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Fallout 4

Hull Breach 3/Blood Tide (Part 2)

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
Husky Family Holotape
Chores List
Scrawled Journal
Northwood Quarry Note - 2
Islander’s Almanac
Mysterious Holotape
Douglas’s Note
Islander’s Almanac
Douglas’s Key

Make your way back to Echo Lake Lumber, from which the journey south to Brooke’s Head Lighthouse will begin. Along the way random side areas will be explored, as long as they don’t have any quests taking place at them later. Why save for tomorrow what you do today, right?

Zephyr Ridge Camp

From Echo Lake Lumber head west around hedge to reach the road running alongside the settlement. Yep, more of this. Follow the road south-west (stick to the paved road, not the dirt road) and ignore the areas off to the east (they’re involved in various quests, and there’s no point in head over to them just yet). Eventually the road will turn south, at which point some Trappers will be lying in ambush. Dispatch them and keep heading south along the road until you spot a wind turbine to the west, which is also occupied by Trappers. You’ll need to be wary of one of the Trappers here, usually the one at the top of the tower, as they possess a Fat Man and a great vantage point. Sniper rifles come highly recommended. Clear out this Trapper camp - Zephyr Ridge Camp - and loot the shack to the south to find an Ammo Box. To the north you’ll find a Weapons Workbench, near which is an Explosives Box. Finally, head upstairs to find a Steamer Trunk and a Terminal, the latter of which you can use to shut off annoying spotlights.

Rock Point Camp

From Zephyr Ridge Camp travel south-west into the wilderness until you find another map marker; this one indicating the Rock Point Camp. More Trappers exist in this area, which consists of a ruined house with a truck encased in a giant rib cage out front, a boat house to the west (wherein you can find an Ammo Box), and wooden walkways connecting to a stone-y island to the sound and a sunken ship to the west. Run the planks, killing Trappers as you go. Along the way be sure to loot a First Aid Box just west of the boat house, an Ammo Box and a Wooden Crate en-route to the sunken ship, a Steamer Trunk on a small rowboat south of the sunken ship and a second Ammo Box on an rocky promontory at the end of the southern-leading walkway.

Now for a bit of unmarked loot, because why leave stones un-turned? Swim from the sunken ship to the north-west to reach an island. No locations here, but there are plenty of Gulpers. Kill them and search the northern end of the island to find a Safe [Novice] just waiting to be plundered.

Haddock Cove

Return to the boat house, go up some stairs to the east, and follow a dirt road east, then south-east until you pass a house to the west. From here head south behind the house to find Haddock Cove, where The Mariner told you Mirelurks dwell. And Mirelurks there are, plenty of them, lurking along the beach to the south and in the shallow water between the elevated shacks looming above. Once you’ve killed the Mirelurks in the area (there are more than enough to provide carapaces for The Mariner), turn your attention to the shacks, where the loot lives.

Start with the north-eastern-most shack (the shack east of the shack with with a capsized boat under it) to find the body of Bray Husky, the leader of the settlers here whose voice you heard on the previous holotape. Loot him, then grab the “Holotape” off a table to the south.

Follow a walkway south from Bray’s shack to reach another shack, where you’ll find the body of Braun beneath some stairs. Upstairs you can find a Tool Chest with a First Aid Box on top, and the corpse of Luke nearby. Continue west across a walkway and loot a pair of Wooden Crates, then go down some stairs to reach a lower level, where you’ll find a Trunk, the “Husky Family Holotape” on a wooden crate, and two Ammo Boxes on a metal shelf. Follow a walkway west, then north to reach another shack with a Duffle Bag and a Wooden Crate inside. Further north you’ll reach the shack with a boat underneath is, which contains a Tool Chest, some metal shelves with loot on them, a Weapons Workbench and on a nearby table the “Chores List” Holotape and some ammo.

Anywho, you’re now done with this place. Return to The Mariner at your leisure, but the reward for turning in those carapaces will be given below:

Objective Reward
For bringing The Mariner three Mirelurk Carapaces 429 XP, 615 Caps, Defender’s Harpoon Gun

To Fringe Cove Docks

Next stop is east of Haddock Cove, where you’ll find a partially flooded house. Head up to the top floor to find three notes; “A Vengeful Creature” , “The Children Trapped” , and “A Stranger Arrives” and on a table, and another note “A Safer Way” and three Stealth Boys under said table.

From Haddock Cove travel south-east through a swamp crawling with Anglers and Gulpers. There’s a road on the Pip-Boy map screen, but much of the actual road it represents is in poor condition (and a good bit north of where it’s marked on the map). just go south-east as best you can, following the road as you wish. There are plenty of houses to loot along the way, and even a misplaced Safe [Advanced] just sitting in the muck south of the road (the actual road, not the map), near a tree marked with glowing Blight. If you keep following the road you’ll eventually spot a house just south of a yellow shipping crate. In this house you’ll find - on the second floor - a wall Safe [Advanced] near a desk. In a smaller room to the north-west you’ll locate the bodies of two Synth Refugees and a Duffle Bag with a “Scrawled Journal” in it, amongst other loot. No sense in leaving it behind, right? Head up the stairs as far as you can to find your progress terminated at an Ammo Box… which is a nice enough consolation prize.

Northwood Ridge Quarry

Continue following the road (or continue heading south-east) until you reach the Fringe Cove Docks. There’s no need to explore this place yet, and fortunately you can discover the area without getting too close, so do so and continue east, north-east, then east again - past Gulpers and through some shallow water - until the road splits.

Time for a lucrative diversion. At the split in the road, head off-road to the east to find Northwood Ridge Quarry, which is a sprawling area consisting of two main components; the flooded quarry itself and the buildings (both pre-war ruins and post-war assemblages) around said quarry. The site is the scene of a fight between Trappers in shacks and Mirelurks - including Mirelurk Queen - in the quarry itself.

Let the two fight it out and ensure you’re the last living thing in the quarry, then loot the shack precariously leaning shack over the edge. On the first floor of the shack you can find a Chemistry Station, a Toolbox, a Duffle Bag and an Explosives Crate [Advanced]. Goodies for all! Also be sure to search the table near the Explosives Crate to find the note “Northwood Quarry Note - 2” and a Mini Nuke. You can also head to the southern end of the shack and push a button to set off a series of explosions, should you see the need to do so at any point.

From these shacks follow a white rock quarry path to the south, south-west until you reach a smaller, humbler shack which contains a bed (for napping!), an Explosives Box [Novice], a Large Toolbox and a Tool Case. There’s also a Tool Chest outside. Continue south a bit further until you spot a warehouse to the west, along the western edge of which is a caged-off area you can enter. Do so and head to the eastern end of the building to find a door protected by a Tension Trigger rigged to a Frag Grenade. Disarm the trap and enter the building, where you can find “Northwood Quarry Note - 1” on a desk. Groovy. Further west is a generator with a Fusion Core in it, and finally there’s a Chained Door to the east.

Return back to the first shack - the one around which the epic struggle between Trappers and Mirelruks occurred - and from there follow the quarry ledge north-east past some spikes. Turn north and head down some stairs to reach the watery, Mirelurk Egg-filled quarry floor and continue north to find a door leading into an enclosed, underground part of the quarry, which is also crawling with Trappers. Kill the Trappers on the wooden platform, then loot the area for copious amounts of potentially useful junk. On the first level of the platform you can find two Wooden Crates, while on the second you’ll find a Steamer Trunk and, on a nearby table, an issue of “Islander’s Almanac” on a table. This issue just so happens to reduce the damage you take from Mirelurks melee attacks by 5%. Hard to argue with that.

Brookes Head Lighthouse

Leave the quarry and make your way back west to the road, which you should now follow south, perhaps stopping to loot some houses west of the road as you go. Shortly you should reach the defensive structures the Trappers at Brooke’s Head Lighthouse have built around the house and lighthouse here. Expect heavy opposition as you fight your way into the house, and when all the nearby Trappers are dead, get to looting. On a table in front of the house is an Ammo box and in a shed to the west you’ll find a Power Armor Stand complete with an operation Power Armor Frame and a Weapons Workbench.

Head back into the house an ascend to the second floor, where you’ll find more loot. In a room to the north-east you’ll find another Ammo Box, while a third Ammo Box can be found near some stairs to the south. In the south-eastern room you’ll find a First Aid Box on a bed, while a second First Aid Box [Novice] can be found in a bathroom to the west. Make your way up to the third floor and head south to find a fourth Ammo Box and a Duffle Bag under a bed.

Return to the ground floor and continue south to reach the lighthouse, which you must ascend to reach Douglas’s lair. Kill Douglas and loot him to find a “Mysterious Holotape” , then search the top of the lighthouse to find “Douglas’s Note” , a Steamer Trunk, an Ammo Box and a Large Toolbox. Most importantly, however, search bookshelf near a Cooking Stove to find an issue of “Islander’s Almanac” , this one gives you the benefit of “You have a 5% higher VATS chance against animals you are in combat with”.

Next investigate the bathtub to find “Douglas’s Key” , which was mentioned in Douglas’s Note. Head south and ride a boat-elevator down to the ground and head down some stairs to reach the beach, dispatching several more Trappers and a Turret along the way. Make your way onto a ruined boat and beyond to some docks beyond, where you can find two more Ammo Boxes and an Explosives Box. The real treasure here, however, can be found in the water to the south-east. Jump into the water near a fishing net and you should spot an Industrial Trunk, which can be opened with Douglas’s Key.

You’ve looted the place thoroughly, taught Douglas a lesson for following the island’s bidding, and can finally report the good news to Cassie… which will wrap up the final Far Harbor quest. These quests have taken you around much of the island and provided a fine excuse to knocking off many optional non-quest areas along the way. Good stuff. There’s still more exploring to be done, however, especially in the center of the island and along the south-eastern corner. The former will be postponed until you have story excuses to bother with them, but the latter can be explored at any time… so why not now? If you want to explore more, skip to the next section “Cranberry Island and Huntress Island” , otherwise skip ahead to “Where you Belong” .

Objective Reward
For avenging Daniel and ending the Dalton story 455 XP, 500 Caps, Bloodletter
Trophy/Achievement Icon

New England Vactioner

Discover 20 Far Harbor Locations.

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