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Fallout 4

Best Left Forgotten (Nuclear Launch Key)

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
To Franny
Safe Room Security Tape
Assault Marine Armor Right Arm
Assault Marine Armor Left Arm
Fringe Cove Dock Key
Assault Marrine Armor Left Leg
Assault Marine Armor Right Leg
Nuclear Launch Key

Harbor Grand Hotel

Last piece of armor on our armor hunt! For this one you’ll end up revisiting “Southwest Harbor” and finally exploring the “Harbor Grand Hotel”. If you’ve been doing all the side-quests earlier in the guide, you can fast travel to “Southwest Harbor” right now so do so. From here you’ll want to then aim to head east to reach the “Harbor Grand Hotel”, which, while only a check-point, is still worth clearing out.

Head east past the docks and down the road. You may encounter Wolves on the way and the Red Rocket station that you find has a First Aid Box in it behind the counter. The house to the south also has a Bobby Pin Box on the second floor, if you need it. Keep heading east and soon you’ll arrive at the “Harbor Grand Hotel”.

There are quite a few Super Mutants living in this area, including a few that are hanging up on the roof. Snipe them off if you can. Head to the right side of the building (around it) to get to a pool area with a lot of Mutants you can wipe out. Note the Steamer Trunk in the pool as well. The reason you were taken this way first is because nearby is a destroyed section of housing (at the end of the building) that you can use to get to the hotel’s roof, which is handy as you probably have Super Mutants shooting down at you. Head up the stairs and use the broken ceiling to reach the roof (finding an [Advanced] locked Wooden Crate on the way up.

Wipe out the enemies on the roof and head to the north corner to find an Explosives Box. Head back down now and note the entrance to the hotel by the pool. It’s time to head inside, even though this is technically part of the quest “Cleansing the Land” . There’s no harm in taking care of this now, and no sense in waiting to do it later.

Kill any Super Mutants on your level once you enter and note that you can find an [Advanced] lock in the kitchen up here to the right. You can also head downstairs to find two more entrances and some more random junk, so loot it all and then head to the floor you entered from. Continue from here past the kitchen to the hotel rooms on the right. You’ll have to wind your way through some broken walls, but in the far hotel room you will find a keypad you can interact with.

This opens the way to a secret room. Inside by the skeleton you can find the “To Franny” Holotape. Interesting. You can also find an [Expert] wall Safe in here as well as a [Novice] locked Ammo Box. There’s other various junk here as well. Interact with the terminal here now and listen to the tape to hear what actually happened here. You’ll be rewarded with the code needed for the launch key later, “4467512”. Good to know. You can also eject the “Safe Room Security Tape” from the terminal, an your objective will be changed to “Obtain the Nuclear Launch Key”. This key is apparently located to the west, near Haddock Cove, where another cache of Marine Combat Armor is waiting… speaking of which, however, you should first go after the cache of armor near the Far Harbor Hotel before turning your attention to the west.

Find the Marine Combat Armor Shipments (Part 2)

Leave the hotel and head east; this cache is a WAYS out, but with the marker it is easy to find. Take some Rad-X to lower the RADS (if necessary) you’ll take and go out for a swim. You’ll see the top of the ship sticking out of the water on this one, so when you get out to the marker swim down and you’ll find the Steamer Trunk amongst some coral. Open it up for the “Assault Marine Armor Right Arm” as well as the “Assault Marine Armor Left Arm” .

Fringe Cove Docks

To actually obtain the Nuclear Launch Key you’ll need to finally explore the Fringe Cove Docks, an area you may have discovered during the “Hull Breach 3/Blood Tide (Part 2)” section. If not, it’s south across a swamp from the Ruined Church area explored during “What Atom Requires” . However you must, make your way to the location, which is a giant dock of course, but is also crawling with Mirelurks. Take them out and explore.

The only real note-able thing here is the fact that the main warehouse here has a [Master] door lock, which can be hard to crack unless you’ve fully leveled up your lockpicking skill. However, you can also get to this area from underneath by jumping down into the water and climbing up into the warehouse as the floor has given way. Be prepared to fight some leveled up harder enemies here though (Mirelurk Kings and whatnot). The “prize” in the warehouse is a steamer trunk that contains the key to the door here: “Fringe Cove Dock Key” . You can find plenty of junk in this location though, just be sure to check the various railcar boxes scattered around this area to find plenty of wooden crates with various mines and goodies inside them.

With that area explored, turn your attention to the west and note that the quest marker here will point underwater. First, however, you’ll need to clear out the Anglers lurking in the water; you can take pot-shots at them from the western docks of Fringe Cove Docks. Once they’ve been subdued to your satisfaction, hop in the water and follow the marker to find the ship underwater and enter the cabin to find the safe. Thanks to the

hotel section up above, it’ll opens right up for you and the “Nuclear Launch Key” is yours. With the Nuclear Launch Key in your possession, the power of the submarine in The Nucleus is in reach… but before you do something rash, you should probably check out DiMA’s Secret Medical Facility. No sense in making important changes on insufficient evidence, right?

Before any of that, though, let’s go grab the last bit of Marine Combat Armor.

Find the Marine Combat Armor Shipments (Part 3)

Fast-travel (or walk north-west) to Haddock Cover The first destination is Haddock Cove, which was covered in full detail in the section “Hull Breach 3/Blood Tide (Part 2)” . Once there follow the southern peninsula west to the edge of the water and swim out to the marker, where you will spot a mostly submerged ship. Swim down into the water and enter the lower door from the north side. You’ll get inside the cargo bay area and find a steamer trunk off to the left. This nets you the “Assault Marine Armor Left Leg” as well as the “Assault Marine Armor Right Leg” .

Now, if you want to equip these you should take into account the fact that they are unmodded, so at the very least visit the Armor Bench and add some prefixes to them. These aren’t legendary pieces either, so take that into account on whether or not you want to equip them. Either way, you are done collecting the special armor after Memory Puzzle #5, so congrats on your new armor set.

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