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Fallout 4

Outpost Zimonja

Nathan Garvin

Details about the "Outpost Zimonja" iconOutpost Zimonja area in Fallout 4, including information about developing it as a settlement.

Outpost Zimonja.

Important Items in This Area
Astoundingly Awesome Tales

Outpost Zimonja is northeast from Tenpines Bluff, and serves as a good dividing line between the relatively tame areas around Sanctuary and the more dangerous areas further east. That being the case, it’s not a bad settlement to claim and develop early so you’ve got a staging point for future eastern exploration.

(1 of 3) Engaging the Raiders at Outpost Zimonja normally is a good way to catch a Mini Nuke.

Exploring Outpost Zimonja

While Outpost Zimonja is a fine staging point for generally more dangerous easter exploration, that’s not to say it’s safe. In fact, the Raiders that inhabit the future settlement are quite dangerous - a hint of what’s to come further east (and south, for that matter). The Raiders here tend to scale to the player’s level somewhat, but the real threat is their leader, a specimen named Boomer (not to be confused with the Fallout: New Vegas faction of the same name!)

This power armor clad, "Fat Man" iconFat Man wielding brute can both withstand and dish out an inordinate amount of damage, so you’d best come prepared with a high-powered weapon and perhaps a critical hit (the more the merrier) banked. If you can pick him off from afar with some critical headshots, you’ll have made your conquest of Outpost Zimonja much, much easier… but don’t let down your guard, as subordinate Raiders can and will pillage the Fat Man from Boomer’s body and use it to ruin your day.

Once the Raiders are all dead, you’ll be able to descend into the outpost and activate the Workshop, which is nestled among the area’s established structures. On top of the workshop you’ll find a copy of Astoundingly Awesome Tales, which is the only notable loot in the area.

Pre-existing structures and an irregular build area will force some compromises.

Outpost Zimonja as a Settlement

Although Outpost Zimonja isn’t a terribly small settlement, it does have a serious handicap: the Raider structures the area starts with cannot be removed. You can break down some fences and scaffolding, but you cannot do anything about any of the shacks, elevated or otherwise. This compromises the entire southwestern edge of the settlement.

Compounding matters is the fact that the settlement’s build area is irregularly shaped, and what space is available for development isn’t all level. Foundations, as usual, can mitigate your building woes, but it’ll be a tight fit constructing a sizable building. An all-in-one structure is possible, but you may have to settle for an irregularly shaped building to accommodate everything you need.

Aside from the extant Raider structures, most of the area is dirt, and hence, suitable for planting crops. There are no standing water sources, so once again, Water Purifiers aren’t an option.

(1 of 2) Hack a terminal on a train car,

Hack a terminal on a train car, (left), to acquire a new suit of Power Armor. (right)

Exploring Around Outpost Zimonja

Outpost Zimonja is fairly interesting in its own right, but there’s also a bit to see in the wilderness around it. First, if you head down the dirt road to the southeast you’ll run into a small Raider outpost, which consists of a leveled Raider, two turrets, and the blue truck trailer the raider dwells in. You can find an Explosives Box [Novice] inside the truck, as well as a Sleeping Bag, if the amenities over at Outpost Zimonja aren’t squalid enough for your tastes.

Northwest from Outpost Zimonja you’ll find a shack built under a highway, and north of this shack is another, smaller shack. There’s a bit to loot in both, but nothing of significant value or rarity. If you follow the highway south far enough you can find a Gunner base built atop it - a favored haunt for these mercenaries. Again, they’ve got nothing unique to loot, but the base is protected by a Sentry Bot, a very dangerous machine that’ll net you some "Fusion Core" iconFusion Cores if you can defeat it.

For some significant loot, head west from the highway instead of following it and you should hit some train tracks. Follow them south from Outpost Zimonja and you should spot some train cars on (and around) the tracks, and a white house off to the side. Random encounters can spawn in this white house, and with great regularity, so be on your guard for whatever may spawn. Continue past the derailed train cars until you find one still on the tracks. Note the Power Armor in a cage on the back and continue south until you find a blue train car, inside of which you’ll find a terminal [Advanced] which you can hack to open the cage door, allowing you to claim another suit of Power Armor.

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