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Fallout 4

Powering Up

Nathan Garvin

Just like the last quest, this one starts by talking to Father so make your way to "The Institute" iconThe Institute and seek him out. Once you find him, Father will say that it is time The Institute announces itself to the world and asks you to make a speech using the recording equipment nearby. Most of this speech is indeed scripted, but you can put in your own phrasing at certain times and allow yourself to come off as either benevolent or a dictator. Your choice, really. This doesn’t affect your interaction with the factions or endings whatsoever, as it is more a message to the people in the Commonwealth than anything else. You know, flavor and whatnot.

Once you have finished your speech, Father will ask if you want to make a trip to "Diamond City" iconDiamond City. You are going to enhance the Diamond City Radio Station in order to send out your message. Father will mention the parts you need are already on site (making us ask why whoever put them there didn’t just install it themselves), so go ahead and fast travel to Diamond City now.

Diamond City

Make your way to the Diamond City Radio building in the outfield and enter. Travis, as usual, really doesn’t care but will chat with you based on what you’ve done for him (or haven’t done). Underneath the radio equipment just opposite of the door is the “Radio Parts Crate” that you can open to get three parts. Now, what you have to do here is put them in the right order in the equipment in front of you (the missing panels to the left, center, and right). The game doesn’t tell you what order to put them in, but the middle lights will light up if you get it right making this a guessing game. Of course this is a guide, so here are the right places for the parts:

Left: Radio Thing With Buttons

Center: Radio Thing With Dials

Right: Radio Thing With Tubes

Once you get them in, leave the radio shack and head back to The Institute. Instead of going to Father’s abode you need to head back to Advanced Systems. It is time to officially power up the reactor. Make your way to the reactor room and down the linear path to the reactor itself, looting whatever you wish along the way. Once you get into the reactor room, go up and talk to Father, who after thanking you will go address the directors while you are free to put in the Beryllium Agitator. Go ahead and put it in the reactor, then interact with the terminal outside the room and choose “Initiate Reactor Startup Sequence”. And with that you have nuclear power!

Talk to Father now and he will ask you to attend the next directorate meeting in his place, which is happening now, so head back to the main Institute area outside of the Advanced Systems. The directors are actually still walking back here, so sit down in the lobby and wait for a few hours to give them a chance to catch up. After that, head up to the meeting room like last time and take your place in the director’s seat. Hehehe…

This meeting, unfortunately, is quite out of your hands. You start it by talking to Dr. Filmore to your right, but soon you’ll be told the Institute has “already decided” on projecting their power giving you little to say in the matter. You are given the choice to focus on Weapon Development or Enhanced Synth Production at one point, so choose what you wish here, but you aren’t actually allowed to dictate the way the Institute goes forward. This will actually conclude the quest after the meeting. Wait a few moments and soon the next quest, “"End of the Line" iconEnd of the Line”, will show up.

Objective Reward
For powering up the Institute 590 XP
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Powering Up

Complete ""Powering Up" iconPowering Up".

Trophy icon

As you head off to meet with Father, you should be intercepted by a Synth, who will tell you he has a message from Z1-14, which is an excuse to go meet him at your quarters. Do so and he’ll tell you that the Brotherhood of Steel has discovered the location of the "Railroad HQ" iconRailroad HQ, and if you’ve worked with the Brotherhood at all… well, the Brotherhood wants to destroy all Synths, and the Railroad views them as human. They’re not going to be friends. Fast-travel to the Railroad HQ and warn Desdemona, who will give you a Railway RIfle and some ammo for it. This will finally complete “"Underground Undercover" iconUnderground Undercover” and get you back on track with the Railroad again. And you only have to play through 90% of the Institute’s storyline to do it! This starts the quest “"Precipice of War" iconPrecipice of War”, which starts immediately.

Objective Reward
For warning the Railroad of danger 779 XP Railway Rifle "Railway Spike" iconRailway Spikes x44
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Underground Undercover

Complete "Underground Undercover".

Trophy icon
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