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Fallout 4

Bunker Hill and Boston After Dark

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
Guns and Bullets
Live & Love

You should have already discovered "Bunker Hill" iconBunker Hill during the quest "The Silver Shroud" iconThe Silver Shroud , but it was left unexplored. Until now. Carrington of the Railroad told you about a dead drop you needed to pick up, and since most everything non-story related in the south is done, it only make sense to quest your way back up north, starting with Bunker Hill. Fast-travel to "Pickman Gallery" iconPickman Gallery or some other nearby place ("Cabot House" iconCabot House works fine if you have it) and cross a bridge running north-west near Cabot House (west of Pickman Square). Once you’re across the bridge follow the riverside road to the west until you find a red car near a brick building on the right-hand side of the road. Search a Mailbox nearby to find - and listen to - “Stockton’s "Holotape" iconHolotape”… and it pretty much won’t tell you a darn thing. Ugh…

From here, backtrack down the riverside road to the east until you find the bridge you crossed, then follow another road north to find the large obelisk that marks the location of Bunker Hill. Head up the stairs leading to the town and the mayor, Kessler, will stop you at the gates. Respond with whatever you want (yes, even “Raider”) and she’ll let you in. Lovely.

Bunker Hil

Since this is your first time in Bunker Hill (well, your first time officially exploring it, anyways), your first stop should be the top of the obelisk in the center of town. Find some stairs along the northern end of the structure and ascend them to the top to find a Live & Love skill magazine. This particular one gives you the perk of “Permanently gain +25% XP from persuading men”. Not bad.

You can go see Old Man Stockton right away, but there’s a few things you can do around town first. Get your "Charisma" iconCharisma gear ready and search around the obelisk, as a small girl named Meg usually hangs around it. You can talk to her and get an offer for a “Tour” of town for 10 Caps. It isn’t worth the caps of course, as it is a two-second explanation, but you can pass a hard speech check for a free tour and the XP (she will even comment later how she can’t believe she gave you the tour for free).

There are also two Miscellaneous Quests to find here. The first is from the general store owner, Deb (the woman in the blue jumpsuit) who when asked for work will give you the Miscellaneous Quest “Clear the Training Yard” . You can get up to 300 Caps by pressing her for more money if you can pass an easy, moderate and hard speech check (worth if just for the XP). The second person you can get work from is from Joe Savoldi, the pub owner. After talking to him about his kid joining the Railroad (choose what you will… be pro-Railroad for "Deacon" iconDeacon to like you a bit more), you can ask Joe for some extra work and he will give you the Miscellaneous Quest “Find any trace of Brent Savoldi” . If you can pass an easy speech check here, he will offer up to 300 Caps.

Objective Reward
For clearing the Training Yard for Deb 354 XP 150 - 300 Caps

After you complete the task for Deb (which again, you should already have done, which should require any extra work on your part aside from haggling) she’ll refer you to Kessler, who may have work for you. Go see her and, sure enough, she does. Some Raiders have been doing dirty business with Bunker Hill (Raiders? Not honoring their word? Perish the thought!) and they need to be eliminated. Agree and you’ll be charged with clearing out Judge Zeller and his gang from the East Boston Prep School. Pass a hard speech check to get more goodies out of Kessler (two "Stimpak" iconStimpaks, two "Med-X" iconMed-X and twenty-four "5mm Round" icon5mm Rounds), then put this quest on the back-burner for now.

To pick up a more interesting quest, find a Ghoul named Edward Deegan, who usually stands along the eastern end of the obelisk or rests at the Savoldi flophouse at night. He’s conspicuous for being particularly well-armored, and will try to talk to you when you approach, offering work for “people who can handle themselves in dangerous situations”. Seems your exploits have preceded you. Immediately haggle for a reward by passing a moderate speech check without even knowing about the job (because that’s how you roll) and he’ll refer you to his boss, Jack Cabot, who resides in Cabot House. This starts the quest "Special Delivery" iconSpecial Delivery , which you’ll get back to after “Boston After Dark” … and a few other quests.

Facilitate Delivery

Now head over to the market area and get your shopping out of the way if needed (also note the “Utility Basement” door in the floor of the market, which is inaccessible). You will find Old Man Stockton here as well. Go talk to him and give the countersign and he’ll talk about his issue. Save here and make sure your Charisma gear is on, and then choose to question him as asking questions to this paranoid man ends up giving you an easy speech check and later on a hard speech check. In the end, he will tell you that a group of Raiders is at his usual meeting spot, and asks you to get rid of them. That’s it! So easy!

Head out of town and follow the objective as you head northwest. You will end up running into the “"BADTFL Regional Office" iconBADTFL Regional Office” as you go along (where Raiders usually hang out, so be careful!) but just past that is a church where the objective marker stops. There are three Raiders here that need to be wiped out. Take them out and you will be told to wait until night for Stockton. Go ahead and use one of the pews here and wait (sit down and press [Triangle] or [Y]) until about 10:00 PM… or, if it’s already night time, just wait an hour. Stockton should show up, and accompanied by a synth named H2-22. Go ahead and talk to him and Stockton will soon light up a lamp and leave the synth with us. You can talk to H2-22 a bit if you want but he won’t volunteer much info.

Wait a while longer and soon a man named High Rise will show up. He will be your contact and will recognize Deacon if you have him with you. He will then ask you to accompany him to “"Ticonderoga" iconTiconderoga”. Go ahead and follow High Rise as he escorts his new synth charge. You will run into scattered Raiders along the way but you will also end up going south and locating the "Monsignor Plaza" iconMonsignor Plaza location, which, as you well know is crawling with Raiders. Exterminate them, then Continue to follow High Rise and soon he will lead you to Ticonderoga, on the edge of the river. You are officially told to go talk to Carrington at this point but you really should take a break and use the elevator to head up to the safehouse.


This safehouse is in the top of a tower, which is pretty neat. Here you can sleep if you wish and use just about every crafting station there is (cooking, armor, weapons, chems). There is a variety of good items you can freely take here as well, so stock up. Of particular note, head up the central stairs and take the left path up to the last room on the right. Here you will find a copy of Gun and Bullets . Can’t argue with that! There is a stealth-boy and "Mini Nuke" iconMini Nuke here as well! Finally, there is an [Expert] Terminal in the room across from here (High Rise’s computer) but unlike everything else in here it is a hostile action to hack this thing. However, if you quicksave you can hide and hack this terminal. All it has is some notes on some agents though. Surprisingly enough, Deacon will approve of this action. Heh.

Head out of the safe house now and let’s go report back to Dr. Carrington. Fast Travel back the headquarters and go see Dr. Carrington. He will be glad and give you a Hardened Combat Sniper Rifle along with some Bobby Pins and Caps, after which he’ll ask you to check on another safehouse that has gone dark, which starts the quest "Butcher's Bill" iconButcher’s Bill .

Objective Reward
For resolving the H2-22 situation 390 XP 190 Caps ".45 Round" icon.45 Round x5 Bobby Pin x5 Hardened Combat Rifle
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