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Fallout 4

Railroad HQ

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for the Railroad HQ area in Fallout 4.

The interior of the Railroad HQ.

The Railroad HQ can only be accessed by joining the Railroad, which in turn requires you to complete the quests Road to Freedom and Tradecraft. Once those are done you’ll be able to enter the Railroad HQ, and will be able to fast travel to and from this location at will. To access the area without fast traveling, you’ll have to go through the Old North Church. Once you meet those prerequisites, you can freely explore and plunder the Railroad HQ.

You can find an issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales in the Railroad HQ.

Exploring the Railroad HQ

Important Items in This Area
Astoundingly Awesome Tales

The Railroad HQ is, of course, the home of the Railroad, and it’s where you’ll find most of the important Railroad NPCs almost all the time. This is where you’ll go to start Railroad-related quests and interact with Railroad NPCs, for what little that’s worth. You can also pick up a good bit of loot scattered around, including chems, scrap and the odd Ammo Box. The only noteworthy loot, however, is an issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales on a desk in the main room.

Below you’ll find a list of named NPCs in the Railroad HQ and the services/quests they offer, when applicable:


A potential companion, Deacon offers very little of interest while in the Railroad HQ, which is where he’ll remain when he’s not traveling with you.


The leader of the Railroad, aside from playing a narrative role in many Railroad quests, she’s got little to offer. She will assign you various [Randolph Safehouse] and later, [To the Mattresses] radiant quests, which task you with heading a location and clearing out the target(s). Unlike some other radiant faction quests, both of these quests are finite in number.

Dr. Carrington

This prickly character is the Railroad’s resident doctor, and true to his profession he’ll provide the normal services a doctor does, healing you, curing Rads, treating addiction, all that good stuff. He’ll also sell you chems and a bit of junk. Later on he may offer various [Lost Soul] radiant quests.

Drummer Boy

A flighty NPC whose primary purpose is to inform you when other, more important characters have new quests for you. He’ll usually ambush you when you zone into the Railroad HQ.


A fellow Railroad “heavy”, aside from some chatter the first time you talk to her, she’s mostly just a flavor NPC.

(1 of 4) She can also assign you various “Jackpot” quests.


A repurposed Assaultron, PAM (Predictive Analytical Machine) serves little purpose aside from assigning you [Jackpot] radiant quests and, later on, [Variable Removal], [A Clean Equation], and [High Ground] radiant quests.

Tinker Tom

The Railroad’s resident conspiracy theorist, the first time you meet him he’ll try to offer you what is in effect poison to kill the Institute machines in your blood. This will damage you heavily if you accept his offer to take it. Despite that bad first impression, he’s a useful NPC who will sell you arms, armor and select shipments of junk. More importantly, he’ll assign you Weathervane radiant quests that task you with installing a MILO device at a random location.

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