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Special Move Shops

Vincent Lau

Upgrading these facilities will unlock new Special Moves, as well as parts used to customize them.

Special R&D Lab alpha

Available after repairing Apollonius Bridge.

Level Minimum Time Unlocks
1 2 hours Piercing Bolt (Rod Lv1)
2 2 hours Rejuvenation (Staff Lv1), Infinity (Dagger Lv1)
3 2 hours Moonshadow (Katana Lv1), Grand Strike (Axe Lv1)
4 2 hours Horizon (Spear Lv1), Laser Discharge (Firearm Lv1)
5 3 hours Maximum Draw (Bow Lv1), Moonbeam (Knuckle Lv1), Limit Break (G.sword Lv1)
6 24 hours Sword Dance (Sword Lv2), Withering Wave (Rod Lv2)
7 24 hours Acid Rain (Staff Lv2), Blade Storm (Dagger Lv2)
8 24 hours Breaking Wave (Katana Lv2), Maelstrom (Axe Lv2)
9 24 hours Overpower (Spear Lv2), Spider’s Web (Firearm Lv2)
10 36 hours Cursed Arrow (Bow Lv2), Quigong Wind (Knuckle Lv2), Air Splitter (G.sword Lv2)

Special R&D Lab beta

Available after repairing De Sitter Overpass.

Level Minimum Time Unlocks
1 48 hours Sonic Wave (Sword Lv3), Tempest Fang (Rod Lv3)
2 48 hours Lux (Staff Lv3), Perfect Circle (Dagger Lv3)
3 48 hours Petal Swirl (Katana Lv3), Gigaton Swing (Axe Lv3)
4 48 hours Megiddo Flame (Spear Lv3), Trigger Happy (Firearm Lv3)
5 72 hours Rapid Fire (Bow Lv3), Ascendant Palm (Knuckle Lv3), Cross Crusher (G.sword Lv3)
6 72 hours Bolt Storm (Sword Lv4), Holy Weapon (Rod Lv4)
7 72 hours Divine Light (Staff Lv4), Cross Divide (Dagger Lv4)
8 72 hours Autumn Brocade (Katana Lv4), Tyrant’s Lore (Axe Lv4)
9 72 hours Grazioso (Spear Lv4), Assault Mission (Firearm Lv4)
10 99 hours Angelic Pillar (Bow Lv4), Thunderburst (Knuckle Lv4), Supernova (G.sword Lv4)

Parts Lab alpha

Available after repairing Copernicus Bridge.

Level Minimum Time Unlocks
1 2 hours Fire, Fire Res up, Fire Res Down
2 3 hours Water, Water Res up, Water Res Down
3 5 hr 30 min Lightning, Lightning Res up, Lightning Res Down
4 9 hours Wind, Wind Res up, Wind Res Down
5 15 hours Earth, Earth Res up, Earth Res Down
6 26 hours Speed Up, Speed Down
7 42 hours Light, Light Res up, Light Res Down
8 60 hours Evade Up, Accuracy Down
9 90 hours Dark, Dark Res up, Dark Res Down
10 99 hours Cure Doom, Doom Res Up, Death Res Up

Parts Lab beta

Available after repairing Tycho Pass.

Level Minimum Time Unlocks
1 1 hr 30 min HP Recovery Lv 1, Poison Touch, Poison Res Down
2 3 hours MP Recovery Lv 1, Blind Touch, Blind Res Down
3 5 hr 30 min HP Recovery Lv 2, Silence Touch, Silence Res Down
4 11 hours MP Recovery Lv 2, Sleep Touch, Sleep Res Down
5 22 hours HP Recovery Lv 3, Paralyze Touch, Paralyze Res Down
6 32 hours MP Recovery Lv 3, Dread Touch, Dread Res Down
7 42 hours HP Recovery Lv 4, Stop Touch, Stop Res Down
8 60 hours MP Recovery Lv 4, Confuse Touch, Confuse Res Down
9 90 hours HP Recovery Lv 5, Charm Touch, Charm Res Down
10 99 hours MP Recovery Lv 5, Death Touch, Death Res Down

Parts Lab gamma

Available after repairing Clavius Access Road.

Level Minimum Time Unlocks
1 1 hour Beast Slayer, Cure Poison, Poison Res Up
2 2 hr 30 min Plant Slayer, Cure Blind, Blind Res Up
3 4 hours Aquatic Slayer, Cure Silence, Silence Res Up
4 8 hours Insect Slayer, Cure Sleep, Sleep Res Up
5 15 hours Flier Slayer, Cure Paralyze, Paralyze Res Up
6 26 hours Undead Slayer, Cure Dread, Dread Res Up
7 42 hours Demon Slayer, Cure Berserk, Berserk Res Up
8 52 hours Dragon Slayer, Cure Stop, Stop Res Up
9 81 hours Crit Rate Up, Cure Confuse, Confuse Res Up
10 99 hours Cure K.O., Cure Charm, Charm Res Up

Parts Lab delta

Available after repairing D’Arrest Tunnel.

Level Minimum Time Unlocks
1 3 hours Power Boost Lv 1, +1 Turn
2 5 hours M.ATK Up, M.ATK Down
3 7 hr 30 min Power Boost Lv 2, +2 Turns
4 15 hours P.ATK Up, P.ATK Down
5 24 hours Power Boost Lv 3, +3 Turns
6 32 hours M.DEF Up, M.DEF Down
7 42 hours Power Boost Lv 4, +4 Turns
8 75 hours P.DEF Up, P.DEF Down
9 99 hours Power Boost Lv 5, BP Bonus Lv 1
10 99 hours +5 Turns, BP Bonus Lv 2

Trigger Lab

Available after repairing Copernicus Bridge.

Level Minimum Time Unlocks
1 1 hr 30 min Brave
2 3 hours Default
3 5 hr 30 min Heal
4 11 hours Magic
5 22 hours Slayer
6 30 hours Attacker
7 36 hours Critical
8 45 hours Item
9 60 hours Exploit
10 72 hours Damage


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Two years after the Heroes of Light calmed the Four Crystals, Luxendarc is at peace. Agnes Oblige is now Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy, working with the Duchy of Eternia to maintain peace and prosperity in the land.

But there are those who do not wish for peace. The Glanz Empire and its leader Kaiser Oblivion kidnap Pope Agnes despite the efforts of her protector Yew Geneolgia and set out to conquer Eternia. Yew survived the attack and wakes up a week later, determined to rescue his beloved Pope Agnes and stop the advancing Empire once and for all. And so your journey begins…

Our guide is filled with a plethora of information to help you on your journey through Luxendarc including:

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  • Every other side quest explained in full.
  • A full examination of the job system and use of the new additions to the Bravely battle system..
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