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Fallout 4

Rite of Passage

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
Manager’s Key
Dylan’s Note
The Captain’s Key

Unmarked Areas

Might as well continue where you left off and return to Eagle’s Cove Tannery. The location where you have to chum the waters is south of here, so let’s just keep following the highway, heading south, and exploring everything along the way. From Eagle’s Cove Tannery head east to reach the highway, particularly a fork just outside of the tannery. Take the fork leading south-east and shortly you’ll reach another fork. If you go north-east here you’ll find an unmarked Trapper base, although there are few Trappers and even less loot worth mentioning. Further east you can find a few more houses across a stream, but these are guarded by Feral Ghouls playing dead, and the only loot worth mentioning is a Tool Chest [Advanced]. If you continue south you’ll find a gas station with little of interest aside from a lone Feral Ghoul, while further south (behind a truck) is another house, now occupied by a Yao Guai. Inside the house is a Safe [Advanced], and in a shack out back is a Tool Chest. But… that’s far enough afield. Explore what you wish, then return to the fork and take the neglected southern fork.

Eden Meadows Cinemas

Follow the road south until it splits yet again, this time sticking south until you reach the next destination - Eden Meadows Cinemas, which is right (west) of the highway. Along the way be wary of a Fog Crawler that might be lurking near the water left (east) of the road. The cinema, by comparison, seems relatively tame, but sneak your way to the south and you’ll see that the southern screen is playing, and has a horde of Feral Ghouls enraptured by movie. Sneak your way into the western-most of the central building’s tower and climb to the top to find a Steamer Trunk with the “Manager’s Key” on top. On a nearby wall there’s also a Circuit Breaker, which will turn off the southern screen and turn on the norther one, causing the Ghouls to head to the other end of the cinema. In the western tower you can find another Circuit Breaker which does the same thing. Keep in mind, however, that the Ghouls can still detect you while the movie is playing; they’re interested in the cinema, but more interested in food. Keeping them occupied just makes them less likely to spot you.

Dispatch the Ghouls however you find convenient; blowing up nearby cars might do a bit of damage to them, and they can be easily bottle-necked if you stay on high ground. Once they’re dead, turn your attention to the building behind the cinema screens. Behind the northern one, in the western-most building you’ll find a Terminal which you can use to open a nearby wall Safe. In the eastern building is a Safe which can be unlocked with the Manager’s Key. North of the cinema is a small tractor shed with a Tool Chest and a First Aid Box inside. The southern screen has only one building behind it, which can be opened with the Manager’s Key as well. Inside you’ll find two Wooden Crates guarded by a Feral Ghoul.

Brineys Bait and Tackle

Leave Eden Meadows Cinema behind and continue following the highway south. Unfortunately the highway will shortly prove itself not suited to the ravages of Far Harbor, having collapsed into some shallow water. Just means you’ll have to catch a few RADS and engage in some careful jumping to follow where the road once was to reach the intact section on the far bank. While doing this, be wary of Gulpers to the east.

Once you reach the far bank, continue following the road south until it forks again, then turn west, stopping to kill some prone Feral Ghouls near some yellow cars. Continue west until you find two area locations on either side of the road; to the south is Echo Lake Lumber, which will be worth exploring later during a quest, while to the north is Briney’s Bait and Tackle. Head north to find the bait shop, which is protected by another giant Hermit Crab lurking in the parking lot outside. As for the bait shop itself… well, there’s not much of interest. There’s a Tripwire rigged to a gun menacing a breach in an eastern wall, but otherwise, just a bunch of junk.

Rite of Passage

Grab what you will and, if you need some meat to lure the beast you’re going to be hunting soon, head north from the bait shop to find some Anglers lurking in the water. They should provide all the meat you’ll need. Once done, return to the bait shop and from there follow the highway south, then south-west past Echo Lake Lumber. Proceed into the ever-deepening fog until you’re east of your destination, then depart from the road and make your way through the swamp beyond until you reach Dottie, a witness from Far Harbor sent by the good doctor.

Head towards the quest marker west of Dottie and drop some meat into the water - the Angler Meat you may have obtained will work fine. Afterwards several Mirelurks should spawn. Kill the mundane beasties, loot them, then drop some of their meat into the water to lure more Mirelurks. Dispatch the second wave (each wave consists of three Mirelurks) and a Legendary Mirelurk Queen will rise from the swamp. Kill her, and you’ll have proven your worth to the citizens of Far Harbor, you squishy little mainlander you.

Rayburn Point

Before you return to Far Harbor, however, turn your attention to the west, as there’s an island over that way, upon which is the map marker “Rayburn Point”. The main point of interest here is a house occupied by Trappers, which by themselves are nothing special. Kill them and head upstairs to find a Safe [Advanced] in a wall over a bed. Further west along the beach you can find more Trappers, but a barn north-east of the house is more interesting. Be wary of Frag Mines and another Trapper, loot a Tool Chest, then head up some stairs to find an Ammo Box on a wooden crate, and near it, “Dylan’s Note” . Pick up the note and take the last sentence to heart “Bring a shovel”. Fair enough. Head back downstairs and search under the stairs to find a Weapons Workbench, near which is a Shovel leaning against the wall. Yoink!

You can find the grave mentioned in the letter to the east, just south of a blue house, behind some trees. Excavate the “Buried Stash” to uncover “Dylan’s Stash” which contains some chems, a Syringer Rifle, and some ammo for it. Neat-o. Inside the house you can find a Safe [Master] and a First Aid Box [Novice], if you crave more loot. And who doesn’t?

Return to Far Harbor and you’ll see some Harbormen gathered together. Approach and Teddy will give you a rousing endorsement, and faithful Dottie will back him up. The crowd disperses quickly and Teddy will further reward you, giving you some Caps, The Captain’s Feast (a one-time edible that boosts your XP gain by 10%), “The Captain’s Hat” and he’ll point you towards several new quests, which will both be very rewarding in their own right. Unfortunately The Captain’s Hat can’t be improved with Ballistic Weave. Shame.

Objective Reward
For completing the Captain’s Dance 501 XP, 560 Caps, The Captain’s Hat, The Captain’s Feast
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