans the surroundings and locates the Institute Bunker underground. He will then start to dig up a hole in the middle of the ruins and essentially dig you a way into the Institute itself (amazing!). All the while you will need to kill any Synths you can. Continue to stay by your allies and target and kill all of the Synths you can, wiping them out on one side before moving onto the other. Once all of the Synths are dead, go ahead and investigate the hole (note that Liberty Prime is leaving now) and drop down into the Institute. Now that you are in the Institute, this quest is officially over. Wait a bit like usual and the next quest, “The Nuclear Option”, will begin.

Objective Reward
For escorting Liberty Prime to the Institute 590 XP
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It’s just another day. Having just been accepted into Vault 111, you spend the morning with your family going about your daily routine. That is until alarms blare out, signalling a nuclear attack. You and your family sprint towards the Vault along with everyone else in the neighborhood just as a bomb explodes nearby. After surviving the blast, you are lowered into the Vault and enter cryosleep. Two hundred years pass and you awake to a world ravaged by nuclear war. You are the Sole Survivor and what awaits you is a mystery as you set out to conquer the Wasteland.

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