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Fallout 4

Exploring Quincy

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
Eddie Winter "Holotape 3" iconHolotape 3
"Good Intentions" iconGood Intentions
Guns and Bullets
Overdue Book
Tessa’s Fist

Quincy Quarries

As you approach this area, do so in sneak mode as the area is held by more Raiders. It is also highly irradiated, so you will want to take some "Rad-X" iconRad-X (try to stay away from the Hazmat Suit if you can, due to the enemies you are about to engage). There is some water down in the bottom of the quarry with barrels just floating down there. It is also neat to note the truck to the east spilling barrels into the quarry as well (they were truly using this place as a dumping ground!).

Okay, time to take out the Raiders and their leader, Slough. You can snipe from the north if you want, but the south side of the quarry actually has some naturally “built into the stone” rooms, which you should clear out first. Head west from the north and follow the wall south to the southern structure. You can head east down the stairs now to enter the southern rooms and clear them out from there (use a hard-hitting close range weapon like a shotgun). Head upwards as you go and finish clearing out the Raiders outside and then you can explore.

There are quite a few locked items to find in this area. On the east side of the quarry is an [Expert] locked trailer you can open that has a Tool Case and two Ammo Boxes inside. In the middle area of the southern structure, under the stairs, you can find an [Advanced] locked Safe and two Ammo Boxes nearby. The bedrooms in the built-in rooms down below have a [Novice] locked Wooden Crate inside a bedroom and the outside area (near the water) has a lot of dead settlers and traders in a pile, with a yellow trunk and Steamer Trunk nearby. Poor people! You can explore the wooden shack up above for more various goodies (along with a cooking station and some various meat), but head to the west and go inside the trailer here to find two Ammo Boxes and a [Novice] locked Toolbox as well.

Aside from the various junk in the trailers, bedrooms and shacks you are done looting this place. Let’s continue your exploration trek now. Continue southeast from here (you’ll get to the locations in the south-west later) and you will come upon a Red Rocket. Loot it for mechanical junk and the pre-war money in the cash register, then be sure to save. You are heading directly south next to the “"Wilson Atomatoys Factory" iconWilson Atomatoys Factory”.

Wilson Atomatoys Factory

This factory is occupied by Super Mutants, so be ready to take them out. Of note here though is the named Super Mutant “Big Mack”, who is a level 59 monster with a "Minigun" iconMinigun. Very dangerous, and hard to snipe since he tends to stay inside the building on the upper-level, away from any easy way to shoot him. You can run to the side of the building and kill off the Super Mutants on the bottom level, then use hit-and-run tactics to take out Big Mack up above you (you can use the stairs leading up to him to run up, get some shots/VATS hits in, after which retreat and let your AP recover).

Once everyone is dead, you can explore in peace. This factory has a ton of those Giddy-Up Buttercup parts (which are admittedly great for turret creation, so you may want to load up on them and store them in one of your settlements). Head to the south-west corner to find a First Aid Box, then head to the upper floor. The west side has a Steamer Trunk and the “Wilson Atomatoys ID Card” on the desk nearby (one of the Super Mutant corpses likely has another copy of this key as well - but not Big Mack’s corpse). You can use this card to open a door on the ground floor, to the south-east, beyond which you’ll find more Giddyup toy bits, as well as a “Giddyup Buttercup Toy Parts” box, which is a quest item you’ll want to keep stashed away for a rainy quest.

Once that’s secured, head up to the roof now and check out the ramp nearby to find the “Super Mutant Light Body Armor” (for "Strong" iconStrong). You can also find a yellow ramp leading to a pipe south-west off the roof. You can actually follow this pipe to find a hole in the pipe you can drop down, leading to a steamer trunk with a ton of concrete bags nearby. Heh, pretty cool, but you can’t go back the way you came. Instead you’ll need to drop down to the ground below (which hurts a bit, but won’t kill you). While you are down here, be sure to check the south side of the building for a "Fusion Core" iconFusion Core in the machinery.

You are done with this area now, so let’s head to your next location, which is going to be quite the battle (so be sure to save!). Head north-east now and once you approach the town hang to the left (avoid getting noticed by the Gunners past the wall) and you will find yourself at the entrance to “"Quincy Ruins" iconQuincy Ruins”.

Quincy Ruins

Even though it was already mentioned, it bears repeating: save your game before tackling this area! The entrance has a turret that you can destroy but inside the ruined city you will end up fighting a ton of Gunners. There are also three named Gunners in this area that will prove a greater challenge than usual: Baker, Tessa and Clint. Baker is the reason you saving: he is standing up on top of the church with a "Fat Man" iconFat Man and will not hesitate to launch mini-nukes at you as soon as you are discovered. After taking out the turret near the entrance, you will want to wait a bit to make sure you are [Hidden] and then (again, if you can) snipe Baker on top of the church straight ahead from the entrance. Make him your priority target and take him out. If you can’t snipe, you will either need to rush the church (to get inside and hold out/kill Gunners from there) or go full stealth and use a "Stealth Boy" iconStealth Boy to enter the church and climb to the top from there, getting the drop on Baker and ensuring he doesn’t get to use his Fat Man.

Once you deal with Baker, be sure to check his his corpse for the “Tessa’s "Holotape" iconHolotape” item. From here, you should stick to the immediate area and wipe out the Gunners around the church and the immediate houses to make sure no one sneaks up on you later. Now, the rest of the Gunner threat is out on the highway area, which you can easily reach from the top of the church, so head up the bell-tower stairs and over to the highway (you can snipe from the church to make things easier). The big threat over on the highway is Clint, who is usually up on the highest level walking around in his power armor. Head over there with the walkway, hang a left and move around the vehicle (to the west) and use the ramp you find to get to the higher level and take Clint out. His shots are powerful, so be sure to fight around cover so you can take a breather when you need to and stay on top of your health. Once you take him out, be sure to loot his corpse and pick up gun for the unique "Good Intentions" iconGood Intentions weapon (very nice!).

Now, Tessa is usually hanging out to the south of the town (near the “"Quincy Police Station" iconQuincy Police Station”), but there is a chance she may come and find you as you are fighting in town, so there is no guarantee you will fight her after Clint as she may just come find you. If she doesn’t, head south and find her, taking out any Gunners that are around her and then dealing with her afterward. She is also in power armor like Clint was, but unlike Clint she is all about melee, rushing in to punch you over and over. Stay on the move to make it harder on her. If you do happen to fight her in the Police Station, you can jump over the desks here to make her chase you. She does have guns on her and can switch to trying to shoot you, but she seems to enjoy being up close and personal. Once you take her out, loot her for the unique item “Tessa’s Fist” , which is a piece of Power Armor that “Quadruples Durability”. A very unique find.

With all three named Gunners dead, you should be free to loot the city and Police Station now. There’s lots to explore here, so let’s use the highway as your starting point. This highway area is where a number of the Gunners slept and ate, so you can actually find a cooking and sleeping area here. The very upper level of the highway has a computer set up (the “Gunner’s Terminal”), but on the desk nearby is a Guns and Bullets magazine. There is a Steamer Trunk nearby as well. Down on the lower level is the cooking area mentioned earlier as well as meat and a First Aid Box by the truck.

Head to the church now where you can find “Sturge’s Terminal”, which is neat. He mentions the people over at the "Atom Cats Garage" iconAtom Cats Garage, which you’ll get to soon enough. There is a First Aid Box on the stairs heading up to the tower as well as an [Expert] safe upstairs in the church. Head to the house east of the church now (past the small coffee house area) and take the stairs up, finding a barred door on the way. Keep going up and you will be in a room with a double-bed. This is actually Mama Murphy’s old room, and you can find “Mama Murphy’s Note” on the desk nearby. To the south you can also open a door leading out to a balcony, where you can find “Mama Murphy’s Stash” in the cooler. Heh, such a junkie! But she saved a number of people at least thanks to it. Now, there are some stairs leading upwards to the south-east outside of the room, but if you fall down here (fall down to the right) you will land in a bathroom with a First Aid Box (and items in the mirror) but more importantly you can unchain the door that was blocked earlier.

Head outside now, back to the street (you can explore the rooftops in a bit) and continue east/south-east down the street (past the pharmacy) past the wooden obstacle in the road and unchain the doors here. Just outside is the “Quincy Police Station” if you haven’t discovered it yet, but you’ll get to it in a bit. For now, head back to the Pharmacy Store. This store belongs to the Longs and there is plenty of chems inside. You can check out “Long’s Terminal” for some story, but then go south-east to the stairwell and look for the safe on the wall under the stairs (which is already open) for some items. Next up is the liquor store where you can find an [Advanced] door lock that doesn’t actually protect anything and an [Expert] safe inside (just to the left of the chem station). The terminal here actually doesn’t do anything (a bit weird). Loot it and head to the “Guns Guns Guns” shop up the stairs nearby. You can find a caps stash behind the left counter here as well as an armor and weapon workbench. The right counter has an [Advanced] locked terminal you can hack to open the safe behind the other counter. There is plenty of clothing in here too, if any of it interests you.

You’re done with the shops in this area now, so head north past them and enter the blue house you find. This is where the Minutemen slept when they arrived to save the town, and you can find “Hollis’s Terminal” for some more story. To the north is a train that actually leads outside of town if you follow it down, but you’ll need to deactivate some laser trip-wires along the way. The only other interesting thing to do in town is perhaps explore the upper walk ways and other broken-down houses in town, although there is only really various pieces of junk to be found. Once you have had your fill of junk, head to the Quincy Police Station to the south.

Quincy Police Station

This Police Station is easy to access thanks to the broken-wall nearby (even if the front door is boarded up), so check it out to find a terminal, which has “Baker’s Holotape” in it that you can eject. There is also a “Book Return Machine” here that you can use, although if you haven’t got the skill magazine from the "Boston Public Library" iconBoston Public Library yet you really shouldn’t be spending tokens here. Here’s the list, nonetheless:

Item Cost Number
Undamaged Baseball Gloves 12 Tokens 2
Undamaged Camera 36 Tokens 2
Toothbrush 2 Tokens 2
Hairbrush 4 Tokens 1
Magnifying Glass 16 Tokens 4
Undamaged Camera 36 Tokens 5

Head upstairs now to find an Ammo Box and Cooler, then head back to the first floor and go to the door behind the counter to enter “Qunicy Police Lock Up”.

Quincy Police Lock Up

This is a small area overall, so you’ll be in and out. The cell at the end here has an [Expert] lock that you can pick to find a man who tried to dig his way out with a spoon. Heh. The locker here has the “Eddie Winter "Holotape 3" iconHolotape 3 key item, which you need for "Nick Valentine" iconNick Valentine’s personal side quest “Long Time Coming” , so be sure to grab it. There’s a first-aid kit as well. You can check the “Quincy Police Evidence Terminal” here for info on other Eddie Winter tapes and various police info, then check the middle cell for an Overdue Book . And that’s all there really is here, so go head and leave.

Peabody House

You are close to your destination for the "Kid in a Fridge" iconKid in a Fridge quest (finally!). From here, head south-east and you will soon be at the “"Peabody House" iconPeabody House”. This is the final destination for the “Kid in a Fridge” quest, and once you reach it Billy will actually find his parents! They… uh… must have genes that predispose them towards ghoulification, or something? You will complete the quest here, but you’re not quite done. Bullet will yell out for you from outside the house, demanding the boy and the parents as well. If you want, you can actually talk your way out of this confrontation but before doing so you should put on your "Charisma" iconCharisma gear as it is a hard speech check. You could also just go out and kill the slavers, which results in more XP anyways. Alternately, you can tell Bullet to take the family if you wish (again, you monster you!).

Bullet brought along three other Gunners with him and they are spread around the house. You can use the house for cover if you wish, picking them off one by one. Bullet himself is a tough target, but the parents help out here as well and they are actually considered vital NPCs, so they won’t die. Just be careful of the grenades and kill off the Gunners one by one and you’ll save the family. Matt, the dad, will be thankful afterwards and will give you a reward of 250 caps.

Objective Reward
For reuniting Billy with his rotting family 177 XP 250 Caps

Well, you are done with that quest and done with this location (you can’t loot anything here unless you want to steal), so let’s continue your exploration. Your next landmark is to the north-east a bit and has the generic “factory” marker on the map. Head up there to find out that it is “"Poseidon Energy" iconPoseidon Energy”.

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