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Fallout 4

Skill Magazines

Nathan Garvin

This section will list all of the skill books found throughout the game, telling you what they are, what they do, and where to find them. In order to find every single one, you will end up traveling to every corner of the wasteland, so finding them all is going to be quite a journey. This guide is partly designed as a “Tour of the Wasteland”, and so you should try to follow the guide so you can find these at the same time. But if for whatever reason you have missed one, this section has your back!

Astoundingly Awesome Tales

“You’ve collected an issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales!”

These magazines do not provide a single perk, unlike most other magazines. Instead, each issue provides its on separate perk. We’ll list them all out below:

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Volume #1): “Regenerate 1 point of health per minute.”

Location: Boston Mayoral Shelter (down in living area, on a nightstand by the bed).

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Volume #2): “Do +5% damage with scoped weapons.”

Location: Coast Guard Pier (Southwest of Diamond City, on river).

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Volume #3): “Take 5% less damage from robots.”

Location: Dunwich Borers (at Station 3, head to the bottom of the pit and check the armor table at the bottom).

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Volume #4): “Do +5% damage with the Alien Blaster.”

Location: Hubris Comics (Northeast of Diamond City), located on the top floor in the dressing room (under the blood pack on the table).

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Volume #5): “Gain +5 Poison Resistance.”

Location: Pickman Gallery. When you encounter Pickman and clear the room, look on the floor under the steamer trunk to find this magazine.

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Volume #6): “Do +5% damage against Mirelurks.”

Location: Skylanes Flight 1981. Find this in a bathroom on the upper floor of the south-western section of the plane.

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Volume #7): “Do +5% damage at night.”

Location: Outpost Zimonja, on a Workshop. Hard to miss.

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Volume #8): “Gain +5 Action Points.”

Location: Vault 114 (after rescuing Nick Valentine - up the exit stairs, near a chair and candles).

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Volume #9): “Do +5% damage with the Cryolator.”

Location: Inside the Railroad HQ (During the “Road to Freedom” quest).

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Volume #10): “Gain +5 Radiation Resistance.”

Location: Sentinel Site / Sentinel Site Prescott, found in one of the side rooms on your way down to the bottom area. Check the desks on your way down.

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Volume #11): “RadAway heals +5% radiation damage.”

Location: East Boston Preparatory School, fight your way to the top floor and check the tables in the southeast room.

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Volume #12): “Your canine companion permanently takes 10% less damage.”

Location: Inside the Institute: out on the left balcony in Holder’s *(upper level) apartment.

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Volume #13): “Do +5% damage against Ghouls.”

Location: Crater of Atom (Inside Mother’s House, top floor, found during “The Glowing Sea” main mission).

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Volume #14): “Do +5% damage against Super Mutants.”

Location: Trinity Plaza, inside the church, up by the steamer trunk in the front of the church (guarded by Super Mutants).

Grognak the Barbarian

“Critical Hits with unarmed and melee attacks permanently do +5% damage.”

  • Location: In your house in Sanctuary, on the counter between the kitchen and the living room.
  • Location: Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup, in the room with the Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup Key and the Terminal.
  • Location: Vault 81, as a reward for doing the “Short Stories” quest.
  • Location: Hyde Park. On top of the tallest building, on a safe behind a chair (near some candles).
  • Location: Corvega Assembly Plant, near the steamer trunk where the “boss” of the area is located.
  • Location: Back Street Apparel, in an apartment upstairs on a table (near a master safe).
  • Location: Mass Pike Interchange, up on the freeway where the Gunners are stationed. Inside a shack, on a toilet. Reading material!
  • Location: Swan’s Pond, in the gazebo near a TON of radioactive barrels, by a skeleton. Be sure to pop some Rad-X for this one!
  • Location: This one is unmarked, but head to Andrew Station (southeast of Diamond City) and northeast of it you should be able to find “Joe Spuckies Sandwich Shop”. The house to the west of that is destroyed, but you can get up to the third floor to find this magazine by a mattress.
  • Location: Vault 75 (Malden Middle School Basement), found in the Overseer’s Office, on a bed.
  • Location: Museum of Witchcraft (northeast portion of the map), in the top floor, on a table. Look for it after taking care of the big guy…

Guns and Bullets

“Ballistic weapons permanently do +5% critical damage.”

  • Location: Ft. Hagen (upper level, in kitchen - during “Reunions” quest).
  • Location: Cambridge Police Station (safe on lower level). Note: You can only get this skill book after completing the quest “Reunions” . It will not appear in the Safe earlier, although it will respawn if you’ve looted the Safe previously.
  • Location: BADTFL Regional Office (During “Exploring Cambridge” / “Long Time Coming” Quest).
  • Location: S. Boston Military Checkpoint (inside the outpost, on a desk).
  • Location: Quincy Ruins, up on the upper highway, on a desk by the Gunner’s Terminal.
  • Location: Fraternal Post 115, inside loot the podium near where the boss Dead Eye was.
  • Location: nside Gunners Plaza, in the upper floor lounge area (on a table by the checkers board).
  • Location: At The Castle, near the central radio, on a desk. Very hard to miss.
  • Location: Ticonderoga Safehouse (best found during the quest “Boston After Dark” ).
  • Location: Rook Family House (located in the northeast part of the map), in the shelter on the table by the lantern.

Hot Rodder

“Permanently unlock a new custom paint job for your Power Armor.”

  • Location: Robotics Disposal Ground. In the south eastern corner of the building, on a desk.
  • Location: Atom Cats Garage. Located in Zeke’s living quarters, on a table.
  • Location: In the heavily trapped, maze-like parking garage just west of Milton General Hospital (south of Diamond City). Make your way to the top floor and you will find it near a bed.

La Coiffe

“Permanently unlock a new unique hairstyle.”

  • Location: Inside of Charleston Laundry, an unmarked location just a bit southwest of the U.S.S Constitution/Weatherby Savings & Loan (or, a bit south east of Bunker Hill. It has a “Dry Cleaning” sign on the building. It is inside a shopping basket once you enter the laundromat.
  • Location: Inside Fallon’s Department Store, on the top floor in the hexagonal room, on the table (same room as the Steamer Trunk).

Live & Love

“You’ve collected an issue of Live and Love!”

These magazines do not provide a single perk, unlike most other magazines. Instead, each issue provides its on separate perk.

  • Live & Love (Volume #1): “Companions permanently gain +10 Health.”

Location: Faneuil Hall (During the quest “Road to Freedom” OR “The Gilded Grasshopper”).

  • Live & Love (Volume #2): “Companions do +5% damage.”

Location: College Square Station (inside, on the safe behind the counter).

  • Live & Love (Volume #3): “Companions permanently gain +10 carry weight.”

Location: WRVR Broadcast Station (southeast of Natick, along the river).

  • Live & Love (Volume #4): “Gain +25% XP from persuading women.”

Location: Fiddler’s Green Trailer Estates. Inside the trailer just south of the locked Power Armor trailer.

  • Live & Love (Volume #5): “Permanently gain +1 Luck from alcohol when adventuring with a companion.”

Location: Revere Beach Station (northeast of Goodneighbor, on the water front). This is actually located at the top of the destroyed house just north of the station, by a steamer trunk and laying on a cooking station. Such an odd perk!

  • Live & Love (Volume #6): “Companions permanently gain +5 Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance.”

Location: Goodneighbor. Head inside The Third Rail and into the northern bathroom. Check the stalls here for the magazine.

  • Live & Love (Volume #7): “Gain +25% XP from persuading men.”

Location: Bunker Hill (top of the tall tower in the middle of town).

  • Live & Love (Volume #8): “Permanently gain +5% XP while adventuring with a companion.”

Location: Goodneighbor. Head inside the Hotel Rexford and look on the counter to the right (behind the counter).

  • Live & Love (Volume #9): “Robot companions permanently inflict +5% damage.”

Location: Schoolhouse in Diamond City (in the back). Goes great with the teacher and robot assistant, I think!

Massachusetts Surgical Journal

“Permanently inflict +2% limb damage”.

  • Location: Greentech Genetics (up on third floor, in the office rooms on a table).
  • Location: Boston Public Library (Reward for turning in 10 Overdue Books).
  • Location: Cambridge Polymer Lab (Complete the “Cambridge Polymer Lab” Quest).
  • Location: Medford Memorial Hospital. Can be found during the quest “Liberty Reprimed” , or just during random exploration. The book is on the second flooor, west door behind an [Advanced] lock).
  • Location: Greater Mass Blood Clinic (inside the lab room, requires [Advanced] hacking)
  • Location: Med-Tek Research (Med-Tek Sub-Levels). Can only be done during the MacCready Companion Quest “Long Road Ahead” . In the room with the medicine MacCready is searching for (with the other goodies of the area).
  • Location: Sandy Coves Convalescent Home (northeast of Salem). Open the security door inside to find the magazine.
  • Location: Cabot House (northeast of Goodneighbor), in the upstairs bedroom. Requires that you complete the Cabot House quest chain ( “Special Delivery” , “Emogene Takes a Lover” , and “The Secret of Cabot House” ).
  • Location: Parsons State Insane Asylum. Requires that you complete the Cabot House quest chain ( “Special Delivery” , “Emogene Takes a Lover” , and “The Secret of Cabot House” ). You need to enter the room the dad is/was in.

Picket Fences

“You’ve collected an issue of Picket Fences!”

These magazines allow you to build various special items at settlement workshops. Great if you are a builder!

  • Location: Weston Water Treatment Plant. Down an elevator, in a room beyond a door that you can open with a button. It’s on a cabinet next to the Facilities Terminal.

Effect: “You are now able to build patio furniture at settlement workshops”.

  • Location: Hardware Town. Upper floor, on a desk in the office.

Effect: “You are now able to build a high tech light at settlement workshops”.

  • Location: Beantown Brewery. Located in the “boss room”, in front of the Steamer Trunk.

Effect: “You are now able to build picket fencing at settlement workshops”.

  • Location: The Combat Zone. Located on a table in front of the ring.

Effect: “You are now able to build potted plants at settlement workshops”.

  • Location: Saugus Ironworks. Inside the Blast Furnace room, where Slag (and the Explosives Bobblehead) are located, on the floor up where Slag was standing.

Effect: “You are now able to build new statues at settlement workshops”.

RobCo Fun

“You’ve collected an issue of RobCo Fun!

Each of these magazines gives you a game to play with your Pip-Boy. There is a game that is not gained from a magazine though: “Red Menace”, which is located in the Vault 111 Recreational Terminal at the very start of the game. Below you’ll find a list of the magazines (and games) you can find out in the world, excluding Red Menace.

  • Location: Museum of Freedom. In the room you meet Preston and Sturges in, on the table by Sturges. Unlocks the “Atomic Command” game.
  • Location: Diamond City. Specifically, the Valentine Detective Agency, search a desk in the north-western corner. Unlocks the “Zeta Invaders” game.
  • Location: Fort Hagen (Fort Hagen Command Center). Best gotten when doing the “Reunions” quest. It is behind the terminal you have to use after the boss fight, on the ground. Unlocks the “Pip-Fall” game.
  • Location: Goodneighbor. Specifically, the Memory Den, down in the treatment room you visit for the ques t “Dangerous Minds” . Unlocks the “Grognak the Barbarian” game.

Taboo Tattoos

“You’ve collected an issue of Taboo Tattoos!”

These magazines give you options on facial tattoos. Crazy!

  • Location: Thicket Excavations (east of Sanctuary). Inside a trailer that is just south of the quarry.
  • Location: In the Concord Civic Access (sewers) under Concord, in a small room near where the Mirelurk… well, lurks.
  • Location: Mass Pike Tunnel West. Behind an [Advanced] locked terminal (invest in hacking!), next to “Det. Perry’s Holotape” by a corpse (presumably Det. Perry).
  • Location: Inside Vault 81 (west of Diamond City), in the barber shop, along the west wall.
  • Location: Irish Pride Industries Shipyard (north of Goodneighbor). Head to the ship docked inside and look inside the ship. It is on the table, by the lantern.

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

“Permanently gain better prices when buying from a vendor.”

  • Location: Wreck of the FMS Northern Star (on the southeast portion of the map), located on a table on the top deck.
  • Location: Mystic Pines (west of Covenant), on a Holotape Player along the western wall of the front room.
  • Location: Super-Duper Mart (west of Mystic Pines / Covenant), in a magazine rack outside the cafe area.
  • Location: Big John’s Salvage (south of Diamond City). Located at the top of the giant middle structure in the junkyard.
  • Location: Inside Walden Pond (south of Sanctuary). Kill the Raiders in the open area and search near the lantern on the barrel.
  • Location: Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant (east of Diamond City, by the shore). Head downstairs and into the far back room, on a bench.
  • Location: Gwinnett Brewery (east of Diamond City, by the shore, but south of the Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant). This one can be tricky to find, it is found by following the pipes and broken catwalks up in the ceiling to a room hidden in the upper levels. Consult the area in the guide if you happen to need further directions.
  • Location: Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery. In the same room as the Barter Bobblehead, in one of the upper (north) rooms in the cannery. Use the catwalks, pipes and stairs to make your way up there.

Tesla Science

“Energy weapons permanently inflict +5% critical damage.”

  • Location: Arcjet Systems (south of Sanctuary). Upstairs in the booby-trapped manager’s office.
  • Location: Poseidon Energy (in the southeast corner of the map). Up in the living area, on a desk next to the Endurance Bobblehead.
  • Location: HalluciGen, Inc. (slightly northeast of Diamond City). Inside the room on the first floor with the Weapons Customization Bench (and the “current prototype”), on a desk in the corner.
  • Location: General Atomics Factory (east of Diamond City, on the coast). Up on the second floor, past the [Expert] door on a table in the office.
  • Location: University Point (southeast of Diamond City, near the coast). Inside the “University Point: Sedgwick Hall”, up in a room on the very top floor (on the north side of the building).
  • Location: Inside the “Rocky Cave” in the Glowing Sea (where Virgil lives). Best grabbed during “The Glowing Sea” quest.
  • Location: Mass Fusion Building. Found two floors above the glass ceiling, on a blue computer console. Best grabbed during the “Mass Fusion” mission for the Brotherhood of Steel or the Institute (if you do either of those). If not, take the right elevator up, then cross the floor and take the opposite elevator up, then forward, up the ramp, head to the right (stick to the wall) and wrap around to a blue console where the magazine is. Will require you to do so after the mission listed up above (so late in the game).
  • Location: Reeb Marina (southwest of Salem). On a table in the back of the main building (where the robots lead you to).
  • Location: Mahkra Fishpacking (northeast corner of the map - literally). Take the middle elevator down and head counter-clockwise to the end of the room. It is under the stairs, by a Steamer Trunk on a table.

Total Hack

“You’ve collected an issue of Total Hack!”

These magazines give you the “source code” for various things (turrets, robots, spotlights) that give you unique control options to use from a terminal controlling them.

  • Location: Wildwood Cemetery, under the main tree in the center of the cemetery. Gives you the “Includes the turret hacking source code” (Turret Override Program).
  • Location: Wattz Consumer Electronics (north of Diamond City, past river, approaching second river). Located in the basement, past the door the terminal opens, on a desk. Gives you the “Includes the Protectron hacking source code” (Protectron Override Program).
  • Location: The Shamrock Taphouse (east of Goodneighbor, by the coast). Found inside the “game room” with a mannequin holding the magazine in its hands. We can’t make this up! Gives you the “Includes the Spotlight hacking source code” (Spotlight Override Program).

Tumblers Today

“You’ve collected an issue of Tumbers Today!”

There are five ranks of the “Tumblers Today” perk, each increasing the size of the lockpicking sweet spot.

  • Location: Poseiden Energy Turbine #18-F (north/northeast of Diamond City, southwest of Salem). Enter the small metal building from the northeast, find it in the back by a steamer trunk.
  • Location: Fens Street Sewer (northeast of Diamond City). Near the end of the dungeon, near the “Dear Detective 4” holotape.
  • Location: Malden Center (northeast of Covenant). Head to the bottom of the subway and take the elevator down. Continue down to a fight between Synths and Raiders. Wipe them out and check the northeast shipping container to find the magazine on a shelf.
  • Location: East City Downs (northeast of Goodneighbor, north of Boston Airport). Head up to the announcer’s booth (2nd level, west side of track) where the boss “Eager Ernie” is and you’ll find it on a table in his area (near the Steamer Trunk).
  • Location: West Roxbury Station (south of Diamond City). Head down to the subway and pass east through both trains (use the central buttons), then take a left and head north to a room with another button. Search in the locker nearby (with a candle) for the magazine.


“Permanently gain +1% chance of avoiding all damage from an attack.”

  • Location: Hubris Comics (northeast of Diamond City), near cash register as you enter.
  • Location: D.B. Technical High School (southeast of Diamond City). Near the main boss, Bosco, on the table nearby after you kill him.
  • Location: At the Westing Estate (southwest of Diamond City), out in the shack past the plank bridge, near the cooler and mattress, on the floor.
  • Location: Shaw High School (south of Diamond City). In the library, the final room of the area (after you have the key), with a Steamer Trunk and Overdue Books.
  • Location: Suffolk County Charter School (south of Shaw High School, southren portion of the map). Again, in the library (which is also the final room here), with a Steamer Trunk.

U.S. Army Covert Operations Manual

“Permanently more difficult to detect while sneaking.”

  • Location: USAF Satellite Station Oliva (east of Sanctuary), in the subterranean bunker, in the intel room, on a desk. You’ll need to hack a Guard Terminal [Advanced] to get into this room.
  • Location: Ft. Hagen Command Center (Bottom of Bunker, in the bedroom near the Armory - during the “Reunions” main quest).
  • Location: Federal Surveillance Center K-21B (southwest portion of map, northwest corner of the Glowing Sea area). To the left of the terminal on the very bottom floor.
  • Location: Inside the unmarked “Sewer” area - Found on the “Tradecraft” mission (with the Railroad Faction). Best to follow the guide for that mission for directions.
  • Location: In Libertalia, on the “main” huge ship to the south, on the third floor. Near a chair overlooking the area. Picturesque!
  • Location: Federal Ration Stockpile. Southwest of the room you fight Red Tourette (the boss of the area) in her personal room.
  • Location: National Guard Training Yard. This is actually in the National Guard Barracks, which you access from inside the National Guard Recruitment Office (hacking an [Expert] terminal to get there). Once there, head upstairs to the second floor and drop through the hole in the floor, then make your way to the northwest break room to find it on a table.
  • Location: Revere Satellite Array (southwest of Salem, east of the National Guard Training Yard). Head up the center satellite structure to find it at the top, by a lantern.
  • Location: Fort Strong (Fort Strong Armory - southeast of the Boston Airport). Best grabbed while doing the “Show No Mercy “ Brotherhood of Steel quest, but inside the generals room, on his desk.
  • Location: Inside the U.S.S. Constitution (east of Bunker Hill). Either pick the [Master] Captain’s Quarters lock or complete the quest “Last Voyage of the USS Constitution” to gain access. You can find the magazine inside, on a table next to a lantern.

Wasteland Survival Guide

“You’ve collected an issue of the Wasteland Survival Guide!”

These magazines do not provide a single perk, unlike most other magazines. Instead, each issue provides its on separate perk. There are nine total magazines here. Also note that issues #4 and #5 aren’t listed in your PERKS list (since they unlock things instead of give you a perk).

  • Wasteland Survival Guide (Volume #1): “Heal 50% more from fruits and vegetables.”

Location: Wreck of the USS Riptide (north of Diamond City). It is on a red table in the main cabin of the ship just beneath the bridge.

  • Wasteland Survival Guide (Volume #2): “Permanently take 5% less damage from insects.”

Location: Crater House (south of Salem). A radioactive place filled with Children of Atom kooks. On the lower level, on a table near a lantern.

  • Wasteland Survival Guide (Volume #3): “Permanently heal +50% from irradiated packaged food and drink.”

Location: Egret Tours Marina (southwest of Diamond City, on the river). Head out onto the dock into the small diner. You’ll see it on the counter inside.

  • Wasteland Survival Guide (Volume #4): “Permanently unlock new decoration items in workshop settlements.”

Location: Lynn Woods (west of Parsons State Insane Asylum). Inside the wooden house by the tower, lying on a mattress.

  • Wasteland Survival Guide (Volume #5): “Permanently adds Diamond City to the Map.”

Location: Gorski Cabin (South of the Museum of Freedom), inside the “Root Cellar”, on a table in the back.

  • Wasteland Survival Guide (Volume #6): “Permanently gain +10% discount from food and drink vendors.”

Location: Nahant Oceanological Society. Far EAST side of the map, in the middle. About as far east as you can go, east of Nahant. Head into the house and into the back room; you will find it on the left side on a desk (next to a typewriter).

  • Wasteland Survival Guide (Volume #7): “Permanently swim +25% faster.”

Location: Old Gullet Sinkhole (North of Malden). Head down into the sinkhole and at the bottom you’ll find this magazine by the Cooking Station.

  • Wasteland Survival Guide (Volume #8): “Permanently take 5% less damage from melee attacks.”

Location: Ranger Cabin. South of Vault 111 you’ll find the Ranger Cabin, inside of which you’ll find this book on some furniture along the eastern wall.

  • Wasteland Survival Guide (Volume #9): “Collect extra meat from animal kills.”

Location: Sunshine Tidings Co-op (south of Sanctuary). In a house on a hill along the western end of town, on the floor near an Industrial Trunk.

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