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Fallout 4

Best Left Forgotten (DiMAs Secret Medical Facility)

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
Vim CEO’s Password
Pump Regulator
Vim Power Armor Schematics
What’s Done is Done
Avery’s Locket
Avery’s Skull
December’s Child

Uncovering DiMAs Secret Medical Facility

It’s now time to turn your attention back east, towards the last unexplored area with a map marker on Far Harbor… well, depending on who you end up siding with, anyways. Just south-west of Southwest Harbor you’ll find the Vim! Pop Factory, a large sprawling area where the item Sister Mai wanted for the quest “Ablutions” , and it’s also apparently where you can “Uncover DiMA’s Secret Medical Facility” for the quest “Best Left Forgotten” . Too enticing to pass up? What could DiMA be hiding from you, and from himself? Time to find out!

Make your way east from Haddock Cove (fast-travel to the Ruined Church to shorten your trip) or by heading south-west from Southwest Harbor. Either way, follow the road to reach the front entrance along the western end of the building, but be wary of the Super Mutants guarding the entrance to the building. Kill the muties and their mutts, and if you’re feeling frisky (and have a long-ranged weapon!) circle around the building and exterminate everything you see, even the jerks on the roof. Once done, make your way back to the main entrance in the west and head inside the building. If you’ve been following the guide this will finally, mercifully, complete “Best Left Forgotten” and start “The Way Life Should Be” … although your objective to search this place for DiMA’s secret remains unchanged.

Objective Reward
For investigating DiMA’s secrets 651 XP

VIM! Corporate Headquarters

You’ll enter into the reception room of the building with SOME cover overlooking the foyer, so use that and shoot down all the enemies, retreating if needed. Note there is one Super Mutant up above on the second floor, so be ready for him. Once they’re dead, it’s time to explore. From the entrance you can head right to the bathrooms. Nothing of interest there (some teddy bears are stuffed into one of the toilets back here… the developers are funny people). To the left is a movie theater with a hole in the wall that leads to the stairwell. On the stairwell is an [Advanced] locked door that leads to a closet with a First Aid Box and and Ammo Box.

Loot the storage closet, then head up the steps and the next floor is the gift shop (which was across from the way you came in - the theater sent you down a little bit). Check it out for some cash register (one is a [Novice] lock), various junk, and a tour terminal. Discover the history of VIM! Head back to the stairway and up to the second door. The first office door on the left has a gap in the floor but an [Advanced] safe built into the wall behind it. To the left is a break area of sorts where you can get some VIM if you want it. Back in the cubicle area you’ll see a door to the “VIM! Factory Roof”, but just to the right is a work station with an [Expert] safe and “Madison’s Terminal” which is [Novice] locked. You can read some company mail from this terminal (rather interesting) and unlock the safe if you need to.

Head to the right now (where the upper Super Mutant was attacking from) for more company terminals and a red [Advanced locked door. This is the CEO’s office. You can hack the [Advanced] locked CEO Terminal to get his perspective before the bombs fell. On the desk is the “Vim CEO’s Password” as well, which bypasses the lock on the terminal, should that interest you. Anyways, time to move on; take the nearby door to “The Island” to continue.

VIM! Factory Roof

There are two things there are plenty of on the roof of this factory; junk components, and Super Mutants, including a Super Mutant Suicider somewhere around here, to be wary for him. First let’s explore the one interesting room here, then it’ll be time to head into the Factory proper.

From the double doors leading to the CEO’s Office head south, then east down a hallway, then through a room until you reach a stairwell. Ascend the flights of stairs until you reach the top, then note the double-doors across from (north of) the stairs, graced by that wonderful quest marker. Soon, marker, soon. For now, head into the room east of here to find the Vim! R&D lab, which contains a Chemistry Station and a “R & D Terminal”. Investigate it and pick the option “[Vim Recipes] to get… well, supposedly some recipes.

Explore the rest of the roof as you will, but when you’re ready to move on return to the room west of the R&D lab, at the top of the stairs, then go through the double doors into the factory.

VIM! Factory

Sneak down the stairs and stealthily kill the hound here. There is a bathroom nearby with a first aid kit in it. Up ahead are a number of Super Mutants, in the hallway and down below (you can get a good view down below from the broken wall on the right over here). Take them out, killing off whoever you can from stealth and then taking out the rest as they issue in through a hallway to the left. Once the fighting has settled down, loot the Steamer Trunk in the first room and pick up the “Pump Regulator” from the table. This item Sister Mai tasked you with retrieving, and can now be used to complete the quest “Ablutions”, and hence also “What Atom Requires”… once you’re done in here, anyways.

Head west down the hallway to the left now until you see the “Vim Mixing Terminal” on the right with a [Novice] lock. Unlock it and read the notes. This Grun guy sounds fun. You can unlock the mag-lock on the security door as well for a First Aid Box, an Explosives Box, an Ammo Box and a Duffle Bag.

Look the lucrative cage, then make your way north to reach a room where two apparently functional mixing containers can be found (you can swim in the vim if you are crazy). If you want to get a pittance of loot, search the room beyond the room between the two mixing vats to find an Ammo Box. To carry on properly, however, head north through a doorway on the upper walkway, turn east onto a blue metal roof and onto another walkway, then wrap around to the west to find another doorway to the north.

Kill the muties and note the Mole Rat corpses around (damn rodents get into everything!) then head up a ramp to the west to find a room containing a beautiful bounty of unnecessary pre-war goodness; another suit of Vim! Power Armor! Before you claim your prize, inspect the “Vim Ambassador Terminal” to the north and select the option “[Vim Paint Job Schematics]” to get… well, the “Vim Power Armor Schematics” . Groovy. You can now turn your attention to that lovely suit of Power Armor, or just leave it until you’re done with this place. Your call.

All the interesting looting in this part of the factory is done, but there’s still junk to collect and muties to kill. Fight your way to the north and you’ll find a “Vim Brewing Terminal” which you can use to activate a dormant Protectron. Continue north down a short hallway to reach a cafeteria, then go west to find an already unlocked Safe. Neat. Score an Ammo Box to the west, then backtrack to the room with the Protectron and head west into a room with several consoles and a Weapons Workbench. Go through a door to the west and drop down onto a metal walkway below, where you’ll find a Lever Action Rifle, some 45-70 Caliber ammo, a bottle of Vim Quartz an Ammo Box and some junk.

Now drop down to the ground level of the factory, and this area will be covered incredibly briefly, as it’s just not all that interesting. There might be the odd mutie and component to pick up, but mostly you’ll want to head south across the oft-watery factory floor until you reach a cubby where the way forward is blocked by a security door. Loot a First Aid Box and a Toolbox on some metal shelves, then turn your attention to the nearby Terminal [Novice]. Hack the terminal and open the nearby security door, then take the elevator beyond it down.

Descend some stairs to find an untidy basement with a patch of dirt in the middle - which your quest marker guides you towards. Search this dirt, this “Unmarked Grave” to find… a whole host of unwelcome items. These include the “What’s Done is Done” Holotape, the “Avery’s Locket” item, and “Avery’s Skull” . Yeah, you… YOU KNOW what this means! Dammit, Synths, this is why people don’t like you. On the list of “things not to do to get people to not hate you”, killing and replacing people has got to be up there.

Picking up these three things adds a few objectives:

  • Objective: Confront DiMA about Avery’s murder
  • Objective: Tell Far Harbor about Avery’s murder
  • Objective (OPTIONAL): Report back to Kasumi
    Oh, those new objectives will get some attention very soon. For now, though, go ahead and loot the rest of this room (there isn’t much to speak of here, just various junk), but as you loot to the left you will hear a voice and will be told to “Talk to KYE 1.1”. If you can’t see Kye, there is a good reason: he is a computer program. SAVE here just in case (backup save!), then you can talk to Kye via the console left of the door.

If you have Nick in your party, he will actually recognize Nick and will let him in as his programming is allowed to let “early Synthetic models” into the room. Because Nick is similar in structure to DiMA. Good stuff and an easy entrance! If you don’t have Nick, you’ll have to put on your Charisma gear and pass a moderate speech check “Open Up” check to enter… or you can ask about the facility it’s in charge of, then pass an easy speech check to query whether the room is even worth guarding, at which point it’ll go dormant, unintentionally giving you access to the room beyond. However you do it, Enter the medical room and you’ll get a few medical supplies for your troubles, a Steamer Trunk, and the unique weapon “December’s Child” .


You’re now done with this place, and there’s only one more bit of unfinished business left before you push forward to an ultimate conclusion between these factions and decide the fate of Far Harbor; you have to return to The Nexus and give that Pump Regulator to Sister Mai! Return, talk to her, rejoice. You’ll get whatever Caps you can haggle out of her (0 if you don’t bother, 150 Caps for an easy speech check, 250 for moderate, 350 for hard) as well as the legendary weapon “Radical Conversion” , which has the ability “Ignores 30% of the target’s damage and energy resistance.”

Once you get your reward, Mai will ask you to install it. Agree to do so and head down to the very bottom of the sub warehouse, using the ladders by Zealot Ware to descend to the bottom. It is heavily radiated down here, so beware. Follow the right-hand wall to find the machinery that the marker is pointing out for you. Interact with the machinery for some options. Here you can…

  • Do nothing.
  • Install Pump Regulator.
  • (INT 7+) Reverse Mai’s bypass, fixing the decontamination system.
    Go ahead and pick the final option if you can (you can up your Intelligence if you need to via clothing and items to achieve it… or just let the arches spray radiation on you I guess…). Once you are done, go back up to the entrance and test the system with the button. This automatically completes the quest for you once you are done. You can report back to Mai if you wish, but there’s not really any need to do so. Now that “Ablutions” is complete, “What Atom Requires” should finish shortly afterwards, and if you’ve been following this guide, you should now have explored all the areas and completed all the side quests on this island. It’s time to make a decision concerning the future of the factions on this island.
Objective Reward
For recovering the Pump Regulator 479 XP, 0- 350 Caps, Radical Conversion
Objective Reward
For helping out the Children of Atom cultists 410 XP
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