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Fallout 4

Show No Mercy

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
U.S. Covert Operations Manual

Fort Strong

Now this is a fun mission! Once you are done meeting everyone aboard the Prydwen, go find Elder Maxson and talk to him out on the bridge. You will start out talking about the Institute and he’ll reveal that he’s not yet ready to commit to building the Signal Interceptor. In the meantime he will point down to a nearby island and tell you that it is "Fort Strong" iconFort Strong, and is overrun by Super Mutants. However, they are sitting on top of an armory of "Mini Nuke" iconMini Nukes that you are going to claim. Ready to storm the place? Good, head on over to the Vertibird that is prepped and get in.

You will fly over to Fort "Strong" iconStrong now (likely discovering it as you do) and will see a "Super Mutant Behemoth" iconSuper Mutant Behemoth as you approach your destination. Use the Vertibird’s "Minigun" iconMinigun to take it out! It will throw stones at you as you strafe it in the sky, but it can’t stand up to your Minigun at all and will fall after a few passes. The Vertibird will land shortly afterward, but you can stay in it and kill all of the smaller Super Mutants that show up with the Minigun, which will keep you from having to waste your own ammo. Of course, if you find yourself getting too much attention, from levelled Super Mutants, don’t be afraid to bail. You are, after all, a sitting duck for opportunistic grenades here.

Once everything is dead, jump out and loot all the corpses. Now, there isn’t much of interest in the housing area but you should note there are a lot of radioactive barrels inside the houses themselves (so watch out for radiation). The big thing to do outside here is to head to the north side of the island, cross a bridge and check out the “entrance building” over there (a guard shack of some sort, certainly). Inside of it is a suit of Power Armor, perhaps yet another suit of X-01. Other than that you can find a dock with a Caps Stash on the east side of the island and there are possibly some random "Mirelurk" iconMirelurks to be found but head for the main building now and enter the “Fort Strong Armory” to continue.

Fort Strong Armory

Inside here you are going to fight a bunch of Super Mutants and take over the building for the Brotherhood of Steel. This first room is a mess. Note that you can actually jump up the rubble to the upper floor here to find a bunch of junk if you wish. After that, head into the left room and make your way forward. There are three office rooms full of random junk on the left and four Super Mutants to kill scattered around back here, so wipe them out and press forward to the back room. This back room has an elevator to the left (which you will take later). To the south are some more rooms off a hallway, with three more Super Mutants in them. Wipe them all out so you can explore. You can find a first aid kit in the bathroom back here, and the room on the left has some rubble that you can once again use to jump up to the second floor.

Continue on and nab the two ammo boxes on the table. The door on the right (in the corner) back here has a lock [Novice] but it leads back to the entrance (pick it anyway). The other door in the back has a lock [Novice] as well. You definitely want to pick this one, as it leads to “General Brock’s Room” and has all sorts of goodies for you. You have an army box full of items, the “Fort Strong Key” on the desk and more importantly the U.S. Covert Operations Manual skill magazine which boosts your sneaking permanently. Also grab the Mini Nuke in the corner and open the safe in the other corner for even more goodies. Now that you have looted the General’s room, time to go back to the elevator and take it down to finish clearing out the armory.

This is the last area to clear out. As you head forward, check the left room for a first-aid kit and the right room (the bathroom) for some "Purified Water" iconPurified Water in the toilet (because where else would you keep it?). Down below the balcony get a sneak attack in on the two Super Mutants and their two Mutated Hounds. Now, down below are several more rooms, but to the north (in or past the hallway) are three more Super Mutants to kill. They are the last ones here, but be wary, as one of them possesses a "Missile Launcher" iconMissile Launcher and is not afraid to use it.

Kill them all off and you will be told to talk to "Paladin Danse" iconPaladin Danse next, but first, let’s explore! The east and south rooms from below are all junk, but look around in case it is junk you want. Head up the north hallway next and the right room up here has the “Bravo Team Testing Terminal” which is worth a read (lucky Alpha Team!). The left room has more junk, but further in you can find two Mini Nukes and an open armory door leading to an Ammo Box and a First Aid Box. You can also see the Mini Nuke containers here which, unfortunately, you can’t pick up and use, but it looks like the Brotherhood just scored a major haul! That’s all there is to it, go ahead and talk to Danse once you are ready to continue. Agree with him here for a “Danse Loves That” notification and you’ll be told to report back to Elder Maxson on the Prydwen.

Leave the armory and head back to the Prydwen via fast travel. The Elder is easy to find once you arrive so head over to him and report in. He will be very pleased as you can imagine, and will give you eight "Vertibird Signal Grenade" iconVertibird Signal Grenades, which are quite nice. The mission will soon end as you’re done talking to him. After this he’ll talk about the Institute and ask you to locate them. You can now bring up the Signal interceptor and he’ll finally be ready to hear you out.

Objective Reward
For clearing out "Fort Strong" iconFort Strong 354 XP
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