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Fallout 4

Blind Betrayal

Nathan Garvin

Put on you "Charisma" iconCharisma gear and talk to Maxson, who will start talking to you furiously, explaining a very shocking truth to you… about "Paladin Danse" iconPaladin Danse. What!?! That is… seems so far-fetched! You can of course claim ignorance but soon you will have four moderate speech checks. Pass whichever one you wish (note that even if you don’t pass one, you get another chance). With suspicion on you put aside, Maxson will order you to find Danse and take him out, and to go see Proctor Quinlan for help.

Head to the main deck to see Proctor Quinlan where you will learn exactly how he identified the synth. Well, it seems undeniably true at the very least. As you are talking with Quinlan, Scribe Haylen will show up and demand answers as well, showing much more sympathy than anyone else. Quinlan will put her in line right before she asks you to follow her to share some info with you on her Vertibird. Instead of heading to her Vertibird however, Haylen takes you down to the crew’s recreation area and asks you what you intend to do. Choose what you will and she will beg you to listen to his story before making your choice. She will also tell you where he is likely headed to - a place called “"Listening Post Bravo" iconListening Post Bravo”. No need to make up your mind just yet; let’s head there first.

Listening Post Bravo

“Listening Post Bravo” is located just to the east of "Medford Memorial Hospital" iconMedford Memorial Hospital, which you traveled to recently. Go ahead and head there now or Fast Travel there if you’ve discovered it already. Outside the bunker itself are two Machine Gun Turrets, so be ready to take them out. Inside is a security door [Advanced] you can pick for some ammo. Use the terminal on the wall afterward and power up the elevator, then descend. Be sneaky as you exit down here; there are two Protectrons down here. Try to get a sneak attack on them and take them out. There is a turret in the distance as well, so take it out. You will likely see Danse in the blocked-up room beyond. Loot the area and use the Weapon and Armor crafting benches here if you wish. Of note is the "Grape Mentats" iconGrape Mentats by the blocked door here (fantastic for buying high-priced items). Head through the short cave area now and save before confronting Danse, as you have a hard choice coming up. If you want to try and spare Danse you will also want to put on your Charisma gear.

Killing Danse

First, the simple choice: if you wish to follow the Brotherhood to the end, you can execute Danse here and now. Talk to him and he’ll even encourage you to do so. Agree with him and soon he will be on his knees and you can easily put a single round in his head and be done with it. After that, loot the room and grab Danse’s “Danse’s Holotags” off his corpse. Now all you need to do is report back to Maxson on the Prydwen and you’ll be done. You will get all the rewards below, but with the traitor permanently taken care of.

Sparing Danse

Sparing Danse is a bit harder, but easily done with good Charisma gear and some save/loading. Danse, as mentioned above, is very much in favor of death so at first you must convince him that is the wrong way. Just simply refuse to execute him and you will soon get a choice of three moderate speech checks. Pass any of these and he will agree with you, telling you that he plans to flee the Commonwealth now, giving you “Danse’s Holotags” to prove that you have done your job. The game will ask you to leave the bunker. Grab the two Grape "Mentats" iconMentats nearby and loot the army Steamer Trunk here, then go ahead and leave the bunker.

Outside, you’ll meet Elder Maxson, who expected you to waver. There is a lot of dialogue here as Maxson debates his view for quite awhile and Danse actually stands up for himself. In the end, you are told to either execute Danse or he will do it. When this choice comes up, choose “Listen to Me” and you will get a chance to talk Maxson down, giving you three moderate speech checks. Pass any of them and Maxson will relent, telling Danse he is officially “dead” and to never show his face again on pain of death. Maxson will tell you to report back to the Prydwen at this point. Danse will stay at the bunker for now, but afterwards he is available to you as a permanent companion, and just won’t head to the "Boston Airport" iconBoston Airport, the Prydwen, or the "Cambridge Police Station" iconCambridge Police Station.

Paladin Promotion

Head back to the Prydwen and report to Maxson. He will congratulate you or scold you a bit depending on your choices, but in the end he awards you the rank of “Paladin” in the end, granting you Danse’s position and Power Armor. He will then tell you that Lance-Captain Kells has an assignment for you and officially wraps up this quest. Wait a few moments and the next quest, "Tactical Thinking" iconTactical Thinking , will begin.

Objective Reward
For dealing with a traitor 413 XP
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