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Fallout 4

Exploring Fort Hagen and Natick

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
Astoundingly Awesome Tales
Eddie Winter "Holotape" iconHolotape 4
Live & Love
Massachusetts Surgical Journal
Overdue Book x2

Fort Hagen Filling Station

To start the exploring, head north from Ft. Hagen to find the "Fort Hagen Filling Station" iconFort Hagen Filling Station, which is set up exactly like the "Red Rocket Truck Stop" iconRed Rocket Truck Stop. Inside you’ll find some junk you can collect, but otherwise, the place isn’t very interesting. If you continue north you can find a random encounter in some ruins.

Relay Tower 0BB-915

Continue north-west to find "Relay Tower 0BB-915" iconRelay Tower 0BB-915, extend the dishes, and you’ll pick up a “Distress Signal” a “Raider Radio Signal” and the “Civil Alert Radio System Broadcast”. Time to start tracking these down!

Fort Hagen Satellite Array

Tune into the “Civil Alert Radio System Broadcast and follow it south-west from Relay Tower 0BB-915 to discover the "Fort Hagen Satellite Array" iconFort Hagen Satellite Array area. This location really doesn’t have much to talk about. You can likely find Yao Gaui in the area (which you can kill easily by standing on the concrete bunker structures) but you can also head to the south satellite array and search the south-western portion of it to find the “Military Bunker” (on the floor). Inside you can find a [Novice] locked Ammo Box and a [Novice] locked wooden crate. Better than nothing, right? Also be sure to turn off the Ham Radio here to give it a break from broadcasting useless information. 210 years buddy, you’ve done your job.

Fiddlers Green Trailer Estates

Return to Relay Tower 0BB-915 and tune into the “Distress Signal”, which you should follow south-east (past the "Fort Hagen" iconFort Hagen Filling Station) to find "Fiddler’s Green Trailer Estates" iconFiddler’s Green Trailer Estates. The words “Trailer” and “Estates” do not belong in the same sentence. Anywho, this area has a few secrets to uncover, believe it or not. Secrets at the trailer park! One is hidden fairly well, actually. First things first though: there are a number of Ghouls living here so go ahead and take them all out one by


Once the Ghouls are dead, check out that north trailer to find a steamer trunk inside (the big stash of goodies for this area - which is probably why the Glowing One was nearby). The trailer south of this one has a [Novice] locked Toolbox and a rather useless terminal. Continue to the south and the trailer her has the “The New Squirrel - Tape 2” holotape. hold off on playing it for now, as there are two more (1 & 3) to be found and you really want to listen to them in order.

Just to the east is the “main office” and a swimming pool (swanky!). You can actually find an [Expert] locked Safe at the bottom of the pool. Nearby just to the east is a trailer with three frag mines surrounding it (disarm them) and a [Master] locked door. Someone doesn’t want you in here! There is a key for this door you can find, but pick it if you can for the XP. Inside you can find an Ammo Box, a Duffel Bag, a a set of leveled Power Armor that is mostly complete. Quite nice! If you don’t want to lug this thing around with you, be sure to drop it off at one of your settlements and come back here!

From the power armor trailer, check the trailer just to the south to find “The New Squirrel - Tape 3” and on a table nearby the Live & Love magazine. This particular one gives you “Permanently gain +25% XP from persuading women”, which is a nice little bonus.

Head into the middle office building now. The front has “The New Squirrel - Tape 1” on a desk, which gives you the complete set now. Go ahead and listen to them for some good old-fashioned indoctrination. In the back you can find the “Leasing Office Terminal” [Novice]. Hacking this can let you open the nearby [Novice] safe as well, or you could just pick it for the XP. Inside the safe is the “Fiddler’s Green Trailer Key”, which you can use for the [Master] locked door if you didn’t get to that earlier (awful nice for them to give you a back-up key).

OK, there is one more secret to this area, and part of that secret lies with a radio signal. If you visited “Relay Tower 0BB-915” earlier and raised the dishes, you should have noticed a “Distress Signal”. This signal leads you to this location, where a man is trapped in a bunker and is asking for help. The key here is actually finding the bunker, but if you investigate just to the west of the pool, by the trees, you will

notice the bunker built into the ground.

Head inside to find a [Novice] locked Toolbox, an [Advanced] locked Safe and (of course) a dead settler. You just couldn’t make it in time, huh? Well, not like you could have helped him anyways. Turn off the Ham Radio if you want to make the radio signal disappear and you are officially done with this area. Now it’s time to head south-west back to Fort Hagen, and from there continue south to find the "Greater Mass Blood Clinic" iconGreater Mass Blood Clinic.

Greater Mass Blood Clinic

Well, this place has one heck of a name, right?! The first thing to do here is wipe out the native bug population, which is mostly Bloodbugs and Bloatflies. They infest this broken-down clinic so enter it and wipe them out from the first and second floor. While you are doing that, you may as well make your way up to the roof to find an Ammo Box you can loot.

Once the area is secure (it isn’t fully yet, but you’ll get there), head down to the second floor where you can find a locked lab door and some offices. Search the offices here to find the “Blood Clinic Key” on a desk. After that, go to the locked lab door nearby and hack the [Advanced] Lab Terminal (if you absolutely can’t hack an [Advanced] Terminal, there is a key further on - just read ahead for it) and enter the small lab. It may be small, but there are a lot of goodies inside, including a copy of Massachusetts Surgical Journal a Safe (which you can unlock with the Blood Clinic Key you got earlier) as well as a [Novice] Analysis Lab Terminal you can hack (which has some text and can also unlock the safe). There are also plenty of drugs and "Blood Pack" iconBlood Packs in here, along with a Chemistry Station you can use if you want.

Next up you have to go to the west side of the building where you can unlock the door you find with the Blood Clinic Key. This leads to a couple of rooms and the basement area. First head to the room on the lift to find a First Aid Box and some medicine up in the cabinet above it. There is also an “Exam Room Terminal” here that is [Novice] locked. You can actually read the entries in here for the “Blood Clinic Password” (which can open the lab up above and is very likely not needed at all). Next, head into the right room and go downstairs. You will find some more bug enemies here down in the room up ahead, so take them out (use the door as a death zone) and then loot the room afterward. Note that one of the corners has radioactive barrels. Follow this path back to the backroom however to find the blood pack storage area that has a ton of blood packs and other various drugs. A ton. There is also a Steamer Trunk and in one of the fridges a [Novice] locked chem box.

You are done with the Blood Clinic now, but not quite done with the area. To the south of this location you can find an unmarked set of warehouses. Besides some good tools (and tons of Wonderglue) here you can also find a partial-set of Power Armor in one of them. Not bad! Take it back to one of your settlements if you don’t want to use it now. Once you’re done with that, make your way west to find the "Boston Mayoral Shelter" iconBoston Mayoral Shelter.

Boston Mayoral Shelter

Outside of this location you can see the door was pulled down off the shelter. Heh. You can inspect the shelter if you wish, but the door is locked. Instead, head up to the command center nearby and loot the Explosives Box, then use the console you find here to remotely open the door down below. Head back and now you can enter the shelter properly.

Head inwards and as you head down keep your eyes open on the right to find a cubby with a stealth boy near a skeleton. The path split you find doesn’t matter: both paths lead to the same area down below. Continue on and past the doorway you will need to take out a Laser Turret up ahead behind a security door. Take it out and check out the terminal nearby (a [Novice] locked one) for the turret control. Not that you need it, right? Grab the nearby First Aid Box on the shelf and continue inward, finding an elevator that you should take to continue on.

Here there is a gas leak in the room you end up in (shoot it for some fireworks if you want) and note the room to the right. This leads to a pipe area that runs throughout this area, but just note it exists for now and head forward further into the room. You will need to take out another couple of Laser Turrets along with some Synth enemies that show up from down below. Once the enemies are dead, find the nearby [Novice] Toolbox you can pick as well as the nearby [Expert] terminal you can (and should) hack. Hacking this terminal opens the nearby security door and allows you to nab the "Rad-X" iconRad-X and "RadAway" iconRadAway items in the room, as well as an Ammo Box and a Duffel Bag.

Continue down the stairs you find to a living area, where the path will split a bit. Head right to the kitchen area where you can find a door to a storeroom. Inside you can find a [Novice] locked explosives box and, in the corner nearby, a suitcase with the “Boston Mayoral Shelter Safe Key”. What a mouthful. Head back to the living area and east, going through the room you find and down the stairs. In front of you open the door for a First Aid Box in the bathroom, then head right to find a utility room and, beyond that straight ahead, a bedroom. In here you can find the Mayoral Safe (which you can use that key on for a number of goodies), a steamer trunk, and to the right of the bed on a nightstand a copy of Astoundingly Awesome Tales , which gives you the ability to regenerate 1 point of health per minute. One per minute? Well… beter than nothing.

Outside this room is an [Advanced] locked door. Go ahead and pick it and inside you will find another bathroom for a first-aid kit and the “Boston Shelter - Mayor’s Goodbye” holotape. A bit sad. Head east now, past the bathroom we looted earlier to the bedroom beyond it. In here you can find an Overdue Book and a “Mr. Gutsy Model Kit” on the table between the beds. Next door on a table you can find the “Boston Shelter - Guard Update” holotape. You can also find the “Boston Mayoral Shelter Bathroom Key” in the right cabinet in here, although if you picked it earlier it isn’t quite needed. There is also a [Master] locked terminal here that will reward you for unlocking it by unlocking a nearby security door, leading to plenty of radiation medicine, "Stimpak" iconStimpaks, two Ammo Boxes and an Explosives Box.

Continue down the hallway (ignore the bathroom on the right) and unlock the [Novice] Toolbox you find. Head down the stairs now and kill off the Synths you find down below (they patrol a bit… you may have fought them already up above). You can find a Camera and Teddy Bear by the pipes down here (the developers are having fun again, it seems), but continue down to a locker room/gym area. This area is stocked with various sports stuff you can take if you want, but be sure to check out the right-side of the gym for a mechanical room. Inside you can find a "Fusion Core" iconFusion Core and the “Boston Shelter - Where are you?” holotape on a chair. You can also find a "Mini Nuke" iconMini Nuke in the upper cabinet behind the chair.

Save now and then go explore the hole in the wall just to the left. This leads up to dead-end, but a "Deathclaw" iconDeathclaw will actually drop down and attack! Take him out! Note there is a "Fat Man" iconFat Man nearby you can pick up and use if you wish, but take him out however you can (there isn’t a lot of room to hide in here, so stay healed up and use your most powerful weapons). There is a [Novice] locked ammo box in here as well.

You are pretty much done with this area. Remember the pipe room from before? The one you skipped earlier? You will be using it to leave. From the gym exit, hand a right and up the stairs open the hatch you find. The right path is a dead end, so head left and take the pipes to a split (you may have to fight some more Synths in the pipes here). At the split, the right path is once again a dead end but has a "Bottlecap Mine" iconBottlecap Mine you can pick up. Follow the pipes now back up to the elevator and take it up. On your way up you will have to fight a group of three more Synths, so be ready for them and leave the Mayoral Shelter behind. From here it’s time to make you way south-east to reach the north-western end of "Lake Cochituate" iconLake Cochituate, where the "Poseidon Reservoir" iconPoseidon Reservoir building sits.

Poseidon Reservoir

As you approach this area, be wary of the many Ghouls walking (or laying) outside of it. Try to find one from a ways away though and shoot him so you can pick them off as they run at you (which is always fun in my opinion!). The north side of the building has the stairwell leading up to the roof that you can climb to find more Ghouls and a room up on the top with a Chem Box. You can also follow the right path through the double doors up here to wind around to a dead Raider you can loot.

The only other thing you should outside is head to the south side of the building where you will find a large pipe dipping into the water. This pipe hides a secret! You can dive into the water near the pipe and get through a large hole in it to travel up inside it to an area by the reservoir building where you can find a “Robot Model Kit Parts” on a table (with a Bottlecap Mine). Grab them and head around to the main entrance and enter the reservoir now.

As you may have guessed, there are a ton of Ghouls inside. If you have a strong silenced weapon you can pick them off one by one fairly easily, or you could just get their attention and kill them off as they come up the ramp and from the room nearby. You can also shoot the oil down below to spark a big fire, if you wanted. Once you are clear, check the room on the right here first to find a [Novice] locked First Aid Box and a terminal that is unlocked. Use the terminal to open the security doors down below (you can’t pick them) and then head UP the stairs here. This upper path is a dead-end, so we may as well explore it really quick for the various junk before heading down to the lower floor. Grab the junk up here and head down the stairs to the lower floor.

The room in front of you has a room on the right with a bathroom scale you can disarm. There is a leveled weapon in the corner and a weapon’s bench in here too. The room we came down from is mostly junk, but loot it anyway for the Toolbox and Toolcase, then head south to the double mag-locked doors you opened earlier. Duck into the right bathroom here for a First Aid Box and then kill the Ghouls you find up ahead (which will very likely include a Glowing One so be careful and take him out first if you can). The room they are guarding has a Steamer Trunk and a [Master] Safe inside (yikes, hopefully you can pick it!), as well as a Chemistry Station. Loot away!

Once done, exit the Reservoir and make your way south-west, up the hill a bit to the nearby landmark. Watch for Raiders as you approach and you’ll soon find the "Roadside Pines Motel" iconRoadside Pines Motel.

Roadside Pines Motel

There is a group of Raiders occupying this motel, but just a handful of them really. If you can, try to kill the one up on the roof as he (or she) likely has a "Missile Launcher" iconMissile Launcher or fat man. Also be careful of any Raiders in power armor here. Kill them off using the walls and doors as cover so you can explore this area.

Once the area is Raider-free, you can use the Chemistry/Cooking Stations out front if you wish. Note the Ammo Box to the left of the Chemistry Station. Off to the left, in the ruined corner of the building is the motel office. You can find a [Novice] safe on the floor and in the corner outside the office you can find some power armor (which is… a bit random). Wear it or store it, up to you, but let’s finish looting this place as there isn’t much left here. Check the pool next but be careful as there is a makeshift bomb in the corner, near the Ammo Box. Once you have disarmed that, check behind the motel to find a Fusion Core in the back.

And that’s it for the Roadside Pines Motel. Short and sweet! Next up head southeast to the lake icon to find “Lake Cochituate”. This lake is huge, but approach it for the discovery XP and location, then head south. You will discover the ruins of Natick here, marked as “"Natick Banks" iconNatick Banks” on the map.

Natick Banks

Natick has mines scattered around the ruined town, so be careful as you explore. There are also quite a few Deathclaws here (you may face as many as three Deathclaws while finding the items below) so be ready!

Natick is in ruins and has no buildings you can zone into. There are also no real awesome items here (so don’t expect any skill books or bobbleheads), but there are a number of items we can find. Let’s go through the note-able ones below.

The first shop you likely run into as you approach town is the coffee shop on the left, which you should check the second floor of to find a steamer trunk (hanging off a ledge). There is a diner in town (further south on the right) that you can find a [Novice] locked chem box on the second floor. South of the diner is a bookstore area (in utter ruins) that has an Ammo Box under the counter. Head west to the church now and head up to the second floor (after you loot the meat bags). Near the stairs leading up to the steeple you can find a [Novice] Lockbox. Head back down and head south from the church and explore the second floor of the house you find. You will find a [Novice] terminal up here (with some sad log entries) and an [Expert] safe on the nearby wall. Fun!

That’s about it for note-worthy things in the town. However, there is another map marker here, the “"Natick Police Department" iconNatick Police Department” just to the east of where you are (east of the church). You likely even saw the location pop up, but go check it out now.

Natick Police Department

This location, like the town itself, has no area you will zone into (which is a bit odd for a Police Department as most of them have you load into even a small area). In fact, the police department is falling into the lake! Heh. Head inside and note that there is a book return console here you can use if you wish. Here’s what you can get out of it:

Item Cost Number
Kickball 2 Tokens 2
Basketball 4 Tokens 1
Pencil 2 Tokens 2
Toy Rocketship 14 Tokens 3
Pen 2 Tokens 3
Pencil 2 Tokens 3

There’s nothing else of interest in this front area, so head down hallway to the north and duck into the first destroyed room on the left. Check the lockers here for the “Eddie Winter "Holotape" iconHolotape 4” key item, which is part of the quest “Long Time Coming” for "Nick Valentine" iconNick Valentine. The right side of this hallway has three cells. The first two cells both have a [Novice] lock, but the third (unlocked) cell has the only item with an Overdue Book . You can also head up to the second floor thanks to some stairs nearby for various junk in cubicles but you can also find the “Natick Police Evidence Terminal”. You can use this to find locations for the other Eddie Winter Holotapes if you wish (although this on only points you to the “"Coast Guard Pier" iconCoast Guard Pier”, but worth looking at).

You are now done with Natick Banks and Natick Police Department locations. There’s only one more location that we need to get now to complete our exploration, but it is going to mean going for a swim. The location we are headed to is to the southeast, across the lake. It is a radiation icon by the way, so head to the lake (pop some Rad-X) and go for a swim to the south-east, heading towards the radiation icon once you see it and soon you will be at the “"Mass Fusion Disposal Site" iconMass Fusion Disposal Site”.

Mass Fusion Disposal Site

This location is inhabited by a group of Super Mutants, so before you explore you’ll need to take them out. There is a northern area with stairs leading up a tree that likely has a Super Mutant on guard duty and a southern shack that likely has a couple more Super Mutants hanging out nearby, along with one more Super Mutant wandering around. Take them all out, watching out for the melee users (use the northern tree for cover). Once you’ve taken the enemies out, check the northern tree area (on the ground) to find a Steamer Trunk and an Ammo Box. There’s also some “Super Mutant Wrist Wraps” (for "Strong" iconStrong, your Super Mutant companion). Head up the stairs here as well to find an Ammo Box at the top. After that, check the southern shack to find three Ammo Boxes (one is under the metal desk, to the left) and a First Aid Box.

That’s it for this area and for this exploration section in general. There are other nearby areas to the east and south, but you’ll get a find excuse to explore them soon enough. With that in mind, let’s go talk to Piper in "Diamond City" iconDiamond City and get back on the hunt!

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