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Bravely Second: End Layer

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Geneolgia Crypts (Part 2)

Vincent Lau

Central (Again)

From the Adventurer, make your way south. Just before the exit to the South section, go down the steps on the right. Here, continue east, under the overpass, to a chest with a Remedy inside. Afterwards, return up the steps and exit via the south.


This is the final section of the crypts, in terms of exploration at least. Start by going south, where you can retrieve an Enopu Mushroom above the rubble. Next, head east towards the two oil lamps, then follow the path to their south.

After going down the steps on the west side, head east at the next junction to discover a chest with a chilling Arctic Wind inside. Back at the junction, continue south, then follow the path in an easterly direction until you’re halfway along the south passage.

From here, head north past the two oil lamps and turn right at the crossroad. As you reach the next set of oil lamps, go south and, soon afterwards, east to find a chest containing a Dark Shield . This elusive shield negates dark-based attacks and would suit your healer well.

Back at the previous lamps, head north and up the steps on the left. Immediately on your left at the end of the steps is a chest with a potent Elixir inside. Carefully making sure not to spill this rare medicine, follow the path north to exit back to the Central crypts.

Beyond, prise open the chest at the end for a mighty Excalibur . This legendary greatsword deals light-based damage, which you can add to your ever-growing list of ways to exploit weaknesses. After that amazing find, return to the previous set of steps.

Next, head east from the steps to find a set of steps leading north. Up on higher ground, go west to identify a chest with a pair of Magic Armlets inside. Useful if you’re running a White Mage or want to increase your tolerance to status ailments.

Finally, carry on north to the next exit. Back in the Central section, keep going ahead to locate the final, green crystal switch. After activating this, all of the crystals by the westward door should have lit up and the door will kindly open for you.

Now it’s a simple matter of once again retracing your steps back to the Adventurer. This time, you’ll almost certainly want to rest and save your game, since a fierce battle with the kaiser awaits you when you go beyond the door to the Mansoleum.

Boss: Denys Geneolgia

Level HP Weakness
58 50000 Nothing

No more holding back, it’s time to settle this once and for all.

Denys generally sticks to standard attacks, although even those hurt more than a little. He may also Default to build up BP or Brave to unleash two attacks. Every four turns, everyone will gain 1 BP from Dawn of Odyssey, so Denys will have plenty of spare BP.

His first trick is Winter Comes, which prevents HP, MP and BP recovery for 3 turns. This obviously benefits him more than it does you, since he never heals. On the plus side, Denys will only pull off one or two attacks per turn, so potential casualities will be fairly minimal.

A good way to survive the harsh winter is by using the Exorcist’s Undo Action or the Ninja’s Utsusemi (or a combination of the two) to avoid one attack each. For best results, give your Exorcist the Prescience support ability and boost your Ninja’s speed to keep up with the kaiser.

In terms of your own attacks, Denys has mediocre physical defence, so strong physical hits will make a mark, as too will the Doujiri-Yasutsuna. If you have no way to pierce Default, the best time to attack is when he has some BP, which is when he won’t bother to Default.

Be warned: When Denys’s HP goes critical, he may use Flash, which damages the party for half of Denys’s lost HP. In other words, a certain KO . After this, he may go immobile for one turn, depending on his BP. Although that matters little if your party’s been floored…

To avoid this tricky scenario, you can save up BP and focus your onslaught over two turns with the aim to KO Denys when he’s at approximately half HP. It’s actually not too hard if you put your mind to it. Alternatively, you can use Undo Action or Utsusemi to avoid Flash.

Additionally, after Denys’s HP drops to zero, he’ll recover all HP for a second round. He won’t pull this trick again, so don’t panic and carry on fighting. If you could defeat him once, you can surely do it again. That’s Bravely Second for you!

Bravely Second - Denys Geneologia (Kaiser Asterisk) Boss Strategy

A simple strategy for defeating Kaiser Oblivion in the second and final fight. - You'll be pleased to hear that he tends to stick to standard attacks though he will sometimes Default or Brave to unleash two attacks at once. Every 4 turns, Dawn of Odyssey will give everyone 1 BP. - His first trick is Winter Comes which prevents HP, MP and BP recovery for 3 turns. Since he doesn't ever heal, this hinders you a lot more than him. Nasty. Thankfully, Mr Oblivion will only use 1-2 attacks per turn so you shouldn't lose too many people during this phase. The best way to survive is by using the Exorcist's Undo Action ability, the Ninja's Utsusemi or a combination of both. Give your Exorcist the Prescience support ability and boost the Ninja's speed. - Dealing damage to him comes in the form of strong physical attacks since he is fairly weak to physical damage. The Doujiri-Yasutsuna will leave a mark too. If you can't get through his Default, wait until he has some BP and then he won't bother to Default at all . - Be aware though as his HP goes critical. He may use Flash which damages the party for half of his lost HP. In other words; certain death. Afterwards he may be immobile for 1 turn. You have two choices here: use Undo Action or Utsusemi to stop the attack, or save up your BP and then focus him down when he's at around half HP to KO him and avoid it all together. - After defeating him once, he will recover all his HP. If you killed him once, you can easily do it again. - As an aside, if you get a chance you can steal a Chaos Blade or two from him and this is the only place you can get this sword so it may be worth trying. - After the battle you'll get the Kaiser asterisk which is an extremely powerful physical-based job that can change the flow of a battle. And it looks awesome so what more could you want? For more details, check out our complete strategy guide at http://www.gamerguides.com/bravely-second/information


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Two years after the Heroes of Light calmed the Four Crystals, Luxendarc is at peace. Agnes Oblige is now Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy, working with the Duchy of Eternia to maintain peace and prosperity in the land.

But there are those who do not wish for peace. The Glanz Empire and its leader Kaiser Oblivion kidnap Pope Agnes despite the efforts of her protector Yew Geneolgia and set out to conquer Eternia. Yew survived the attack and wakes up a week later, determined to rescue his beloved Pope Agnes and stop the advancing Empire once and for all. And so your journey begins…

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