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Fallout 4


Nathan Garvin

Go ahead and talk to Father to learn they’ve had a complication in some of their personnel recruitment. Heh. While attempting to recruit a scientist the team has got him pinned in a house near "Graygarden" iconGraygarden. You may also have to talk to your Minutemen Soldiers, but this entire mission can be done with talking (which is good for XP and not pissing the Minutemen off), so put on your "Charisma" iconCharisma gear and head on over there now.


Head to the house just to the west of Graygarden where, if you have advanced the Minutemen quests at all (past “"Taking Independence" iconTaking Independence”), you will have to talk them down. Go meet the Minuteman contact and tell them to stand down. After that you can use a moderate speech check (misunderstanding), which leads to a multitude of speech check options. Most are moderate, but one is easy so choose whichever “misunderstanding” option you want and the Minutemen will stand down. If you have not advanced the Minutemen quests, you don’t have to worry about talking to anyone at all.

Go ahead and enter the house now to see some Synth Soldiers and your contact. They will explain their failing (which is, well, pathetic) and give you a chance to talk to the man trapped in the closet. Again, be sure your Charisma gear is on and talk to T.S. Wallace through the door. He is extremely paranoid as you can guess, but talk him down and soon you will get a chance to gain his cooperation with either a moderate or hard speech check. Moderate works just fine, so use it and Wallace will agree to come to "The Institute" iconThe Institute with you. Another short mission. After waiting for a bit the next main quest, "Powering Up" iconPowering Up , will begin.

Objective Reward
For helping the Institute acquire some new talent 590 XP
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It’s just another day. Having just been accepted into Vault 111, you spend the morning with your family going about your daily routine. That is until alarms blare out, signalling a nuclear attack. You and your family sprint towards the Vault along with everyone else in the neighborhood just as a bomb explodes nearby. After surviving the blast, you are lowered into the Vault and enter cryosleep. Two hundred years pass and you awake to a world ravaged by nuclear war. You are the Sole Survivor and what awaits you is a mystery as you set out to conquer the Wasteland.

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