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Fallout 4

Cranberry Island and Huntress Island

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area .
Eliza Map of Home Eliza Journal 6
Eliza Journal 1 Eliza Journal 7
Eliza Journal 2 Eliza Family Drawing
Eliza Journal 3 Cranberry Island Shed Key
Eliza Journal 4 Cranberry Isladn Supplies Note
Eliza Journal 5

Waves Crest Orphanage

Brave explorers, you! Let’s get on with it. From Brooke’s Head Lighthouse head east, north-east along a road until you reach Waves Crest Orphanage, looting any houses along the way that catch your fancy. The orphanage itself isn’t terribly interesting; there are a few Ghouls inside, and a Steamer Trunk on the second floor, but the real fun lies up the road a bit to the north, where you’ll find another giant Hermit Crab you can kill and loot.

You can continue further north along the road, looting houses along the way until you reach some docks and warehouses across from the Vim! Pop Factory, which won’t be explored until later. At these docks you’ll find what used to be a Trapper haven, now over-run with Feral Ghouls. There’s a variety of loot to be had here, the best of which is a Fusion Core in a generator.

Cranberry Island

The next stop on this journey is Cranberry Island, which is to the east of Waves Crest Orphanage. Cranberry Island consists of three map markers, the northern-most of which is a fine place to start out. Kill whatever wildlife you might encounter here, then loot a warehouse with a Tarberry press in it to find the note “Eliza Map of Home” , which marks a route through the island connecting to three electrical signals in an “S” formation. You’ll be finding a lot of Eliza’s junk on this island… it’s something of a treasure hunt!

While this is interesting stuff, it’s not immediately lucrative. Let’s remedy that, eh? Find a beach green boat nearby and search the cabin to find two Safes, one [Novice] and one [Expert]. Not enough? Head back to shore and climb a ramp to reach the back of a semi truck, then search in a cart on the back to find an Explosives Box. Further east you’ll find another ramp leading into a shipping crate, then go up some stairs to reach a roof to find an Ammo Box and a dead Trapper. Drop off the roof and head into the building below it, then go to the northern end of the building to find “Eliza Journal 1” . Interestingly enough you can find another copy of this note in a warehouse across the street, just head upstairs and search a metal shelf near a First Aid Box… although if you grab one, the other journal will turn into “Eliza Journal 2” . Guess you just need to find enough of them, and they’ll always be in the right order? Fair enough, grab them both, then continue following the coast to the east.

Eventually you’ll run across a power plant, where several Wolves lie in wait. Teach the bad dogs a lesson, then search the yellow cylinders to find a Circuit Board that needs to be repaired. This requires either four pieces of Circuitry, a Perception score of six, or a high enough Luck score. Once done, head south-east and activate a Circuit Breaker attached to a horizontal yellow cylinder. Looks like something happened! Before continuing on, however, grab “Eliza Journal 3” off the corner of the concrete slab the generator rests on.

Backtrack to the Cranberry Island Docks and venture south down a road until you find a yellow truck, half on the paved road and half on a dirt road. Follow the dirt road and enter a the western-most of two thoroughly ruined houses to find “Eliza Journal 4” on a bed. Leave this house and head south-west to reach another ruined house, where you’ll find “Eliza Journal 5” on a table.

Continue south-west to find a second generator platform, this time occupied by a Yao Guai. Kill the beastie bear, then repair a pipe on the vertical cylinder (requires five Steel, a Strength score of seven, or the ever-potent power of luck to fix) before turning around the activating another Circuit Breaker on a generator. Once all that’s done, carry on to the south-west to find a patio table whereupon lies “Eliza Journal 6” .

Cranberry Island Bog

Return north-east to the dirt road, then follow it back east until it bisects a paved road. When this road turns into a bridge, veer off to the east to reach another building which contains three rows of tables. Search the western end of the middle table, near a scale, to find “Eliza Journal 7” .

This building happens to be on the outskirts of the second of three map markers; the Cranberry Island Bog, which consists of a variety of uninteresting structures and machinery surrounding a bog. Search the southern end of the bog to find another generator near a bridge. Like the other two generators, here you’ll have to repair something (this time some wires - use six Copper, rewire them with five Intelligence or again rely on Luck) then activate a nearby Circuit Breaker.

Once done, return back across the boat and wooden walkway to the north, then head west at a giant yellow farming machine to reach a shack. Search the shipping crate on the ground to fine a powered door, which, now provided with electricity from the island’s three generators, can be opened. Beyond the door you’ll find the Ghoulified remains of the Gibbons family, to which Eliza belonged, including Victoria Gibbons, Patrick Gibbons, Frederick Gibbons and Steven Gibbons. Put them down, then loot two First Aid Boxes, grab two Damaged Hazmat Suits, pick up the “Eliza Family Drawing” , then search a Footlocker for the “Cranberry Island Shed Key” and the “Cranberry Island Supplies Note” .

Cranberry Island Supply Shed

Return to the generator to the south, south-east, and from there climb up a hill to the east, then turn south to reach a road, which you should follow north-east until you spot the map marker for the final location; the Cranberry Island Supply Shed. Kill the Mirelurks lurking in the mire, then use that handy-dandy key you just found to open the door, wherein you’ll find a wonderful stash of supplies. Looks like Nathan failed at his job (not all Nathans can be great Nathans, after all), but the Gibbons’ family loss is your gain. You will find a total of 15 Cloth, 5 Cork, 15 Duct Tape, 6 Fertilizer, 9 Fiber Optics, 6 Fiberglass, 12 Gears, 16 Lead, 19 Leather, 4 Oil Cans, 7 Rubber, 32 Screws, 15 Springs and 20 Steel, along with whatever is in the Steamer Trunk. Enough supplies to get a good start on a new settlement post-war. Stupid, lazy, unreliable Nathan…

Huntress Island

Only one more place to go! Head north from the Cranberry Island Supply Shed to reach Huntress Island. Although the map marker is further north, the only interesting loot is along the southern end of the island. Head north-east from a dock to find a small shed which contains some minor loot… Mostly, however, it serves as a landmark. From here head south-east to find a bench with a skeleton lounging around like a pimp. Next to it is an Overdue Book and the note “Love Letter to Bridget” . Other than this there’s little of interest; you can find some Radstag to hunt, some Wolves to the east, and three Yao Guai near a house to the north. Loot whatever junk you can find, kill whatever game you come across, then get read to (finally) continue with the main story for this DLC!

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