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Fallout 4

Curtain Call

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
Astoundingly Awesome Tales #14
"Melee Bobblehead" iconMelee Bobblehead
Overdue Book x4

Trinity Plaza

From the "Boston Public Library" iconBoston Public Library head east to find a spooky old church, marked on your map as “"Trinity Plaza" iconTrinity Plaza”. There’s a quest that can be done around here, but it’s semi-unique in that no one really give it to you; rather you hear about it on the radio. More specifically, if you are in the "Diamond City" iconDiamond City area (your current location will suffice), tune to “"Trinity Tower" iconTrinity Tower Radio” and listen to the repeated broadcast. This will give you the "Curtain Call" iconCurtain Call quest. Well, since you’re here and all… why not lend a helping hand?

Trinity Church

First, however, why not explore the aforementioned church? Surely the Super Mutant’s hostage will be fine for a few more minutes. Inside the church you’ll spot some double doors to the east… and some grisly indicators of what dwells in here now. Some good aiming and a suppressed, long-range weapon should be all you need to take out the muties lurking at the far eastern end of the church… and their little dog, too! Once they’re dead, explore the chapel. Start out by heading east into a room along the northern end of the building. In this room you’ll find some stairs, which you should descend until you reach the bottom floor. Exit the chamber the stairs are in to reach the lower floor, upon which much of the upper floor has collapsed. Head south across the rubble until you spot a bathroom, from which turn east into a small room with numerous podiums. From here, head through a hole in the wall in the north-eastern corner of the room and search a small table with a ruined terminal on it to find an Overdue Book . Another Overdue Book stands on-end on a table to the north-east, near a cardboard box. In another room to the north you can also find an already-unlocked Safe with goodies inside of it hiding behind a bookshelf, and on another bookshelf nearby you’ll find a third Overdue Book .

Grab the books and backtrack to - and up - the stairs you took down here, then ascend two additional flight of stairs to reach a wooden walkway over the chapel floor below. Make your way to the southern side of the building to find a door [Expert], beyond which you can find a few containers to loot, some "Wine" iconWine and some Super Mutant Wrist Wraps. Leave the room and continue west a bit until you find a break in the railings, from which you can drop down to the eastern part of the main floor of the chapel. You won’t even take any fall damage, so don’t be a wimp. Loot any muties you may have sniped earlier, then search the main podium to find a copy of Astoundingly Awesome Tales #14 and loot the Steamer Trunk nearby. Once done, continue onto an elevated platform east of the podium and head down some stairs to find a fourth Overdue Book on some metal shelves. If you ascend some stairs to the west and turn east you should be able to spot two containers, one of which is a Toolbox [Novice]… and that should be it for all the noteworthy loot in this place.

Trinity Tower (Exterior)

Leave Trinity Church and head around it to the south-east to spot Trinity Tower. Once you get to Trinity Tower you will face a Super Mutant and his Mongrel at the bottom. Eradicate them, grab some Super Mutant Cowl Armor from behind a counter, listen to some mutie named Fist taunt you over the intercom, then continue up to the second floor. Up on the second floor you can go to the nearby elevator right away (which you’ll want to do shortly) but it is worth noting you can head up two more stories using the stairs and building collapse. There aren’t any enemies or loot up there, but it is worth checking out quickly anyways as you’ll be using this path later during this mission. Anywho, enter the elevator and activate it to continue.

Trinity Tower Middle Level

Be ready to fight (and get in sneak mode) as soon as you exit the elevator. Kill the Super Mutants that Fist sics on you, then head into a bathroom east of the desk, where you’ll find a dead trader that has a decent amount of caps. This also leads to a small storage area with a [Novice] toolbox past the bathroom. In an office in the south-western corner of this floor has an [Expert] safe under the desk, while the other office has a Caps Stash. After nabbing those items, check out the south-eastern corner to find a hole in the floor, down which is another Super Mutant, so go kill him. Grab whatever goodies appeal to you, then note the door [Advanced] to the north. Pick it if you can, but if you can’t and want in, return to the elevator you used to ascend to this area and drop down the shaft of another elevator to the north to bypass the locked door.

Inside the room you’ll find a First Aid Box, and a Tool Case and a locked Safe [Advanced] upon which is a Super Mutant Waistcloth. Make that yours, then hack the nearby Terminal [Novice], which controls the door and the safe by the way. Nice of them to make it novice so no one can get stuck down here. Return back upstairs and head up some stairs between the offices along the southern end of the area to reach a higher floor. Kill the Super Mutant on the west, then search the room he was in to find two ammo boxes and some Super Mutant Leg Guards.

Leave this room and head through a doorway to the east, then search the corner room up here to find a Safe [Expert] safe in it, as well as a Duffle Bag. Head up a ramp to the north and kill two more Super Mutants, then search a desk in the room they occupied to find a First Aid Box and a Caps Stash. Rob it and use the nearby elevator to continue our trek up the tower.

Trinity Tower Upper Level

Once again, be ready to fight as you leave the elevator as there are more Super Mutants waiting for you, most of which will be on high ground, but those possessing melee weapons will come down to greet you with some violence.. When the initial opposition is dead, be sure to loot the desk across from the elevator for some Super Mutant Leg Armor and a First Aid Box. Next head through a doorway to the south, then turn east and go through a doorway there before turning north to find another door [Advanced]. Pick the lock and loot the storage closet beyond, then return to the room into which the elevator deposited you.

Head up several flights of stairs south of the elevator and kill off anything that opposes you, then briefly ignore some more stairs to the east and instead continue south through a doorway to find a Safe [Expert] near a mix board. Return back north and head up some red-carpeted stairs, then enter a room to the west and ascend a ramp, where you’ll get into a fight with the Super Mutant named “Fist”, who has been taunting you on our way up the tower, and comes equipped with a mini-gun. He’s got a "Minigun" iconMinigun, so if you can, keep your distance (a critical hit or sneak attack is a great way to start out the fight).

When Fist and any of his cronies are dead search along the northern end of the area to find some Super Mutant Heavy Armor, which you’ll want to pick up as you’ll be using it soon. There is also a Steamer Trunk here that has the key item “Trinity Tower Cell Key”. Go ahead and pick it up if you don’t want to pick a [Master] lock coming up. Now for the main event: head to the cell and talk to Rex and "Strong" iconStrong, picking whatever dialog you wish. This Rex guy is genuinely insane: he was trying to teach them Macbeth? Wow…

Go ahead and let them out at this point, but like Strong mentions there are Super Mutants on the way. Once you let them out, go defend the area you came from and kill the three Super Mutants that show up. Once they are dead, you are safe. Time for the real goodies! Head into the cage that you opened to score a First Aid Box, a Toolbox, the “Macbeth Script” Rex was supposedly using, a cooler, and the big prize: the "Melee Bobblehead" iconMelee Bobblehead . This thing is great for any melee users as it grants the buff: “Permanently gain +25% critical damage with melee weapons”. Can’t complain about that!

The Descent of Doom

From the cage head to the nearby elevator where Strong and Rex are waiting and check near the button for a First Aid Box. Take the elevator down and be wary, as more foes will have entered the tower, and they will attack you on your way down. This can include throwing "Molotov Cocktail" iconMolotov Cocktails and Frag Grenades at you, so keep your health high and be ready for these foes.

When the elevator stops take some stairs down and kill two Super Mutants along the way, then turn south and ride another elevator down to reach the top floor of the exterior part of Trinity Tower (the outside area you can access without taking any elevators). From here follow the planks to solid ground and head down to the ground floor. Once you reach the exit, go ahead and talk to Rex and respond however you wish. Rex will give you a reward here, “Reginald’s Suit” (if you’re male) or “Agatha’s Dress (if you’re female) which is likely an upgrade to your CHR build as it gives you +3 "Charisma" iconCharisma. Not bad!

More importantly you now have Strong available as a companion! Strong can be taken with you now if you wish and he can wear all that Super Mutant armor you’ve been finding lying around. Whether or not you take him is up to you, but he is strong (as his name subtly implies) and can carry more than any other companion so it is up to you. And with that the “Curtain Call” quest is officially done. A new Bobblehead and a companion… not bad for a bit of murder.

Objective Reward
For rescuing Rex and "Strong" iconStrong 248 XP Agatha’s Dress (female) Reginald’s Suit (male)
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