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Fallout 4

Red Rocket Truck Stop

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for the "Red Rocket Truck Stop" iconRed Rocket Truck Stop area in Fallout 4, including the Mole Rat den nearby.

Exit Sanctuary via the bridge to the southeast, following the road towards Concord. As you go, you’ll undoubtedly spot the Red Rocket Truck Stop to the right - the big red rocket can’t fail to stand out amidst the wasteland.

The Red Rocket Truck Stop.

How to Recruit Dogmeat

The Red Rocket Truck Stop is home to "Dogmeat" iconDogmeat, Fallout’s recurring canine companion. Find the pooch in the parking lot and react favorably when Dogmeat approaches to gain yourself a new companion. Dogmeat is not the most competent ally when it comes to combat, but he’ll still contribute by biting enemies, sometimes restraining them if they’re standing or taking them out if they’re prone. Whatever your long term goals are, if you’re still near the start of the game, you might want to allow Dogmeat to tag along just to soak up some bullets for you.

Interacting with Dogmeat will result in the very good boy becoming your first traveling companion.

Exploring Red Rocket Truck Stop

As for the area itself, there’s not a whole lot of interesting loot. You’ll find numerous items in the garage and the store itself, but little of great interest. There are, however, numerous crafting stations surrounding the building, including a Weapons Workbench and a Power Armor Station in the garage, a Cooking Station and Armor Workbench out back and a Chemistry Station along the side of the building, opposite the garage.

Inside the manager’s office you’ll find the Red Rocket Terminal, which is mostly interesting because it details a nearby cave you can explore, along with the hazards you may find therein. Just check out the entries [Business Entries] and [Safe Storage]. This cave will be discussed later, under the header Mole Rat Den.

(1 of 2) Claim the settlement via the Workshop in the garage,

Claim the settlement via the Workshop in the garage, (left), then fend off the Mole Rats which surface and attack. (right)

Red Rocket Truck Stop as a Settlement

In the garage of the Red Rocket Truck Stop you’ll find a Workshop, which you can interact with to claim the Red Rocket Truck Stop as a settlement. Doing this will provoke a nest of Mole Rats to surface and attack, so stay sharp and work alongside Dogmeat to exterminate the rodents.

While well stocked with crafting stations, Red Rocket Truck Stop has some faults as a settlement. First and most obviously… well, it’s a gas station. The red brick building, pumps, decorative rocket statue are all features you can’t do much with. You can build within the existing structure, but this doesn’t offer a whole lot of quality space, and the parking lot has somewhat mixed utility for crop, although much of it is broken up enough to allow you to establish a farm. There’s also no freestanding source of water, so you’ll have to rule out Water Purifiers.

You certainly don’t have as much free space here as you did in Sanctuary, especially if you’re keen on building an all-in-one structure, but there’s enough land in front of the station (on the road to some degree) and along either side of it to construct the fundamentals of your settlement. Use “Structures” / “Wood” / “Floors” / “Shack Foundations” to create a level foundation and you’re good to go. You might not be able to build as big as you’d like in any one area, but between the moderate stretches of space available, you should be able to construct everything you need.

When horizontal space is limited, build vertically. Or in this case, build horizontally on the roof of the Red Rocket Truck Stop.

There is one way to centralize your construction that requires you to think outside the box… or rather, on top of it. The gas station building itself has a relatively flat roof (not so much the overhang over the pumps…) and serves as a fine foundation for a large settlement building. You can fit 4x6 Shack Foundations atop the gas station with some room to spare, which should be plenty of space. Just be sure to use numerous stairs to reach your rooftop shack and prevent congestion. Such an elevated structure also provides a good, centralized vantage point for turrets, potentially turning the Red Rocket Truck Stop into one of the easier-to-manage settlements in the game.

(1 of 3) In the Mole Rat Den you can find a leveled Mole Rat,

Mole Rat Den

Head south from the Red Rocket Truck Stop to find a small cave, where the pre-war litterbugs stashed their garbage. Once inside, venture forward (north) until you reach a central chamber occupied by several Mole Rats. Exterminate them, loot the fungus-covered central pit for whatever trash you find appealing, then explore two side-passages to the northeast.

In the easternmost passage you’ll catch some Rads, but you can find the ironically-placed Trashbuster’s Reward note one a crate, as well a "Fusion Core" iconFusion Core . In the western one you can find a Duffle Bag containing some loot. In another side-tunnel to the west of the main chamber you’ll encounter a leveled Mole Rat, which is significantly stronger than its pals back east, but nothing a few whacks with a blunt instrument can’t take care of. When it’s dead, loot its small chamber to find a Safe [Novice].

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