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Fallout 4

Exploring From Finch Farm to the Museum of Witchcraft

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
Astoundingly Awesome Tales #3
Grognak the Barbarian
"Kremvh's Tooth" iconKremvh’s Tooth
"Sneak Bobblehead" iconSneak Bobblehead
Tesla Science
Wasteland Survival Guide

Hub City Auto Wreckers

There’s still plenty of exploration ahead, and the start of the next section occurs where the last section began: "Finch Farm" iconFinch Farm. Fast-travel back there and cross the river to the east (you can go north to avoid getting your feet wet, but it’s safer to just suck it up and take some RADS). Once you’re on the eastern shore, follow the river north to find a fort made out of junk: "Hub City Auto Wreckers" iconHub City Auto Wreckers. This stronghold is home to a group of leveled Gunners, led by their boss Captain Bridget, who possesses a "Fat Man" iconFat Man and isn’t afraid to use it. Stealth, caution and sniping is your best friend here.

If you followed the directions above, you should be approaching the fort from the south, and thus you should spot a cylindrical metal subway car, inside of which is a Laser Tripwire rigged to a "Missile Launcher" iconMissile Launcher. Ouch. Disarm these wicked traps and go through a doorway to the north-west to reach the interior of the fort, where you’ll have to fight your way through a number of Gunners, most of which will be on high ground. Fight your way north-west over a barricade, then turn north and continue past another barricade. Shortly afterwards you’ll need to turn north-west again and make your way past a truck and into a small barn, where a Laser Tripwire is rigged to a flamer trap in the doorway. Inside the barn you can take shelter from the Gunners if you need a breather, as well as loot an Ammo Box and a Nuka Cola Vending Machine (two "Nuka-Cola" iconNuka-Colas, two "Nuka-Cola Quantum" iconNuka-Cola Quantums and a Nuka Cherry).

This loot is all well and good, but you still need to reach the highway to the west of this junkyard compound. To do this leave the barn and head south, ascend some stairs and turn north-east and run along some junk until you reach a trailer. Inside you’ll find the “Hub City Terminal”, which you can use to turn off the turrets, spotlights, and best of all, lower the crane. This last option will create a ramp you can use to reach the highway. Do so and fight your way north to Captain Bridget and her subordinate Gunners. Eradicate them all, then search near her bed to find a Trunk full of goodies and a Terminal which discusses some nearby locations and marks them on your map. Not that you need such a convenience, what with this guide and all.

Dunwich Borers (Exterior)

Speaking of nearby locations, it’s time to venture to one of the locations mentioned on Captain Bridget’s terminal. It was also mentioned when exploring "Saugus Ironworks" iconSaugus Ironworks, and generally contains some pretty awesome loot that any wasteland explorer would love to get their hands on. From Hub City Auto Wreckers head north-east to find "Dunwich Borers" iconDunwich Borers, and like all Quarries in Fallout 4, this one seems to be occupied by Raiders. Leveled Raiders, at that, along with a few turrets for support. Destroy everything in your path, after which you’ll be treated to a game of stairs and lifts if you want to explore the quarry. Fortunately, aside from the corpses you’ve left in your wake, there’s little reason to bother. Above the quarry to the north-west you can find a Terminal that controls the turrets. More interestingly, however, if you descend to the bottom of the quarry and head to the eastern end of the quarry you’ll find a ramp leading down to a door, which will take you to the subterranean part of Dunwich Borers. Since everybody knows all the best loot can be found underground, head through the door into the depths of Dunwich Borers.

Dunwich Borers (Interior)

From the entrance head down a tunnel to the west and disarm a Tripwire rigged to a gun and turn south. A short distance on you’ll find a button that summons an elevator to the east, which leads to a locked door. This will be where you arrive after clearing the place, so you need not concern yourself with it now. Instead, continue south to find a well-lit chamber where a pair of Raiders lurk, protected by a turret. To the west you’ll find the “Station 1 Terminal” on a metal pillar, subtly marked with a big white “1”. These will provide handy landmark as you explore the place, but as for the terminal itself, it contains little of interest, just pre-war chatter. Be wary of a Bathroom Scale on the floor near the terminal, which is rigged to a Grenade Bouquet.

Kill the Raiders and destroy - or disable - the turret, then continue south, then east to find a fork in the path. Take some stairs up to the east, then find another staircase to the north, in front of which is another Tripwire rigged to a Grenade Bouquet. At the top of these trapped stairs you’ll find a locked door [Novice], beyond which is a Duffel Bag and a Chem Box. Return downstairs and descend a ramp near the metal stairs to the east. At the bottom of this ramp you’ll find a trio of Raiders who need to be put down. Indulge them, then turn south-east to find some stairs near which is the “Station 2 Terminal”. Continue past the stairs and loot a Raider abode to find an Ammo box and a Chem Cooler [Novice], then travel down a tunnel to the north, where you’ll find “Station 3 Terminal”, at which a Raider should be typing away. Kill him, then descend down the nearby stairs to reach the deeper depths of Dunwich Borers.

Descend several flights of stairs until you reach the bottom of the quarry shaft, where two more Raiders - including their leader, Bedlam - await. Make these mines their tomb, then loot their camp to find an Ammo Box, a Steamer Trunk and an Armor Workbench upon which rests Astoundingly Awesome Tales #3 . Not bad, but better loot awaits further on. First, investigate a piece of machinery nearby to find Bedlam Terminal [Novice] which reveals what lurks in the depths of the mine: Feral Ghouls. Make your way west to find the accessible end of a chained door, beyond which the tunnel will turn north and you’ll see the body of some dead Feral Ghouls. So it begins.

Make your way down a ramp and be wary of Feral Ghouls playing dead. Do your best to ferret them out and kill any others who hear the combat and show up to investigate. Once done, loot a Footlocker in an abortive tunnel to the west, then continue north up a ramp, stopping to toggle a Circuit Breaker if you’re afraid of the dark. If you turn on the lights, however, a host of Ghouls will spawn in front of and behind you. Silly Ghouls. Ascend the ramp to the north, then turn south at a forklift and go through a door to the west, at which point you’ll suffer a hallucination. Continue up to the west and the lights ahead will abandon you. Unfortunately, the creepy forces here didn’t predict your mighty Pip-Boy!

Keep going west and pass another Circuit Breaker (you know the drill, light = Ghouls) and the path will fork to the north and south. Start out by going north (the southern fork is a dead end anyways) until you reach a metal platform. On this you can turn on some lights, which of course will rouse some Ghouls further on. Exterminate them, then search the room to the east to find the “Station 4 Terminal”. So far, so good, numerically! Activate the terminal and play the “"Dunwich - Tim Shoots" iconDunwich - Tim Shoots” holotape loaded into the terminal. More importantly, grab the coveted, long over-due "Sneak Bobblehead" iconSneak Bobblehead from off a nearby table. Delicious. As for other loot, you can score a Footlocker from atop a wooden platform nearby, and to the north-east is an Explosives Box.

Speaking of the north-east, at the north-eastern end of the room you’ll find a tunnel that leads down into a small chamber, where you’ll get another vision as you approach. Seems like the miners found something down here. When the vision ends, you’ll be confronted by four named, leveled Ghouls… the remains of the foremen. Kill them and loot the body of the Ghoul named Tim Shoots, who possesses the “"Dunwich - Management" iconDunwich - Management” holotape. Give it a read if you wish, then note the chamber where the shrine was located in your hallucination. Instead, there’s now a watery (and highly irradiated) pit. If you’re brave, pop some "Rad-X" iconRad-X and swim down the hole, then into a chamber to the north, where you can find an altar with two Mini-Nukes and the unique melee weapon, "Kremvh's Tooth" iconKremvh’s Tooth on it. Abscond with these treasures, then swim back to the surface.

A unique weapon, the Sneak Bobblehead and a skill magazine. Not a bad location. Now all that remains is to make your escape! Return back south-west, then south to the fork, at which point you should backtrack down the hallway to the Circuit Breaker, at which point turn south to see a ramp for you to ascend. Do so, and keep your eyes to the east and west as you ascend. To the west you’ll find some lurking Feral Ghouls, while to the east you’ll find some stars which lead to the pillar with the “Station 5” numeral on it, but alas, no terminal. There is a Circuit Breaker nearby, however, if you want to turn it on and summon some Ghouls. At the top of the ramp you’ll find more lurking Ghouls and another Circuit Breaker. Do whatever you wish, light-wise, then loot a Cooler, a Suitcase and a Chem Box [Novice].

Once that’s done, make your way up a ramp to the west, then climb some stairs to find a relatively narrow tunnel running east. Kill any Ghouls already out and about, then head east to find another Circuit Breaker, where you must again choose between photons and Ghouls. At the eastern end of the tunnel you’ll find some stairs, and in a small cubby nearby rests and Explosives Box with a Tension Trigger on its side, which in turn is rigged to a Grenade Bouquet. Turn on another Circuit Break and… nothing. Huh. Oh well. Go up some stairs to find a dead Raider, on whom you’ll find the Dunwich Borers key, which is convenient, because there’s a locked door nearby which will take you back near the surface. Make your way back into the light, but don’t stray too far, as there’s another place worth exploring nearby.

Hugos Hole

Climb out of the quarry and kill whatever Raiders might have come back since you entered the mines. Make your way north-east past a structure outside and you’ll find some large concrete blocks. On the southern side of this cube of cubes are many signs warning of dangers, and they’re not joking. The radiation beyond is intense, even with Rad-X. Not only is the radiation beyond troubling, but there’s several Tripwires rigged to explosives and turret at the end of the hallway you’ll have to pass through, which might keep you from donning a Hazmat suit. However you get through the tunnel you’ll find a shelter belonging to… who else? Hugo. Loot a Hazmat Suit off a table, then take the note “Dunwich - Hugo’s Struggle” off a table near a bed. Finally, loot a Steamer Trunk [Expert] and leave "Hugo’s Hole" iconHugo’s Hole.

Coastal Cottage

Next stop is to the north or Hugo’s Hole, where you’ll find the "Coastal Cottage" iconCoastal Cottage. Here a Raider is being pestered by some "Mirelurk" iconMirelurks. Step in and declare both sides losers, then go into a red barn to find a Workshop, which will allow you to claim this settlement. As far as settlements go, this one is rather… lame. A small barn, a large, utterly ravished white house, a bunch of trees in the back and a sheer cliff limit your building options. Do what you can with the place (building concrete foundations around the house will let you ignore the place and build over it) then turn your attention to the north-west to see your next destination in the distance.

To the north-west you should see a highway, particularly a part of the highway with a windmill tower on top of it. Make your way over the hills until you are underneath the highway, then look for a yellow structure with a lift on it. First loot a Tool Chest [Novice], then ride the lift up to reach the highway. Once here, climb some stairs and use some vehicles to cross the broken highway to a higher section. Be wary as you go, however, as on the elevated section of highway is posted a Gunner Brigadier along with a compliment of deadly robots, including a Sentry Bot and an Assaultron. Dispatch them, then loot a shelter to find a Large Toolbox [Novice]. Scanty loot to be found here, but it’ still an interesting encounter, anyways.

Mahkra Fishpacking

Return to the Coastal Cottage and from here turn your attention to the north-east to find a bridge crossing some water, leading to an island-bound factory. Head up to the factory to discover "Mahkra Fishpacking" iconMahkra Fishpacking, which is occupied by Raiders. Very, very dead Raiders. Ignore the front entrance to the factory for now (white double doors near some huge red doors) and instead search a blue metal structure near the entrance to find a "Bottlecap Mine" iconBottlecap Mine near a Chem Cooler. To the south-east you’ll find a red truck, inside of which is a Toolbox and an Ammo Box, and north-east of here you can find a concrete building, the doors to which are locked [Advanced]. If you circle to the north-eastern side of the building, however, you’ll find a dead Raider who apparently tried to make face-love with a window… and succeeded! On their body is the Mahkra Facilities Key, which bypasses the aforementioned lock and give you access to the building, wherein you can find an Explosives Box.

Backtrack to the front of the factory and from the front doors head north-west to find some stairs leading to the roof. Once on the roof head to the northern corner and look out to the north-west to find a Glowing One hanging out on a raft in the waters below. You can kill the critter, if you wish, and in the shallow waters near the Glowing One are other Ghouls, although this is all rather extraneous and not very rewarding, unless one of the Ghouls happens to be legendary.

After taking potshots at some Ghouls, head to the eastern end of the L-shaped factory to find a trapdoor on the roof leading down into the factory. The factory floor is full of mutilated Raiders, and there are very few things of interest on this level besides the corpses. As for loot you can find a Cooler, a Toolbox [Novice] and an Ammo Box [Novice]. Once you’re out of the elevated structures and out in the factory proper you can find a few traps, namely a Frag Mine in the back of the truck, a Tripwire rigged to a Makeshift Explosive between some metal pillars, and a Tripwire attached to a Grenade Bouquet in a bathroom.

When you’ve grown bored of the empty factory, press a button near a shipping truck to summon an elevator, then ride the elevator down to the underground portion of the factory. When the elevator stops, head north to get off the elevator, then turn west until you run out of west, at which point turn south to find a ramp… and some Synths. Guess the Institute wanted some fish? Kill any Synths in sight - there will probably be two on the ramp - then turn east and go past a raised section of a conveyor belt, then head south along a metal walkway that runs along the ramp. Exterminate any Synths you find and turn east when you must and cross a makeshift bridge constructed out of wooden beams and enter a chamber beyond.

At the eastern end of this room you’ll find another dead Raider with another Makhra Facilities Key, which opens another locked [Advanced] door nearby, beyond which is an Ammo Box and an Explosives Box. Once you’re done looting return to the previous room and head into a tunnel to the north (grabbing a First Aid Box on the wall near a door nearby). Head down some stairs and you’ll eventually find a a hole in the wall to the north, and a door to the east. In the room to the east you’ll find a Chemistry Station and a Tool Chest [Novice]. Loot, then return back west to the tunnels and keep heading north until you find a First Aid Box at the end of the tunnel. To the east you can find a metal walkway that leads out into another section of the factory. You can now backtrack to the earlier part of the underground factory and head down a ramp, or you can just drop off the walkway here… you’re not missing out on much.

However you manage it, once you’re down in the factory below the walkway turn south and head into a smaller chamber, where you can find a slumbering Protectron. More interestingly is the First Aid Box on the exterior wall of a metal shack, a Toolbox [Novice], a Cooler and a Terminal [Novice] which controls the Protectron. Return to the larger factory room to the north and proceed to the northern end of the room to find a Terminal on the wall with some useless pre-war chatter. There’s also a First Aid Box in a shack nearby. Once you’re done messing around with that, turn west and head around (but not up) some stairs and search the western end of the factory floor to find a copy of Tesla Science on a table near a mattress, then loot a nearby Safe [Expert]. Loot, then head upstairs (be wary of a Tripwire along the way!) and kill a Synth Leader, who guards a Steamer Trunk. Finally head through a chained door to the south and ride the elevator to the surface to find another four Synths have shown up to impede your egress. Three more await you outside of the factory.

Once you’re out of the factory follow the coast south, where you should find a diner built on a promontory. Loot a Nuka-Cola Machine to find three bottles of Nuka-Cola and a Nuka Cherry, then search behind the counter to find a floor Safe [Expert]. Further down the coast you’ll find a "Mirelurk Queen" iconMirelurk Queen, just wandering around out in the open. She’ll respawn frequently, too, if hunting big game catches your fancy. Shortly beyond the Mirelurk Queen you should find the "Museum of Witchcraft" iconMuseum of Witchcraft, your next destination.

Museum of Witchcraft

The front door is locked, so you’ll need to circle around to the south-western side of the building to find a cellar door near a fence. Descend down into the depths and loot a Tool Box [Novice] to the east before continuing north through a doorway to see some chunks of a dead Gunner fall through a hole in the ceiling above you. Gross. Travel to the eastern end of the basement and you’ll find some more dead Gunners. Whatever is mauling these poor bloodthirsty mercenaries lurks upstairs. You’d have to be crazy to go up and confront whatever was chewing these hardened mercenaries up.

With that in mind, turn south and head upstairs (after looting an Explosives Box [Novice] under the stairs) and loot a Tool Box and a First Aid Box, then go through a door to find a dead Gunner with a "Missile" iconMissile Launcher, which apparently did him no good against whatever preyed on him and his fellows. Nearby you’ll find a display of… well, what good pilgrims used to do to witches. Gotta protect them youngin’s from imaginary threats. Carefully sneak over to the west to find a "Deathclaw" iconDeathclaw, the beast that apparently masticated the Gunners here. Why did a Deathclaw make its way all the out here to chew on these poor Gunners? A mystery that remains to be solved.

Put the fearsome foe down then head to the southern end of the building to find a table with an issue of Grognak the Barbarian on top of it. Follow the wall west and loot a Toolbox, then turn north to find a Steamer Trunk. Continue north and enter a bathroom to find a bunch of "Deathclaw Egg" iconDeathclaw Eggs, mostly ruined save for one "Pristine Deathclaw Egg" iconPristine Deathclaw Egg. Ah. That explains why the Deathclaw was here. Poor thing. Loot the corpse of Sergeant Lee and find Sergeant Lee’s "Holotape" iconHolotape on the floor and give it a listen, which starts the quest “Devil’s Due”. Grab the Pristine Deathclaw Egg and contemplate your next move: you can either finish the delivery of the egg to "Diamond City" iconDiamond City, or you can take the egg back to its mama.

Lynn Woods

Whichever outcome you want, backtrack to the south and go through some doors to reach the entrance of the museum, where you’ll find a chained door leading back outside and the “Museum Visitor’s Terminal”. Once back outside fast-travel back to "Parsons State Insane Asylum" iconParsons State Insane Asylum and travel north-west to find "Lynn Woods" iconLynn Woods. In the area around the map marker you’ll find a Raider Camp dominated by a large tower. Kill the handful of Raiders around the camp, then climb the tower (disarm a Tripwire in front of the stairs). Once you reach the top a good number of Raiders will spawn in the camp below. If you flip a Circuit Breaker it’ll result in two Deathclaws showing up to the fray, which will cause the Raiders to have a bad day. Of course, then you’ll have to deal with some Deathclaws, so pick your poison. Once all the foes are gone, loot the shacks near the house to find a Steamer Trunk [Master], a First Aid Box and an Explosives Box. There’s also a mattress with a copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide on top of it, which is by far the best loot in this area.

That was a fun diversion, but more Deathclaw mayhem awaits. Continue north-west and follow the quest marker to find the Deathclaw nest, where a Deathclaw awaits. If you want to do the good thing by reuniting this vicious predator back with its egg, which will likely grow up into another terror of the Commonwealth and kill untold people, then approach the nest and return the egg. The Deathclaw will cover the nest (hooray, teamwork!) and remain neutral. Looks like you’ve done good by this monster. Of course, you can always kill the Deathclaw and head over to Diamond City with the egg, or return the egg, then steal it back (which provokes the Deathclaw). Whatever you do, be sure to grab the "Deathclaw Gauntlet" iconDeathclaw Gauntlet stuck into the ground here, as they’re quite rare. If you value money more than appeasing a monster, make your way to Diamond City and talk to Wellingham, who will offer to pay you for the egg. If you didn’t return the egg to the Deathclaw earlier, you can haggle for more money (up to 500 Caps), otherwise you’ll get around 100 Caps. However you managed to offload the egg, this quest is done, but there’s still plenty more to see and kill in the north-east.

Objective Reward
For offloading the "Deathclaw Egg" iconDeathclaw Egg 472 XP 100, or 200 - 500 Caps
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