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Fallout 4

Boston After Dark

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for the Railroad faction quest Boston After Dark.

This quest will begin shortly after you complete the quest Tradecraft, after which you’ll be invited to join the Railroad. Accept, follow Desdemona into the Railroad HQ, and after your introductions, talk to Dr. Carrington and he’ll give you the details on this quest.

(1 of 3) Talk to Dr. Carrington to start this quest,

Retrieve the Dead Drop

The first phase of this quest requires you to seek out a dead drop in the vicinity of Bunker Hill; a mailbox marked with a Railroad sign. This dead drop can be found southeast of Monsignor Plaza, southwest of Bunker Hill. Pickup Stockton’s Holotape from the dead drop, then make your way over to Bunker Hill.

Meet Old Man Stockton

You can find Stockton in the bazaar of Bunker Hill. Go talk to him and respond with “Countersign” when prompted to get him to talk about the operation. If you choose to respond covertly, things will go smoother, but it doesn’t matter all that much: a group of Raiders is at his usual meeting spot, and you need to get rid of them.

(1 of 2) Kill the Raiders in Cambridge Cathedral,

Kill the Raiders in Cambridge Cathedral, (left), then wait until nightfall - 10:00 PM will suffice. (right)

Secure the Rendezvous Point

Your goal now is the Cambridge Cathedral, which can be found northwest of Bunker Hill. Exit Bunker Hill and make your way west - if you keep going mostly west you’ll probably run afoul of the Super Mutants occupying a nearby skyscraper, while if you go further north you’ll find BADTFL Regional Office and the Raiders that dwell there. Either way, you’re probably not reaching your destination without a fight.

Kill what you must and when you reach the Cambridge Cathedral, put down the handful of Raiders (one of which may be moderately leveled) you find inside, as well as any Ghouls in the vicinity. Once done, you’ll need to wait until night for Stockton to arrive; if it’s not night already, just use one of the pews to advance time, waiting until it’s at least 10:00 PM. Stockton should show up eventually, accompanied by a synth named H2-22. Go ahead and talk to him and Stockton will soon light up a lamp and leave the synth with us. You can talk to H2-22 a bit if you want but he won’t volunteer much info.

(1 of 3) After some waiting and signals from Stockton, a Railroad agent named High Rise will arrive.

Escort H2-22 to Ticonderoga

Wait a while longer and soon a man named High Rise will show up, and after some chatter he’ll tell you that more Raiders are plaguing the road between you and your destination - [Ticonderoga].

[Ticonderoga] is due south of Monsignor Plaza, and many of the Raiders you’ll need to fight are the ones that habitually reside outside of Monsignor Plaza’s northern entrance. If you wiped out the Raiders around Monsignor Plaza recently, you shouldn’t have much trouble, if not, expect to fight around half a dozen Raiders.

Kill anything that shoots at you and follow High Rise to [Ticonderoga] to safely deliver H2-22. You should discover [Ticonderoga] after High Rise stops talking, indicating that the area is now marked on your map and accessible for use as a safehouse, should you need another port in the storm. The specifics will be covered on [its own page], but for now, it’s time to head back to Railroad HQ and report to Dr. Carrington.

(1 of 3) Without missing a beat, Dr. Carrington will give you another task - investigate Augusta Safehouse.

When you return to the Railroad HQ you’ll likely get pestered by Drummer Boy, who will tell you Tinker Tom wants to talk to you. This is likely setting up one of his Weathervane quests, you can undertake at your leisure. For now, however, report back to Dr. Carrington to complete this quest, after which he’ll ask you to check on another safehouse that has gone dark, which starts the quest Butcher’s Bill .

Objective Reward
For resolving the H2-22 situation XP // 190 Caps // Weapons and Ammo

You should now be able to talk to PAM to start her first Railroad quest, [Mercer Safehouse] (which you’ll want to prioritize if you want to unlock Ballistic Weave) as well as talk to Tinker Tom to start his Weathervane radiant quests, as you prefer.

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