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Fallout 4

Shadow of Steel/Tour of Duty

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in This Area
Guns and Bullets

These quests are pretty simple, mostly it’s you getting introduced to the Brotherhood of Steel. Fast-travel back to the "Cambridge Police Station" iconCambridge Police Station, where you’ll find that fortunes have changed for the Brotherhood of Steel. There once was a tiny recon team with one suit of Power Armor between them on the verge of annihilation. Now, however, the place is crawling with troops, and "Paladin Danse" iconPaladin Danse is in a decidedly better mood. Talk to Paladin Danse who will state that he plans to take you to the Prydwen, the Brotherhood Airship. He will then head to the roof. Loot the Safe [Expert] in the office to the east, as it now should contain an issue of Guns and Bullets . Once done, follow Danse to the roof and enter the Vertibird, which will shortly fly you away. You can take potshots at things with the "Minigun" iconMinigun, if you wish, but aside from sadistic glee, there’s little point.

After awhile you will soon be at your destination, discovering the "Boston Airport" iconBoston Airport and The Prydwen. Danse will dock and talk to Lancer Captain Kells. Afterwards stick around and talk to Kells yourself, but equip your "Charisma" iconCharisma gear as he has a moderate speech check you can pass for a bit of extra XP. After the talk is done, you can head left (and up) to find an Ammo Box and a Duffle Bag, but then head right to enter the airship proper.

Head forward now and listen to Elder Maxson’s speech. It isn’t too long, but he reveals that they are indeed there to wipe out "The Institute" iconThe Institute, so you know what their ultimate goal is (which will be important). After the speech go ahead and talk to him to learn Danse holds great weight with him and he will officially give you the title of “Knight” and see to it you have a place on the airship, as well as your own Power Armor. Wow. They’re a lot more generous and open than the Brotherhood has previously been. Maybe this branch of the Brotherhood of Steel finally learned from the mistakes of the others, and are sick of slowly going extinct? You are now tasked with finding your personal storage container here and catching up with Danse. Turn around and follow the objective to the “Prydwen Main Deck”.

Well now, you have a lot to explore here, but many of the main NPCs won’t acknowledge you yet until you speak with Danse. For now it’s a good idea to go around and explore and gather whatever loot you wish, as well as reading the various terminals scattered around the airship. Of note here is the fact that you can climb up to the very top of the catwalks and find the exit to “Prydwen Forecastle” which you should check out for a lock [Advanced] on the “Sharpshooter Stowage” box (which will net you a Laser Sniper Rifle).

You should also be sure to check out the south side of the ship where the beds are (the beds with the metal boxes) as one of the beds on the east side is yours (it will have a "Fusion Core" iconFusion Core inside of it). The west side nearby has more boxes, including a locked one [Novice] and a locked one [Expert] that you can pick without pissing anyone off (which is nice). There is just a lot of loot to be had. Also be sure to check the north side of the ship where the animals are and talk to Scribe Neriah. Learn about her experiments and volunteer to help to get the Miscellaneous Quest “Secure Viable Blood Samples for Scribe Neriah” .

As far as exploring, those are the notable things to do (but there really is plenty of junk and ammo to be looted). When you are ready, go ahead and search out Danse who is in the mess hall. He will ask how your talk went and will then tell you he is your sponsor, meaning he is assigned to accompany you in the wasteland to monitor you - or in other words, he’s now a possible companion. You might as well keep him around with you while doing all these Brotherhood of Steel quests, to improve his disposition towards you.

First though he suggests you go around and get to know key members of the crew (the people who wouldn’t talk to you earlier) so tell him you are ready to go. This officially ends the "Shadow of Steel" iconShadow of Steel quest and in a few moments will start the “ "Tour of Duty" iconTour of Duty quest.

Objective Reward
For officially joining the Brotherhood of Steel 455 XP

Tour of Duty

Just like Paladin Danse suggested, it’s time to tour the Prydwen and meet some of the key NPCs here, which include Knight-Captain Cade, Proctor Quinlan, Proctor Teagan and Proctor Ingram.

Just to the south are Knight-Captain Cade and Proctor Quinlan. Head right to talk to Cade and you will be asked several medical questions. Go ahead and answer however you wish (the third question is… heh… well, do Ghouls and Synths count?). Once you are done you can now talk to Cade for medical supplies and healing, although you’ll need to barter with him just like any other shop. To the left is Proctor Quinlan, who is the tech geek of the ship. He will confuse you for someone else but will end up giving you the Miscellaneous Quest “Collect Technical Documents for Proctor Quinlan” in the end. This will cause “Technical Documents” to spawn around the Commonwealth in various containers, and can be sold to Quinlan for 25 Caps each, so… no real quest objective. Just sell them as you find them. He will also ask you to come back after the introductions for more things you can help him with. He comes off as very needy and haughty. He probably needed a few more face-punches growing up…

Head north now (equip your Charisma gear) and by the Power Armor you will meet Proctor Ingram, who you will notice is legless. Talk to her to learn she is the resident technician, fixing Power Armor and whatever else they need her to. She will also tell you your Power Armor is in bay 3 (the Power Armor is the one that doesn’t appear red when you get close to it). You can pass a moderate speech check if you ask about her legs during the dialogue, but after that you can feel free to use your new T60 Power Armor.

Just past Ingram to the north is Quartermaster Teagan, the man in charge of the shop. He will greet you and mention he has extra work available as well, and tells you why you have to buy items. Blah… but he is another shop that comes with some unique armor and mods. Be sure to check out his store when you wish. And that is all four of your targets. After you’re done talking to Teagan, the quest will officially end. Wait a few moments and the next quest, "Show No Mercy" iconShow No Mercy , will begin.

Objective Reward
For meeting with important Brotherhood of Steel members 390 XP
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