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Fallout 4

Walk in the Park

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
Admiral’s Friend
The Fish Catcher
Recon Marine Helmet
Islander’s Almanac
Last Note From Mom

Welcome to Far Harbor… Now Go Home!

As you arrive, head forward to meet with the welcoming party. Captain Avery seems friendly enough, but not everyone is happy to see you apparently. Still, your questions will have to wait as the town will be attacked soon!

Go ahead and follow Avery, who will lead you to “The Hull”, which is in front of the main gates. Wait for it… soon survivors will run at the gate… and not be let in (lame!). Soon you will see what they were running from: Gulpers and Anglers. These mud-fish looking things come from the left and right, so be ready for them. If you REALLY want to save the survivors, it is best to jump down to the street and stand between the enemies and your prey (if not, one may get beneath you where you can’t target it). Take all of these enemies out and be sure to loot them afterwards.

Your initial meeting with Captain Avery will be cut short by an attack from beasts native to Far Harbor! (left) Help the Harbormen fend off their assailants (right) and defend the hull!

Once the enemies are dead the gate to town will open up. The leader of the survivors - Jared Gresham - will actually come up and thank you by the way, netting you an easy 140 Caps. After this he’ll air his grievances concerning Far Harbor. He’s got a point, too. Dick move, guys. Go talk to Captain Avery now who will also thank you, giving you an additional 275 Caps. Not bad for stopping an attack.

Objective Reward
For defending the Hull 275 Caps

Talk to Avery now to continue your previous discussion. She’ll tell you of Acadia and the fact that we need a guide to reach the town, suggesting that you meet up with “Longfellow” who you can meet at “The Last Plank”, the town’s bar nearby. For his part, Allen will interrupt regularly and pin the blame on some troublesome cultists, who he’s looking for help to get rid of. Ah, politics…

Exploring Far Harbor

You can now explore the town at your leisure, and the quest “Living on the Edge” starts after you talk to Captain Avery, which is a super-quest whic basically tasks you to complete several side-quests. But before messing with any of that, let’s explore Far Harbor. To start things out, you might as well talk to Avery, who will tell you a VERY abbreviated bit of Far Harbor history as well as give basic directions. Ask her about a job and she’ll ask you to look for a missing harborman named Howard Dunbar, and fix some broken Fog Condensers while you’re at it. This starts the quest “Safe Passage” .

Head west from where Avery was to find The Mariner, who will cut to the chase and ask you to get her some “specialized tools” she needs, and will offer 450 Caps for them. Be sure to pass a moderate speech check and she’ll offer to throw in “Old Jimmy’s shotgun”, as well… whatever that is. This starts the quest “Hull Breach” , which directs you to Eagle’s Cove Tannery. All in good time.

The town mechanic - The Mariner - will ask you to recover some specialized tools for her (left). Brooks - the general store owner - sells an incredibly expensive piece of Legendary Recon Armor (right).

Leave The Mariner’s house and note the Power Armor Station to the north-west; it may just come in handy should you find a new suit of Power Armor you might wish to store… or if you need to drop off some armor you brought with you. There’s also plenty of convenient containers around, for storing goodies you may find.

Turn north-east to find Allen’s shop, where the shop’s taciturn namesake will barter with you if you require ammo, armor and weapons. First, however, pass a moderate speech check (after responding to his defensive statement that “we don’t need no help from outsiders!”) to get 150 Caps and grudging acknowledgment of your badassery. There are two special weapons of note, the “Admiral’s Friend” with “Does double damage if the target is at full health” and fires harpoons (which he also sells) as well as “The Fish Catcher” , a hooked cane with “40% Less Action Point cost”. Not bad, not bad. If you’re playing this DLC after beating the main game, you likely have better though. Still, when in Rome… Eh, actually, bad analogy. If you have an Explosive Combat Shotgun, you don’t need a gladius. Or in this case, a hooked cane. There’s also a Weapon Workbench and and Armor Workbench in his shop, for your modding convenience.

Further to the north-east you can also find the “general goods” run by Brooks, who happens to sell a legendary version of a new piece of armor; Recon Armor. In this case he’s selling a “Recon Marine Helmet” , which gives +1 Agility and +1 Perception, but it’ll set you back around 10,000 Caps. Ouch.

Teddy serves as the doctor of Far Harbor, and provides essential medical services (left). His skills have their limits, however; with the right stats or perks, you can save Andre (right).

In the same building you can usually find Teddy Wright, the resident doctor of Far Harbor. As such he will preform those wonderful doctorly duties like healing, and selling you chems. He also chats about his poor patient, Andre, who got a bad dose of Far Harbor radiation, which is somehow different from mainland radiation. Guess The Pitt was different, too, so… it’s not unprecedented. Offer to help Andre and you’ll be allowed, under supervision, of course. If you investigate Andre on his bed, you’ll be able to treat him with an Intelligence score of 8+, if you have two or more ranks in the Medic perk, or if you give him a dose of Mysterious Serum. You know, that stuff you got from the Cabot House questline? Heal him up if you can, then leave him be so he can recover.

Continue north-east along the pier to find another character of interest, an old lady named Cassie, who will warn you about the omnipresent island then tell you about the doomed Dalton family. Eventually she’ll get to the point; she wants you to “avenge her bloodline”… against… the island? Indulge the crazy old lady and she’ll tell you about her poor, freckled cousin Petey, and the critters you need to smite to avenge him. This starts the quest “Blood Tide” .

You can continue north-east to the end of the dock where you’ll find Small Bertha (who threatens another Harborman with a knife) and another kid who is somehow less talkative, Tony. Aside from picking up the “Last Note From Mom” nearby, there’s not much to see and do outside anymore. It’s now time to head in to The Last Plank and talk to Longfellow, which will continue the main quest “Walk in the Park” . The multiple side-quests included under the quest “Living on the Edge” will be dealt with shortly, but there’s no reason to ignore the main narrative just yet.

Cassie will hire you to avenge her family, who have been poorly treated by the island (left). Cook up some of the bits you gathered from the critters who attacked Far Harbor earlier to get the “Just Add Saltwater” trophy/achievement! (right)

The Last Plank

Head to “The Last Plank” bar but stop just outside as you’ll see a Cooking Stove (near a red door, just north-west of where Cassie likes to sit). Go ahead and use it: by using the meat of the creatures you killed during the town attack you should be able to make the “Poached Angler” recipe.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Just Add Saltwater

Cook One of the New Far Harbor Recipes.

Trophy icon

Enter “The Last Plank” and you’ll hear the bartender is giving away beer once you enter, thanks to the fog encroaching to everyone’s doom. Lovely. Go get your free “Ice Cold Beer” by talking to Mitch and make sure you have your Charisma gear on afterward as you can get a moderate speech check from Mitch here, to get yourself some Vodka. Heh. Also be sure to check behind his counter for a note called “Run” , which is a good read.

Talk to Old Longfellow now, who doesn’t sound like he wants to take you at all. Too many deaths on his runs. Ask him about Acadia and of “Fog Condensers” as well, which the synths made to counter-act the fog. Very handy. Now, to convince him to help you: You can do so by passing either of two moderate speech checks (which is recommended for the XP) or by paying him off. Paying him off consists of buying him a bottle of Whiskey by the way, which is 6 Caps, so he really DOES want to come with you it seems. Or he just really likes Whiskey. Who doesn’t?

Convince Longfellow to take you to Acadia with words or whiskey (left) and be sure to grab the copy of Islander’s Almanac off the table he was sitting at! (right)

On the path to Acadia

Head outside and follow Longfellow who takes you west out of town and gives you some “Mirelurk Jerky”. Very nice. Head west and you’ll run into hostile trappers by some buildings. Four in total, with one in the lookout tower on the right and one on top of the building on the left (note you can get on the roof by using the leaning pole against the building). Help Longfellow take them out. Longfellow will be impressed and say you may be good in a fight. The buildings here have a Chemistry Station and a cooking station nearby, with some RadStag meat hanging up. There’s a first aid kit inside the left building as well, an Ammo Box in the shack to the right, and an Explosives Box on the roof where one of the Trappers lurked.

Kill the Trappers that have set up camp along the road (left) then put down some Fog Ghouls and steal their treasure (right).

Continue to the west and further on Ghouls will attack from a suspended boat to the north-east, with some being called “Fog Ghouls”. Condense them with some bullets, then loot a small destroyed house to the east of the boat to find a Safe [Advanced]. If you fight your way onto a dock to the north you can also find a Steamer Trunk, but be wary of all the Ghouls playing possum lying around. Once you have all the loot, return to the road and follow Longfellow.

Soon you’ll be at the mountain trail. Head up it with Longfellow. On your way you’ll likely be attacked by wolves and, at a camp stop, some Gulpers and Mirelurks. Past that you will likely be attacked by Ghouls before you run into a Child of Atom (who, unlike the mainland, doesn’t shoot on sight!). Here you can talk to her and ask about Acadia and Atom, then if you wish you can express interest in joining them to find the location of “The Nucleus” on your map (which can’t hurt).

Along the way up the mountain to Acadia you’ll meet a Child of Atom cultist (left). When you finally reach Acadia Longfellow will offer to join you as a companaion, and let you make use of his cabin as a new settlement (right).

Continue up the mountain trail and soon you’ll be at the top. Head past the shacks (first one on the right has an ammo box) and follow Longfellow into the compound. This will end the quest and start the next story mission, titled “Where You Belong” .

Longfellow will also offer to join you if you’re so inclined, making him our newest companion. He also points out “Longfellow’s Cabin” to the north of Far Harbor, which you can use as a settlement. Gotta love new settlements! Speaking of which… now that you’ve reached Acadia, it’s a good time to ditch the main story for a bit and work quests for the good people of Far Harbor. Don’t worry, Acadia isn’t going anywhere, and it may be worth your while to earn some good will amongst the Harbormen, gain some new settlements, and clear the northern part of the island while you’re at it. If you can’t be bothered, however, skip ahead to the “Where You Belong” section of the guide, where details the main story quest of the same name, otherwise continue with “Living on the Edge” and other Far Harbor side quests that will pop up.

Objective Reward
For reaching Acadia 520 XP
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